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5 Seconds Of SummerHey Everybody!2015Music/Lyrics
allSTARS*Is There Something I Should Know?2001Music/Lyrics
ArcadiaEl Diablo1985Music/Lyrics
ArcadiaElection Day1985Music/Lyrics
ArcadiaGoodbye Is Forever1985Music/Lyrics
ArcadiaKeep Me In The Dark1985Music/Lyrics
ArcadiaThe Flame1985Music/Lyrics
ArcadiaThe Promise1985Music/Lyrics
BlutEngelThe Wild Boys2021Music/Lyrics
Danny Kirrane, Giulio Corso, Giulio BerrutiWild Boys2014Music/Lyrics
DiabloA View To A Kill2005Music/Lyrics
Duran Duran(I'm Looking For) Cracks In The Pavement1983Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranA View To A Kill1985Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranAnyone Out There1981Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranBlack Moonlight2023Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranBurning The Ground1989Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranButterfly Girl2015Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranCareless Memories1981Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranConfession In The Afterlife2023Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranDanceophobia2015Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranDanse Macabre2023Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranDecadance1989Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranFace For Today2015Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranFaith In This Colour1983Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranFaster Than Light1981Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranFriends Of Mine1981Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranGirls On Film1981Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranHold Back The Rain1982Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranHungry Like The Wolf1982Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranI Take The Dice1983Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranInvisible2021Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranIs There Something I Should Know?1983Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranKhanada1981Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranLast Chance On The Stairway1982Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranLate Bar1981Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranLike An Angel1981Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranLonely In Your Nightmare1982Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranMy Own Way1981Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranNew Moon On Monday1983Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranNew Religion1982Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranNight Boat1981Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranNorthern Lights2015Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranOf Crime And Passion1983Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranOnly In Dreams2015Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranPlanet Earth1981Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranPlanet Roaring2015Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranRio1982Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranSave A Prayer1982Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranSave A Prayer [Special Edited Version]1984Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranSecret Oktober1983Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranSecret Oktober 31st2023Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranSerious1990Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranShadows On Your Side1983Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranSinner Or Saint1997Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranSound Of Thunder1981Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranSunset Garage2015Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranSuper Lonely Freak2023Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranTel Aviv1981Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranThe Chauffeur1982Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranThe Reflex1983Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranThe Seventh Stranger1983Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranThe Universe Alone2015Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranThe Wild Boys1984Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranTiger Tiger1983Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranTo The Shore1981Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranTonight United2021Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranUnion Of The Snake1983Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranValentine Stones2015Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranWhat Are The Chances?2015Music/Lyrics
Duran DuranYou Kill Me With Silence2015Music/Lyrics
Duran Duran feat. Janelle MonŠe and Nile RodgersPressure Off2015Music/Lyrics
Duran Duran feat. Jonas BjerreChange The Skyline2015Music/Lyrics
Duran Duran feat. KieszaLast Night In The City2015Music/Lyrics
Duran Duran feat. Mr HudsonPaper Gods2015Music/Lyrics
Duran Duran feat. Tove LoGive It All Up2021Music/Lyrics
EODM (Eagles Of Death Metal)Save A Prayer2015Music/Lyrics
Film Score OrchestraA View To A Kill1997Music/Lyrics
Girls AloudGirls On Film2003Music/Lyrics
GregorianSave A Prayer2000Music/Lyrics
Offset feat. CeeLo GreenNorth Star2019Music/Lyrics
PhixxWild Boys2004Music/Lyrics
Shut Up And DanceSave It 'Til The Mourning After1995Music/Lyrics
SkyeA View To A Kill2008Music/Lyrics
Tony HadleySave A Prayer1997Music/Lyrics
Trevor Horn feat. The Sarm Orchestra / All SaintsGirls On Film2019Music/Lyrics
You And ISuitcase Stories2019Music/Lyrics
The Universe Alone (Duran Duran)65
Save A Prayer (Duran Duran)1454.97
Night Boat (Duran Duran)284.75
Save A Prayer [Special Edited Version] (Duran Duran)244.75
Of Crime And Passion (Duran Duran)164.75
A View To A Kill (Duran Duran)2144.73
The Chauffeur (Duran Duran)484.73
Faster Than Light (Duran Duran)114.73
Sunset Garage (Duran Duran)64.67
Hold Back The Rain (Duran Duran)324.66
Tel Aviv (Duran Duran)254.64
Pressure Off (Duran Duran feat. Janelle MonŠe and Nile Rodgers)304.63
Late Bar (Duran Duran)84.62
What Are The Chances? (Duran Duran)134.62
The Flame (Arcadia)204.6
Face For Today (Duran Duran)54.6
Anyone Out There (Duran Duran)224.59
Planet Earth (Duran Duran)854.58
Shadows On Your Side (Duran Duran)164.56
Hungry Like The Wolf (Duran Duran)1234.55
The Wild Boys (Duran Duran)2404.33
A View To A Kill (Duran Duran)2144.73
The Reflex (Duran Duran)1784.37
Save A Prayer (Duran Duran)1454.97
Hungry Like The Wolf (Duran Duran)1234.55
Girls On Film (Duran Duran)1194.37
Is There Something I Should Know? (Duran Duran)1194.2
Rio (Duran Duran)964.46
Election Day (Arcadia)873.93
Planet Earth (Duran Duran)854.58
Union Of The Snake (Duran Duran)834.24
New Moon On Monday (Duran Duran)814.48
The Chauffeur (Duran Duran)484.73
Careless Memories (Duran Duran)404.12
Serious (Duran Duran)403.98
My Own Way (Duran Duran)394.38
The Promise (Arcadia)334.18
Hold Back The Rain (Duran Duran)324.66
Pressure Off (Duran Duran feat. Janelle MonŠe and Nile Rodgers)304.63
Night Boat (Duran Duran)284.75

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