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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Steve Lipson
ActAbsolutely Immune1987Producer
ActSnobbery & Decay1987Producer
Adriano CelentanoTi penso e cambia il mondo2011Music/Lyrics
Alesha DixonDo You Know The Way It Feels2008Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Annie Lennox(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear1995Producer
Annie LennoxA Thousand Beautiful Things2003Producer
Annie LennoxA Whiter Shade Of Pale...1995Producer
Annie LennoxAngel1997Producer
Annie LennoxBitter Pill2003Producer
Annie LennoxCold1992Producer
Annie LennoxDon't Let It Bring You Down1995Producer
Annie LennoxDowntown Lights1995Producer
Annie LennoxErased2003Producer
Annie LennoxHeaven1995Producer
Annie LennoxHonestly2003Producer
Annie LennoxI Can't Get Next To You1995Producer
Annie LennoxKeep Young And Beautiful1992Producer
Annie LennoxLadies Of The Canyon1995Producer
Annie LennoxLegend In My Living Room1992Producer
Annie LennoxLittle Bird1992Producer
Annie LennoxLoneliness2003Producer
Annie LennoxLove Song For A Vampire1992Producer
Annie LennoxMoney Can't Buy It1992Producer
Annie LennoxNo More "I Love You's"1995Producer
Annie LennoxOh God (Prayer)2003Producer
Annie LennoxPavement Cracks2003Producer
Annie LennoxPrecious1992Producer
Annie LennoxPrimitive1992Producer
Annie LennoxSomething So Right1995Producer
Annie LennoxStay By Me1992Producer
Annie LennoxStep By Step1992Producer
Annie LennoxTake Me To The River1995Producer
Annie LennoxThe Gift1992Producer
Annie LennoxThe Hurting Time2003Producer
Annie LennoxThe Saddest Song I've Got2003Producer
Annie LennoxThin Line Between Love And Hate1995Producer
Annie LennoxTrain In Vain1995Producer
Annie LennoxTwisted2003Producer
Annie LennoxWaiting In Vain1995Producer
Annie LennoxWalking On Broken Glass1992Producer
Annie LennoxWhy1992Producer
Annie LennoxWonderful2003Producer
Backstreet BoysBack To Your Heart1999Producer
Bonnie TylerGonna Get Better1981Producer
(Steve Lipson)
BoyzoneBaby Can I Hold You1997Producer
BoyzoneEvery Day I Love You1999Producer
BoyzoneMust Have Been High1998Producer
(Steve Lipson)
(Steve Lipson)
BoyzoneThat's How Love Goes1998Producer
Brian KennedyA Better Man1996Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Brian KennedyAnd So I Will Wait For You1996Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Brian KennedyBy The Mountain Road1996Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Brian KennedyFor One Kiss1996Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Brian KennedyGhost Music1996Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Brian KennedyLife, Love & Happiness1996Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Brian KennedyNo Other Words1996Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Brian KennedyPut The Message In The Box1996Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Brian KennedyThe Oldest Dream In The World1996Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Brian KennedyWish Me Well1996Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Brian KennedyWon't You Take Me Home1996Producer
(Steve Lipson)
CamilleLe tour de France en diligence2015Producer
Camille & Hans ZimmerEquation2015Producer
CherI'm Blowin' Away1995Producer
CherIt's A Man's Man's Man's World1995Producer
CherNot Enough Love In The World1995Producer
CherOne By One1995Producer
CherParadise Is Here1995Producer
DariusKinda Love2004Producer
David JordanOnly Living Soul2007Producer
(Steve Lipson)
David JordanPlace In My Heart2007Producer
(Steve Lipson)
David JordanSet The Mood2007Producer
(Steve Lipson)
David JordanSun Goes Down2007Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Duncan JamesCan't Stop A River2006Producer
Duncan JamesFrequency2006Producer
Duncan JamesI Come Alive2006Producer
Duncan JamesLetter To God2006Producer
Duncan JamesSomebody Still Loves You2006Producer
Duncan JamesSooner Or Later2006Producer
Duncan JamesSuffer2006Producer
Duncan JamesTurn My Head2006Producer
Duncan JamesWhat Are We Waiting For?2006Producer
Eric GavinPoverty Line1984Music/Lyrics
(Steve Lipson)
(Steve Lipson)
Frankie Goes To Hollywood(Don't Lose What's Left) Of Your Little Mind1986Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodFor Heaven's Sake1986Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodIs Anybody Out There?1986Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodKill The Pain1986Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodLunar Bay1986Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodMaximum Joy1986Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodOur Silver Turns To Gold1984Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Frankie Goes To HollywoodRage Hard1986Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodThe Waves1987Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodWarriors (Of The Wasteland)1986Producer
