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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Linda Diane Creed, Linda Epstein
Aaron NevilleBetcha By Golly, Wow1993Music/Lyrics
Ace SpectrumDo You Remember Yesterday1975Music/Lyrics
Anita HarrisBetcha By Golly Wow1976Music/Lyrics
Band Of GoldLove Songs Are Back Again1984Music/Lyrics
Barbara AcklinStop, Look & Listen (To Your Heart)1971Music/Lyrics
Barry BiggsStop, Look, Listen1983Music/Lyrics
BoyzoneI'm Doin' Fine Now2014Music/Lyrics
Candlewick GreenYou Make Me Feel Brand New / I Can't Give You Anything / Star On A T.V. Show1977Music/Lyrics
Carol Lynn TownesPeople Make The World Go 'Round1985Music/Lyrics
Carolyn FranklinYou Are Everything1973Music/Lyrics
Cassandra WilsonChildren Of The Night1993Music/Lyrics
Claude FrançoisTu es tout pour moi1974Music/Lyrics
Cleveland EatonBetcha By Golly Wow1972Music/Lyrics
Cleveland EatonPeople Make The World Go Round1972Music/Lyrics
Common feat. Kanye West & John LegendThey Say2005Music/Lyrics
(Linda Epstein)
Connie StevensKeep Growing Strong1970Music/Lyrics
Craig DavidAll Alone Tonight (Stop, Look, Listen)2010Music/Lyrics
Craig DavidKinda Girl For Me2007Music/Lyrics
Daryl Hall & John OatesYou Are Everything2004Music/Lyrics
David HasselhoffYou Are Everything1993Music/Lyrics
(Linda Epstein)
David SanbornYou Are Everything1988Music/Lyrics
DawnLazy Susan1972Music/Lyrics
Derek & CyndiYou Bring Out The Best In Me1974Music/Lyrics
Detroit SpinnersGhetto Child (Boilerhouse Remix)1990Music/Lyrics
Diana RossIn Your Arms1982Music/Lyrics
Diana Ross & Marvin GayeStop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)1973Music/Lyrics
Diana Ross & Marvin GayeYou Are Everything1973Music/Lyrics
Dionne WarwickHis House And Me1975Music/Lyrics
Dionne WarwickLove Me One More Time1975Music/Lyrics
Dionne WarwickRonnie Lee1975Music/Lyrics
Dionne WarwickTrack Of the Cat1975Music/Lyrics
Dionne WarwickWorld Of My Dreams1975Music/Lyrics
Dusty SpringfieldI Wanna Be A Free Girl1970Music/Lyrics
Elaine Paige & Billy OceanYou Are Everything2010Music/Lyrics
EngelbertI'm Stone In Love With You1973Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherBetcha By Golly Wow1974Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherBreak Up To Make Up1974Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherI'm Stone In Love With You1974Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherThe Greatest Love1977Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherYou Are Everything1974Music/Lyrics
FranciscoNo hay amor mayor2001Music/Lyrics
Freda PayneJust The Thought Of You1978Music/Lyrics
George BensonThe Greatest Love Of All1977Music/Lyrics
George BensonYou Are The Love Of My Life1985Music/Lyrics
Gerard JolingYou Make Me Feel Brandnew2001Music/Lyrics
(Linda Diane Creed)
Günther NeefsYou Are Everything2008Music/Lyrics
Human NatureYou Are Everything2005Music/Lyrics
Inner CircleYou Make Me Feel Brand New1974Music/Lyrics
Ja Rule feat. AshantiMesmerize2002Music/Lyrics
Jackie TrentYou Make Me Feel Brand New1975Music/Lyrics
Jahméne Douglas feat. Nicole ScherzingerThe Greatest Love2013Music/Lyrics
James LastYou Make Me Feel Brand New1974Music/Lyrics
Jan DelayKlar2006Music/Lyrics
Jane ConstanceGreatest Love Of All2018Music/Lyrics
Jennifer LopezThe One2002Music/Lyrics
Joan OsborneBreak Up To Make Up2007Music/Lyrics
Joe SimonYou Are Everything1971Music/Lyrics
John HiattLiving A Little, Laughing A Little1985Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisA Baby's Born1973Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisAnd I Think That's What I'll Do1973Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisBetcha By Golly Wow1972Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisBreak Up To Make Up1973Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisFoolish1973Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisI'd Rather Be Here With You1973Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisI'm Coming Home1973Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisI'm Stone In Love With You1973Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisLife Is A Song Worth Singing1973Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisStop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)1973Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisSweet Child1973Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisYou're As Right As Rain1975Music/Lyrics
José FelicianoAbrázame1984Music/Lyrics
