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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Samuel Frederick Smith, Samuel Smith
Avicii feat. BonnFreak2019Music/Lyrics
Bo DiddleyI Can Tell1962Music/Lyrics
(Samuel Smith)
Calvin Harris & Sam SmithPromises2018Music/Lyrics
CÚline DionFor The Lover That I Lost2019Music/Lyrics
Conchita / Wiener SymphonikerWriting's On The Wall2018Music/Lyrics
Das Sound Machine, Tone Hangers, The Barden Bellas, Green Bay Packers and The TreblemakersRiff Off2015Music/Lyrics
Disclosure feat. Sam SmithLatch2012Music/Lyrics
Disclosure feat. Sam SmithOmen2015Music/Lyrics
Ellen Van GoolLay Me Down2017Music/Lyrics
I See StarsLatch2015Music/Lyrics
Jackie EvanchoWriting's On The Wall2017Music/Lyrics
Jasmine ThompsonLa La La2013Music/Lyrics
Jason HeerahLatch2014Music/Lyrics
Jessie JFlashlight2015Music/Lyrics
Johnny Kidd & The PiratesI Can Tell1962Music/Lyrics
(Samuel Smith)
Johnny RollinsStay With Me2014Music/Lyrics
Lisa del BoIk vergeet het niet2016Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeNobody But You2014Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeNot Loving You2014Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeRight Now2014Music/Lyrics
Mary J BligeTherapy2014Music/Lyrics
Music Lab CollectiveWriting's On The Wall2015Music/Lyrics
Naughty Boy feat. Sam SmithLa La La2013Music/Lyrics
Newclaess & MatluckWherever We Are2019Music/Lyrics
PentatonixLa La Latch2014Music/Lyrics
Reigan DerryStay With Me2014Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithBaby, You Make Me Crazy2017Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithBurning2017Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithDrowning Shadows2015Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithFire On Fire2018Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithGood Thing2014Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas2014Producer
Sam SmithHIM2017Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithHow Do You Sleep?2019Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithI'm Not The Only One2014Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithI've Told You Now2014Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithLatch (Acoustic)2013Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithLay Me Down2013Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithLeave Your Lover2014Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithLife Support2014Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithLike I Can2014Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithMake It To Me2014Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithMidnight Train2017Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithMoney On My Mind2014Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithNirvana2013Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithNot In That Way2014Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithNothing Left For You2017Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithOne Day At A Time2017Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithOne Last Song2017Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithPalace2017Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithPray2017Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithRestart2014Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithSay It First2017Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithScars2017Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithStay With Me2014Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithThe Thrill Of It All2017Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithTo Die For2020Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithToo Good At Goodbyes2017Music/Lyrics
Sam SmithWriting's On The Wall2015Music/Lyrics
Sam Smith & Demi LovatoI'm Ready2020Music/Lyrics
Sam Smith & NormaniDancing With A Stranger2019Music/Lyrics
Sam Smith feat. A$AP RockyI'm Not The Only One2014Music/Lyrics
Sam Smith feat. John LegendLay Me Down2015Music/Lyrics
Sam Smith feat. LogicPray2018Music/Lyrics
Sam Smith feat. Mary J BligeStay With Me2014Music/Lyrics
Sam Smith feat. YebbaNo Peace2017Music/Lyrics
Sing CastAuditions2016Music/Lyrics
Smith BrothersToo Good At Goodbyes2017Music/Lyrics
(Samuel Smith)
The Barden BellasWorld Championship Finale 22015Music/Lyrics
The TemptationsStay With Me2018Music/Lyrics
TizianaStay With Me2014Music/Lyrics
(Samuel Frederick Smith)
Right Now (Mary J Blige)214.67
Midnight Train (Sam Smith)94.67
No Peace (Sam Smith feat. Yebba)84.62
Latch (Disclosure feat. Sam Smith)524.56
Fire On Fire (Sam Smith)184.5
Not In That Way (Sam Smith)164.5
Nothing Left For You (Sam Smith)64.5
Baby, You Make Me Crazy (Sam Smith)134.46
I've Told You Now (Sam Smith)144.43
Say It First (Sam Smith)124.42
Scars (Sam Smith)54.4
Restart (Sam Smith)234.39
Make It To Me (Sam Smith)164.38
I'm Not The Only One (Sam Smith)934.34
Nirvana (Sam Smith)64.33
Pray (Sam Smith)224.27
Therapy (Mary J Blige)84.25
Life Support (Sam Smith)184.22
One Last Song (Sam Smith)184.22
Like I Can (Sam Smith)504.22
La La La (Naughty Boy feat. Sam Smith)1583.94
Stay With Me (Sam Smith)1254.07
I'm Not The Only One (Sam Smith)934.34
Money On My Mind (Sam Smith)883.77
Writing's On The Wall (Sam Smith)793.48
Too Good At Goodbyes (Sam Smith)673.66
Promises (Calvin Harris & Sam Smith)613.98
Latch (Disclosure feat. Sam Smith)524.56
Flashlight (Jessie J)523.71
Like I Can (Sam Smith)504.22
Omen (Disclosure feat. Sam Smith)423.9
Lay Me Down (Sam Smith)403.68
How Do You Sleep? (Sam Smith)373.49
Dancing With A Stranger (Sam Smith & Normani)353.89
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Sam Smith)323.31
To Die For (Sam Smith)283.54
I'm Ready (Sam Smith & Demi Lovato)283.54
Restart (Sam Smith)234.39
Pray (Sam Smith)224.27
Right Now (Mary J Blige)214.67

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