Frankie Goes To HollywoodWatching The Wildlife1986Producer
Gary BarlowLove Won't Wait1997Producer
Geri HalliwellCalling2001Producer
Geri HalliwellCalling (au nom de l'amour)2001Producer
Geri HalliwellI Was Made That Way2001Producer
Geri HalliwellIt's Raining Men2001Producer
Grace JonesDon't Cry - It's Only The Rhythm1985Music/Lyrics
Grace JonesG. I. Blues1985Music/Lyrics
Grace JonesJones The Rhythm1985Music/Lyrics
(Steve Lipson)
Grace JonesJunkyard1985Music/Lyrics
Grace JonesOperattack1985Music/Lyrics
Grace JonesSlave To The Rhythm1985Music/Lyrics
Grace JonesSlave To The Rhythm (Remix '94)1994Music/Lyrics
Grace JonesThe Crossing (Ooh The Action...)1985Music/Lyrics
Grace JonesThe Fashion Show1985Music/Lyrics
Grace JonesThe Frog And The Princess1985Music/Lyrics
Hans Zimmer19762013Producer
Hans Zimmer20%2013Producer
Hans ZimmerA Storm Is Coming2012Producer
Hans ZimmerBorn In Darkness2012Producer
Hans ZimmerBudgie2013Producer
Hans ZimmerCar Trouble2013Producer
Hans ZimmerDeath By Exile2012Producer
Hans ZimmerDespair2012Producer
Hans ZimmerDNA2013Producer
Hans ZimmerFear Will Find You2012Producer
Hans ZimmerFlight2013Producer
Hans ZimmerFor Love2013Producer
Hans ZimmerGlück2013Producer
Hans ZimmerGoodbye My Son2013Producer
Hans ZimmerGotham's Reckoning2012Producer
Hans ZimmerI Could Show You If You'd Like2013Producer
Hans ZimmerI Have So Many Questions2013Producer
Hans ZimmerI Will Find Him2013Producer
Hans ZimmerIf You Love These People2013Producer
Hans ZimmerIgnition2013Producer
Hans ZimmerImagine The Fire2012Producer
Hans ZimmerInferno2013Producer
Hans ZimmerInto The Red2013Producer
Hans ZimmerKrypton's Last2013Producer
Hans ZimmerLaunch2013Producer
Hans ZimmerLook To The Stars2013Producer
Hans ZimmerLoose Cannon2013Producer
Hans ZimmerLost But Won2013Producer
Hans ZimmerMind If I Cut In?2012Producer
Hans ZimmerMount Fuji2013Producer
Hans ZimmerMy Best Enemy2013Producer
Hans ZimmerNecessary Evil2012Producer
Hans ZimmerNothing Out There2012Producer
Hans ZimmerNürburgring2013Producer
Hans ZimmerOil Rig2013Producer
Hans ZimmerOn Thin Ice2012Producer
Hans ZimmerOysters In The Pits2013Producer
Hans ZimmerReign2013Producer
Hans ZimmerRise2012Producer
Hans ZimmerScuderia2013Producer
Hans ZimmerSent Here For A Reason2013Producer
Hans ZimmerStopwatch2013Producer
Hans ZimmerTerraforming2013Producer
Hans ZimmerThe Fire Rises2012Producer
Hans ZimmerThis Is Clark Kent2013Producer
Hans ZimmerTornado2013Producer
Hans ZimmerUnderground Army2012Producer
Hans ZimmerWatkins Glen2013Producer
Hans ZimmerWhat Are You Going To Do When You Are Not Saving The World?2013Producer
Hans ZimmerWhy Do We Fall?2012Producer
Hans ZimmerYou Die Or I Do2013Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyAmongst The Coins2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyAscending2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyDraw Me A Sheep2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyDriving2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyEscape2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyFarewell2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyFinding The Rose2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyGetting On With It2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyGrowing Up2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyParachutes2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyPlan B2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyPreparation2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyRecovery2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyStars2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyThe Absurd Waltz2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyThe Fox2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyThe Interview2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyThe Journey2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyThe Life Plan2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyTop Floor Please2015Producer