Kandace SpringsPeople Make The World Go 'Round2018Music/Lyrics
Kellee PattersonStop, Look And Listen To Your Heart1976Music/Lyrics
Kool & The GangStop, Look, Listen1972Music/Lyrics
Lenny WilliamsDon't Sign The Papers1972Music/Lyrics
Lenny WilliamsPeople Make The World Go 'Round1972Music/Lyrics
Little Anthony & The ImperialsLazy Susan1973Music/Lyrics
Mariah CareyStay The Night2005Music/Lyrics
Maxine NightingaleYou Are Everything1977Music/Lyrics
Melanie Williams & Joe RobertsYou Are Everything1994Music/Lyrics
Michael JacksonPeople Make The World Go 'Round1972Music/Lyrics
Michael McDonald feat. Toni BraxtonStop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)2004Music/Lyrics
Mistura & Lloyd MichaelsLife Is A Song Worth Singing1976Music/Lyrics
MonicaUntil It's Gone2012Music/Lyrics
(Linda Epstein)
Mystique [BE]Brand New2014Music/Lyrics
(Linda Diane Creed)
New York CityDo You Remember Yesterday1974Music/Lyrics
New York CityI'm Doin' Fine Now1973Music/Lyrics
New York CityQuick, Fast, In A Hurry1973Music/Lyrics
Norman ConnorsYou Are Everything1977Music/Lyrics
Norman Connors & Eleanor MillsYou Make Me Feel Brandnew1977Music/Lyrics
Norman Connors feat. Phyllis HymanBetcha By Golly, Wow1976Music/Lyrics
Pat MethenyBetcha By Golly Wow2011Music/Lyrics
Patti AustinStop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)1981Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeYou Make Me Feel Brand New1974Music/Lyrics
Phyllis HymanBetcha By Golly Wow1977Music/Lyrics
Phyllis HymanI Don't Want To Lose You1977Music/Lyrics
Phyllis HymanOld Friend1986Music/Lyrics
Portrait feat. ShiroGreatest Love Of All1996Music/Lyrics
RedboneCheckin' It Out1977Producer
RedboneDancing Bones1977Producer
RedboneDon't Say No1977Producer
RedboneFunky Silk1977Producer
RedboneGamble (Take A Chance On Me)1977Producer
RedboneGive Our Love Another Try1977Producer
RedboneOpen (Give It Back To Me)1977Producer
Regina BelleYou Make Me Feel Brand New1995Music/Lyrics
Rick Ross feat. Ty Dolla $ignI Think She Like Me2017Music/Lyrics
(Linda Epstein)
Roberta FlackYou Are Everything1978Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartYou Are Everything1991Music/Lyrics
Rod Stewart with Mary J. BligeYou Make Me Feel Brand New2009Music/Lyrics
(Linda Epstein)
Roland KaiserStille und Sturm1998Music/Lyrics
Ronnie DysonI Think I'll Tell Her1973Music/Lyrics
Ronnie DysonOne Man Band (Plays All Alone)1972Music/Lyrics
Ronnie JonesLife Is A Song Worth Singing1978Music/Lyrics
Ronnie Milsap feat. Mandy BarnettYou Make Me Feel Brand New2014Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyThe Greatest Love Of All1978Music/Lyrics
Simply RedYou Make Me Feel Brand New2002Music/Lyrics
Sister SledgeGive In To Love1975Music/Lyrics
Smokey Robinson & The MiraclesBetcha By Golly Wow1972Music/Lyrics
SpinnersGhetto Child1973Music/Lyrics
SpinnersI Don't Wanna Lose You1975Music/Lyrics
SpinnersI'm Coming Home1974Music/Lyrics
SpinnersLazy Susan1974Music/Lyrics
SpinnersLiving A Little, Laughing A Little1974Music/Lyrics
SpinnersThe Winter Of Our Love1981Music/Lyrics
StoosheTurning Me On2013Music/Lyrics
(Linda Epstein)
SugababesBetcha By Golly Wow2007Music/Lyrics
Teddy PendergrassHot Love1984Music/Lyrics
Teddy PendergrassI'll Never See Heaven Again1979Music/Lyrics
Teddy PendergrassLet Me Be Closer1985Music/Lyrics
Teddy PendergrassLife Is A Song Worth Singing1978Music/Lyrics
Teddy Pendergrass & Whitney HoustonHold Me1984Music/Lyrics
TensnakeFirst Song2014Music/Lyrics
The Beautiful SouthI'm Stone In Love With You2004Music/Lyrics
The Cecil Holmes Soulful SoundsBreak Up To Make Up1973Music/Lyrics
The Chi-LitesOne Man Band (Plays Alone)1974Music/Lyrics
The Jimmy Castor BunchYou Make Me Feel Brand New1974Music/Lyrics
The Jimmy Castor Bunch feat. The Everything ManI Don't Want To Lose You1976Music/Lyrics
The Jones GirlsChildren Of The Night1980Music/Lyrics
The Mighty DiamondsCountry Living1977Music/Lyrics
The MomentsI'll Be Around1977Music/Lyrics
The Nite-LitersStop, Look, Listen1972Music/Lyrics
The Nolan SistersPhiladelphia Medley1975Music/Lyrics
The Nolan SistersYou Make Me Feel Brand New1978Music/Lyrics
The PearlsYou Are Everything1972Music/Lyrics
The Pierced ArrowRockin' Roll Baby1974Music/Lyrics
The SandpipersLife Is A Song Worth Singing1977Music/Lyrics
The SpinnersThe Rubberband Man1976Music/Lyrics
