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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Ebba Nilsson, Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, Tove Ebba Elsa Nilsson, Tove Nilsson
Aazar feat. Swae Lee & Tove LoDiva2019Music/Lyrics
Adam Lambert feat. Tove LoRumors2015Music/Lyrics
Alesso feat. Tove LoHeroes (We Could Be)2014Music/Lyrics
Broods feat. Tove LoFreak Of Nature2016Music/Lyrics
(Tove Nilsson)
Charli XCX feat. Tove Lo & AlmaOut Of My Head2017Music/Lyrics
Cher LloydKillin' It2014Music/Lyrics
Diplo feat. Tove LoWin Win2019Music/Lyrics
(Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson)
Ellie GouldingLove Me Like You Do2015Music/Lyrics
(Tove Nilsson)
Ellie GouldingStill Falling For You2016Music/Lyrics
Emily Gold [II]Still Falling For You2016Music/Lyrics
(Tove Ebba Elsa Nilsson)
Flume feat. Tove LoSay It2016Music/Lyrics
(Ebba Nilsson)
Girls AloudSomething New2012Music/Lyrics
(Tove Nilsson)
Hilary DuffOne In A Million2015Music/Lyrics
(Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson)
Hilary DuffSparks2015Music/Lyrics
(Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson)
Hilary DuffStay In Love2015Music/Lyrics
(Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson)
Icona PopGirls Girls2017Music/Lyrics
Icona PopLight Me Up2013Music/Lyrics
Icona PopReady For The Weekend2012Music/Lyrics
Icona PopWe Got The World2012Music/Lyrics
Jax Jones & Tove LoJacques2019Music/Lyrics
LaszloNiemand liebt mich so wie du2016Music/Lyrics
(Tove Ebba Elsa Nilsson)
Lea MicheleThousand Needles2014Music/Lyrics
(Tove Nilsson)
LordeHomemade Dynamite2017Music/Lyrics
Lucas Nord feat. Tove LoRun On Love2013Music/Lyrics
Major Lazer feat. Tove LoBlow That Smoke2018Music/Lyrics
(Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson)
Megan Davies & Landon AustinHeroes (We Could Be)2015Music/Lyrics
MS MRPieces2015Music/Lyrics
Nick Jonas feat. Tove LoClose2016Music/Lyrics
(Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson)
Seven Lions with Myon & Shane 54 feat. Tove LoStrangers2013Music/Lyrics
The Barden BellasKennedy Center Performance2015Music/Lyrics
The Barden BellasWorld Championship Finale 22015Music/Lyrics
The SaturdaysWhat Are You Waiting For?2014Music/Lyrics
(Tove Nilsson)
Tom DiceLove Me Like You Do2018Music/Lyrics
Tove LoAnywhere U Go2019Music/Lyrics
Tove LoCome Undone2019Music/Lyrics
Tove LoCool Girl2016Music/Lyrics
Tove LoCycles2017Music/Lyrics
Tove LoDon't Talk About It2016Music/Lyrics
Tove LoFlashes2016Music/Lyrics
Tove LoGlad He's Gone2019Music/Lyrics
Tove LoGot Love2014Music/Lyrics
Tove LoHabits2013Music/Lyrics
Tove LoImaginary Friend2016Music/Lyrics
Tove LoKeep It Simple2016Music/Lyrics
Tove LoLady Wood2016Music/Lyrics
Tove LoLies In The Dark2017Music/Lyrics
Tove LoLike Em Young2014Music/Lyrics
Tove LoLove Ballad2014Music/Lyrics
Tove LoMateo2019Music/Lyrics
Tove LoMistaken2019Music/Lyrics
Tove LoMoments2014Music/Lyrics
Tove LoMy Gun2014Music/Lyrics
Tove LoNot On Drugs2014Music/Lyrics
Tove LoScream My Name2014Music/Lyrics
Tove LoShifted2019Music/Lyrics
Tove LoStay Over2019Music/Lyrics
Tove LoSweettalk My Heart2019Music/Lyrics
Tove LoTalking Body2014Music/Lyrics
Tove LoThe Way That I Am2014Music/Lyrics
Tove LoThis Time Around2014Music/Lyrics
Tove LoThousand Miles2014Music/Lyrics
Tove LoTimebomb2014Music/Lyrics
Tove LoTrue Disaster2016Music/Lyrics
Tove LoWTF Love Is2016Music/Lyrics
Tove Lo feat. AlmaBad As The Boys2019Music/Lyrics
Tove Lo feat. Charli XCX / Icona Pop / Elliphant / AlmaBitches2018Music/Lyrics
Tove Lo feat. Doja CatEqually Lost2019Music/Lyrics
Tove Lo feat. Hippie SabotageStay High2014Music/Lyrics
(Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson)
Tove Lo feat. Joe JaniakVibes2016Music/Lyrics
Tove Lo feat. Kylie MinogueReally Don't Like U2019Music/Lyrics
Tove Lo feat. MC ZaacAre U Gonna Tell Her?2019Music/Lyrics
Tove Lo feat. Wiz KhalifaInfluence2016Music/Lyrics
Victoria JusticeGold2013Music/Lyrics
(Tove Nilsson)
Years & Years feat. Tove LoDesire2016Music/Lyrics
(Tove Nilsson)
Zara LarssonDon't Worry Bout Me2019Music/Lyrics
(Tove Nilsson)
Keep It Simple (Tove Lo)65
Scream My Name (Tove Lo)104.9
Vibes (Tove Lo feat. Joe Janiak)74.86
Imaginary Friend (Tove Lo)74.86
Thousand Miles (Tove Lo)164.81
The Way That I Am (Tove Lo)94.78
Homemade Dynamite (Lorde)184.72
True Disaster (Tove Lo)214.71
Freak Of Nature (Broods feat. Tove Lo)74.71
Don't Talk About It (Tove Lo)74.71
We Got The World (Icona Pop)234.7
One In A Million (Hilary Duff)64.67
Flashes (Tove Lo)64.67
WTF Love Is (Tove Lo)64.67
Run On Love (Lucas Nord feat. Tove Lo)84.62
My Gun (Tove Lo)84.62
This Time Around (Tove Lo)104.6
Got Love (Tove Lo)104.6
Rumors (Adam Lambert feat. Tove Lo)74.57
Desire (Years & Years feat. Tove Lo)164.56
Love Me Like You Do (Ellie Goulding)1464.38
Habits (Tove Lo)974.23
Stay High (Tove Lo feat. Hippie Sabotage)764.08
Heroes (We Could Be) (Alesso feat. Tove Lo)633.63
Still Falling For You (Ellie Goulding)554.16
Cool Girl (Tove Lo)473.74
Talking Body (Tove Lo)454.22
Close (Nick Jonas feat. Tove Lo)443.95
Something New (Girls Aloud)404.53
Say It (Flume feat. Tove Lo)294.28
Sparks (Hilary Duff)254.4
We Got The World (Icona Pop)234.7
True Disaster (Tove Lo)214.71
Homemade Dynamite (Lorde)184.72
Not On Drugs (Tove Lo)184.5
Moments (Tove Lo)184.22
Thousand Miles (Tove Lo)164.81
Desire (Years & Years feat. Tove Lo)164.56
Ready For The Weekend (Icona Pop)134.15
Timebomb (Tove Lo)134

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