Hans Zimmer & Richard HarveyTrapped Stars2015Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixCold War2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixGround Rules2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixHarry Suite2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixI Chose You2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixI Need To Know2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixI'm Electro2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixI'm Goblin2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixI'm Moving To England2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixI'm Spider-Man2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixLet Her Go2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixLook At Me2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixMy Enemy2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixNo Place Like Home2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixSo Much Anger2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixSpecial Project2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixStill Crazy2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixSum Total2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixThe Electro Suite2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixThe Rest Of My Life2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixThere He Is2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixWe're Best Friends2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixYou Need Me2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixYou're My Boy2014Producer
Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent SixYou're That Spider Guy2014Producer
Hothouse FlowersI Can See Clearly Now1990Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Hothouse FlowersSweet Marie1990Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Jamie CullumEverlasting Love2004Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Jeff BeckCorpus Christi Carol2010Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Jeff BeckHammerhead2010Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Jeff BeckNessun dorma2010Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Jeff BeckNever Alone2010Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Jeff BeckOver The Rainbow2010Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Jeff Beck feat. Imelda MayLilac Wine2010Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Jeff Beck feat. Joss StoneI Put A Spell On You2010Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Jeff Beck feat. Joss StoneThere's No Other Me2010Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Jeff Beck feat. Olivia SafeElegy For Dunkirk2010Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Jeff Beck feat. Olivia SafeSerene2010Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Jessica FolkerMissing You Crazy2001Producer
Jona LewieHeart Skips Beat1982Producer
Jordin SparksGod Loves Ugly2008Producer
Jordin SparksThis Is My Now2008Producer
JuanesEl amor lo cura todo2010Producer
JuanesEsta noche2010Producer
JuanesLa razón2010Producer
JuanesLa soledad2010Producer
JuanesLo nuestro2010Producer
JuanesTodos los días2010Producer
JuanesY no regresas2010Producer
Juliette SchoppmannWhen We Say Goodbye2004Producer
Kirsty BertarelliBrothers & Sisters2018Producer
Kirsty BertarelliBurning Sun2018Producer
Kirsty BertarelliFalling Sky2018Producer
Kirsty BertarelliFire Fire Fire2018Producer
Kirsty BertarelliLove Me Like2018Producer
Kirsty BertarelliMother Earth2018Producer
Kirsty BertarelliPaper Bridges2018Producer
Kirsty BertarelliSupertramp2018Producer
Kirsty BertarelliSweet Summer Rain2018Producer
Kirsty BertarelliThe World Keeps Turning2018Producer
Kirsty BertarelliThrillseeker2018Producer
Kirsty BertarelliTick Tock2018Producer
Liane FolySlave To The Rhythm2016Music/Lyrics
(Steve Lipson)
LindisfarneAbout You1982Producer
LindisfarneCruising To Disaster1982Producer
LindisfarneDo What I Want1982Producer
LindisfarneI Must Stop Going To Parties1982Producer
LindisfarneLove Is A Pain1982Producer
LindisfarneNever Miss The Water1982Producer
LindisfarneSame Way Down1982Producer
LindisfarneStart Again1982Producer
LindisfarneStormy Weather1982Producer
LindisfarneSunderland Boys1982Producer
LindisfarneWinning The Game1982Producer
Marc AlmondOut Of The Sky2016Producer
(Steve Lipson)
MejaPresent Delay2001Music/Lyrics
Mike OldfieldCastaway2014Producer
Mike OldfieldChariots2014Producer
Mike OldfieldDreaming In The Wind2014Producer
Mike OldfieldFollowing The Angels2014Producer
Mike OldfieldI Give Myself Away2014Producer
Mike OldfieldIrene2014Producer
Mike OldfieldMan On The Rocks2014Producer
Mike OldfieldMinutes2014Producer
Mike OldfieldMoonshine [2014]2014Producer
Mike OldfieldNuclear2014Producer
Mike OldfieldSailing2014Producer
Natalie ImbrugliaShiver2005Producer
Nik KershawHave A Nice Life1998Producer
Nik KershawStick Around1998Producer
