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1The Saddest Song I've Got (Annie Lennox)2003115
2Into The West (Annie Lennox)2003364.94
3Why (Annie Lennox)19921444.85
4Walking On Broken Glass (Annie Lennox)19921084.78
5Pavement Cracks (Annie Lennox)2003264.73
6Ladies Of The Canyon (Annie Lennox)1995164.69
7You Belong To Me (Annie Lennox)201464.67
8See Amid The Winter's Snow (Annie Lennox)201074.57
9Love Song For A Vampire (Annie Lennox)1992394.56
10Universal Child (Annie Lennox)201094.56
Strange Fruit (Annie Lennox)201494.56
12No More "I Love You's" (Annie Lennox)19951284.54
13Little Bird (Annie Lennox)1992734.52
14Put A Little Love In Your Heart (Annie Lennox & Al Green)1988904.51
15Loneliness (Annie Lennox)2003104.5
16God Bless The Child (Annie Lennox)201484.5
17The Nearness Of You (Annie Lennox)201464.5
18I Put A Spell On You (Annie Lennox)2014414.46
19Memphis In June (Annie Lennox)201494.44
20Don't Let It Bring You Down (Annie Lennox)1995214.43
21Heaven (Annie Lennox)199554.4
22Cold (Annie Lennox)1992464.35
23Many Rivers To Cross (Annie Lennox)200894.33
Angels From The Realms Of Glory (Annie Lennox)201094.33
25O Little Town Of Bethlehem (Annie Lennox)201064.33
I Can Dream, Can't I? (Annie Lennox)201464.33
27The Gift (Annie Lennox)1992224.32
28Primitive (Annie Lennox)1992234.3
29Stay By Me (Annie Lennox)1992204.3
30Honestly (Annie Lennox)2003104.3
Silent Night (Annie Lennox)2010104.3
32Downtown Lights (Annie Lennox)1995144.29
33Mood Indigo (Annie Lennox)201474.29
34Georgia On My Mind (Annie Lennox)2014164.25
35Lost (Annie Lennox)2007134.23
36Money Can't Buy It (Annie Lennox)1992274.22
37A Whiter Shade Of Pale... (Annie Lennox)1995774.22
38A Thousand Beautiful Things (Annie Lennox)2003234.22
39Something So Right (Annie Lennox)1995204.2
40(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear (Annie Lennox)199554.2
The Holly And The Ivy (Annie Lennox)201054.2
42Twisted (Annie Lennox)200374.14
The First Noel (Annie Lennox)201074.14
In The Bleak Midwinter (Annie Lennox)201074.14
September In The Rain (Annie Lennox)201474.14
46Through The Glass Darkly (Annie Lennox)2007164.12
47Bitter Pill (Annie Lennox)200394.11
48God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Annie Lennox)2010104.1
49Precious (Annie Lennox)1992634.1
50Big Sky (Annie Lennox)2007124.08
51Dark Road (Annie Lennox)2007534.08
52Take Me To The River (Annie Lennox)1995144.07
Coloured Bedspread (Annie Lennox)2007144.07
54Waiting In Vain (Annie Lennox)1995264
55Legend In My Living Room (Annie Lennox)1992224
56Smithereens (Annie Lennox)2007124
57Erased (Annie Lennox)2003104
58Summertime (Annie Lennox)201494
59Pattern Of My Life (Annie Lennox)200984
60Hush, Hush, Hush (Herbie Hancock feat. Annie Lennox)200574
61As Joseph Was A Walking (The Cherry Tree Carol) (Annie Lennox)201064
62We'll Be Together (Sting feat. Annie Lennox)200454
Full Steam (David Gray feat. Annie Lennox)200954
64Thin Line Between Love And Hate (Annie Lennox)1995153.93
65Womankind (Annie Lennox)2007123.92
Fingernail Moon (Annie Lennox)2007123.92
67Shining Light (Annie Lennox)2009303.9
68I Cover The Waterfront (Annie Lennox)201463.83
69Keep Young And Beautiful (Annie Lennox)1992223.82
70Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye (Annie Lennox)1990113.82
71Sing (Annie Lennox)2007273.81
72I Can't Get Next To You (Annie Lennox)1995153.8
73Wonderful (Annie Lennox)2003103.8
74Love Is Blind (Annie Lennox)2007133.77
Ghosts In My Machine (Annie Lennox)2007133.77
76The Hurting Time (Annie Lennox)200383.75
77Train In Vain (Annie Lennox)1995143.71
78Il est né le divin enfant (Annie Lennox)201063.67
79Lullay Lullay (The Coventry Carol) (Annie Lennox)201083.5
80Oh God (Prayer) (Annie Lennox)200383.38
All albums with at least 5 reviews are counted in this list.
1Diva (Annie Lennox)1992244.75
2The Annie Lennox Collection (Annie Lennox)200994.67
3Bare (Annie Lennox)2003124.5
4Nostalgia (Annie Lennox)2014114.36
5A Christmas Cornucopia (Annie Lennox)201064.33
6Medusa (Annie Lennox)1995174.06
7Songs Of Mass Destruction (Annie Lennox)2007193.68

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