Paul McCartneyFigure Of Eight1989Producer
Paul McCartneyHow Many People1989Producer
Paul McCartneyOù est le soleil1989Producer
Paul McCartneyRough Ride1989Producer
Pet Shop BoysIt's Alright1988Producer
Pet Shop BoysLeft To My Own Devices1988Producer
Pet Shop BoysThe Sound Of The Atom Splitting1988Music/Lyrics
Prefab SproutIf You Don't Love Me1992Producer
Prefab SproutThe Sound Of Crying1992Producer
PropagandaComplete Machinery1985Producer
(Steve Lipson)
PropagandaDo Well1985Producer
PropagandaDream Within A Dream1985Producer
PropagandaFrozen Faces1985Producer
(Steve Lipson)
PropagandaSorry For Laughing1985Producer
PropagandaStrength To Dream1985Producer
PropagandaThe Chase1985Producer
PropagandaThe Lesson2002Producer
(Steve Lipson)
PropagandaThe Murder Of Love1985Producer
Ronan KeatingAddicted2000Music/Lyrics
Ronan KeatingBoth Sides Now2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingBreathe2016Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingBrighter Days2000Producer
Ronan KeatingCaledonia2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingCarrickfergus2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingClose Your Eyes2012Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingGrow Old With Me2016Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingHomeward Bound2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingI Believe I Can Fly2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingIf You Love Me2000Music/Lyrics
Ronan KeatingIn This Life2000Producer
Ronan KeatingIn Your Arms2016Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingIt's Only Christmas2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingKeep It Simple2016Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingLet Me Love You2016Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingLittle Drummer Boy2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingMake You Feel My Love2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingMama's Arms2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingOnce Upon A Lifetime2000Producer
Ronan KeatingRing Them Bells2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingRiver2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingScars2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingSilent Night2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingStay2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingSuspicious Minds2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingThe Long Goodbye2002Producer
Ronan KeatingThe Wild Mountain Thyme2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingThis Is Your Song1999Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingTime After Time2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingTime Of My Life2016Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingVincent2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan KeatingWhen The World Was Mine2000Producer
Ronan KeatingWhen You Say Nothing At All1999Producer
Ronan KeatingWinter Song2009Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Ronan Keating feat. The ShiresFalling Slowly2016Producer
(Steve Lipson)
S ClubSay Goodbye2003Producer
S Club 7Have You Ever2001Producer
Simple MindsAfrican Skies1991Producer
Simple MindsBanging On The Door1991Producer
Simple MindsBelfast Child1989Producer
Simple MindsBiko1989Producer
Simple MindsGhostrider1991Producer
Simple MindsGood Night1991Producer
Simple MindsJerusalem1989Producer
Simple MindsKick It In1989Producer
Simple MindsLet It All Come Down1989Producer
Simple MindsLet The Children Speak1991Producer
Simple MindsLet There Be Love1991Producer
Simple MindsMandela Day1989Producer
Simple MindsReal Life1991Producer
Simple MindsRivers Of Ice1991Producer
Simple MindsSaturday Girl1989Producer
Simple MindsSee The Lights1991Producer
Simple MindsSign O' The Times1989Producer
Simple MindsSoul Crying Out1989Producer
Simple MindsStand By Love1991Producer
Simple MindsStreet Fighting Years1989Producer
Simple MindsTake A Step Back1989Producer
Simple MindsThis Is Your Land1989Producer
Simple MindsTravelling Man1991Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsWall Of Love1989Producer
Simple MindsWhen Spirits Rise1989Producer
Simple MindsWhen Two Worlds Collide1991Producer
Simple MindsWoman1991Music/Lyrics
Simple MindsYear Of The Dragon1989Producer
Sniff 'n' The Tears5 & Zero1980Producer
Sniff 'n' The TearsIf I Knew Then1980Producer
Sniff 'n' The TearsMoment Of Weakness1980Producer
Sniff 'n' The TearsNight Life1980Producer
Sniff 'n' The TearsOne Love1980Producer
Sniff 'n' The TearsPoison Pen Mail1980Producer
Sniff 'n' The TearsRodeo Drive1980Producer
Sniff 'n' The TearsThe Game's Up1980Producer
Sniff 'n' The TearsWhat Can Daddy Do?1980Producer
Sophie B. HawkinsAs I Lay Me Down1994Producer
Sophie B. HawkinsDid We Not Choose Each Other1994Producer
Sophie B. HawkinsDon't Don't Tell Me No1994Producer
Sophie B. HawkinsI Need Nothing Else1994Producer
Sophie B. HawkinsLet Me Love You Up1994Producer
Sophie B. HawkinsMr. Tugboat Hello1994Producer
Sophie B. HawkinsOnly Love (The Ballad Of Sleeping Beauty)1994Producer
Sophie B. HawkinsRight Beside You1994Producer
Sophie B. HawkinsSometimes I See1994Producer
Sophie B. HawkinsSwing From Limb To Limb (My Home Is In Your Jungle)1994Producer
Sophie B. HawkinsTrue Romance1994Producer
StijnSlave To The Rhythm2008Music/Lyrics
Tandy & MorganAsteroid1986Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Tandy & MorganCaesar Of The Galaxy1986Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Tandy & MorganEarthrise1986Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Tandy & MorganEscape From The Citadel1986Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Tandy & MorganOne Thousand Worlds1986Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Tandy & MorganPictures In My Pillow1986Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Tandy & MorganPrinceton1986Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Tandy & MorganRia1986Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Tandy & MorganSpaceship Earth1986Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Tandy & MorganSuddenly1986Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Tandy & MorganThe Secret1986Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Tandy & MorganThe Third Planet1986Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Tandy & MorganUnder The Blue1986Producer
(Steve Lipson)
Tandy & MorganZero Zero1986Producer
(Steve Lipson)
The AnimalsHard Times1983Producer
The AnimalsJust Can't Get Enough1983Producer
The AnimalsLove Is For All Time1983Producer
The AnimalsMelt Down1983Producer
The AnimalsMy Favorite Enemy1983Producer
The AnimalsNo John No1983Producer
The AnimalsPrisoner Of The Light1983Producer
The AnimalsThe Night1983Producer
The OrbA Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld1991Music/Lyrics
Trevor Horn feat. The Sarm Orchestra / RumerSlave To The Rhythm2019Music/Lyrics
Whitney HoustonStep By Step1996Producer
Will YoungAll Time Love2005Producer
Will YoungFriday's Child2003Producer
Will YoungHappiness2005Producer
Will YoungI Love You More Than You'll Ever Know2005Producer
Will YoungIf It Hadn't Been For Love2009Producer
Will YoungKeep On2005Music/Lyrics
Will YoungLeave Right Now2003Producer
Will YoungLove2008Music/Lyrics
(Steve Lipson)
(Steve Lipson)
Will YoungSave Yourself2005Producer
Will YoungStronger2003Music/Lyrics
Will YoungSwitch It On2005Music/Lyrics
Will YoungTell Me The Worst2008Producer
Will YoungThink About It2005Music/Lyrics
Will YoungWho Am I2005Producer
Will YoungYour Game2003Producer
Will Young & Gareth GatesThe Long And Winding Road2002Producer
ZuccheroNiente da perdere1996Producer
Zucchero Sugar FornaciariNothing To Lose1996Producer
It's Only Christmas (Ronan Keating)85.38
Lie (Ultravox)95.11
Dream Within A Dream (Propaganda)295.03
As I Lay Me Down (Sophie B. Hawkins)1065.01
The Saddest Song I've Got (Annie Lennox)115
I'm Blowin' Away (Cher)105
Satellite (Ultravox)85
Flow (Ultravox)75
Hello (Ultravox)55
Ring Them Bells (Ronan Keating)55
Mandela Day (Simple Minds)624.98
Right Beside You (Sophie B. Hawkins)1514.96
Belfast Child (Simple Minds)1564.92
Live (Ultravox)94.89
Soul Crying Out (Simple Minds)94.89
p:Machinery (Propaganda)994.88
Left To My Own Devices (Pet Shop Boys)1144.87
Duel (Propaganda)1154.86
Absolutely Immune (Act)74.86
Why (Annie Lennox)1454.84
It's Raining Men (Geri Halliwell)2253.68
When You Say Nothing At All (Ronan Keating)1994.55
Belfast Child (Simple Minds)1564.92
Right Beside You (Sophie B. Hawkins)1514.96
Slave To The Rhythm (Grace Jones)1474.56
Why (Annie Lennox)1454.84
Shiver (Natalie Imbruglia)1454.43
No More "I Love You's" (Annie Lennox)1294.54
Duel (Propaganda)1154.86
Left To My Own Devices (Pet Shop Boys)1144.87
Rage Hard (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)1144.46
Walking On Broken Glass (Annie Lennox)1104.79
Step By Step (Whitney Houston)1094.16
As I Lay Me Down (Sophie B. Hawkins)1065.01
p:Machinery (Propaganda)994.88
It's Alright (Pet Shop Boys)864.09
A Whiter Shade Of Pale... (Annie Lennox)774.22
Little Bird (Annie Lennox)744.51
Calling (Geri Halliwell)723.99
Let There Be Love (Simple Minds)704.43

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