The SpinnersYou're All I Need In Life1976Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsAlmost There1981Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsBetcha By Golly, Wow1971Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsBreak Up To Make Up1972Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsChildren Of The Night1972Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsCloser Than Close1981Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsCountry Living1971Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsEbony Eyes1971Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsHabit1981Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsIf I Love You1971Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsIf You Don't Watch Out1972Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsI'm Stone In Love With You1972Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsI've Got This Feeling1981Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsLet Them Work It Out1973Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsLove Comes Easy1973Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsMake It Last1972Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsOnly For The Children1973Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsPeople Make The World Go Round1971Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsPieces1972Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsPoint Of No Return1971Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsRockin' Roll Baby1973Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsStop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)1971Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsYou And Me1972Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsYou Are Beautiful1974Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsYou Are Everything1971Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsYou Make Me Feel Brand New1973Music/Lyrics
The StylisticsYou're As Right As Rain1972Music/Lyrics
The SupremesI Don't Want To Lose You1976Music/Lyrics
The SymbolBetcha By Golly Wow!1996Music/Lyrics
The TempreesPeople Make The World Go Round1973Music/Lyrics
The TemptationsJust Ain't Havin' Fun1981Music/Lyrics
The TemptationsOh, What A Night1981Music/Lyrics
The TemptationsOpen Their Eyes1981Music/Lyrics
The TemptationsThe Best Of Both Worlds1981Music/Lyrics
Toni BraxtonYou've Been Wrong2000Music/Lyrics
UB40 feat. Ali, Astro & MickeyEbony Eyes2018Music/Lyrics
Usher feat. Beyoncé & Lil WayneLove In This Club Part II2008Music/Lyrics
Vicky LeandrosYou Make Me Feel Brand New1975Music/Lyrics
Vince HillI'm Stone In Love With You1975Music/Lyrics
Vince HillYou Make Me Feel Brand New1975Music/Lyrics
Wayne WadeYou Are Everything2000Music/Lyrics
Westside ConnectionGangstas Make The World Go Round1996Music/Lyrics
Whitney HoustonGreatest Love Of All1985Music/Lyrics
Yoann FregetThe Greatest Love Of All2013Music/Lyrics
You Are Everything (The Stylistics)305.23
You Are Everything (Melanie Williams & Joe Roberts)55
Old Friend (Phyllis Hyman)84.88
Greatest Love Of All (Whitney Houston)1464.87
You Make Me Feel Brand New (The Stylistics)454.82
You Are Beautiful (The Stylistics)54.8
Living A Little, Laughing A Little (John Hiatt)54.8
The Rubberband Man (The Spinners)254.76
Betcha By Golly, Wow (The Stylistics)294.76
Living A Little, Laughing A Little (Spinners)84.75
Hold Me (Teddy Pendergrass & Whitney Houston)394.69
Break Up To Make Up (The Stylistics)154.67
The Greatest Love Of All (Shirley Bassey)64.67
You Are Everything (Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye)474.64
People Make The World Go Round (The Stylistics)114.64
The Greatest Love Of All (George Benson)244.62
I'm Coming Home (Johnny Mathis)74.57
Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart) (The Stylistics)114.55
I'm Stone In Love With You (Johnny Mathis)134.54
You Make Me Feel Brand New (Vicky Leandros)84.5
Klar (Jan Delay)1673.78
Greatest Love Of All (Whitney Houston)1464.87
You Make Me Feel Brand New (Simply Red)564.36
You Are Everything (Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye)474.64
You Make Me Feel Brand New (The Stylistics)454.82
Mesmerize (Ja Rule feat. Ashanti)413.32
Hold Me (Teddy Pendergrass & Whitney Houston)394.69
Stay The Night (Mariah Carey)354.14
Betcha By Golly Wow! (The Symbol)323.22
You Are Everything (The Stylistics)305.23
Betcha By Golly, Wow (The Stylistics)294.76
The Rubberband Man (The Spinners)254.76
I'm Doin' Fine Now (New York City)254.4
The Greatest Love Of All (George Benson)244.62
Love In This Club Part II (Usher feat. Beyoncé & Lil Wayne)243.42
I'm Stone In Love With You (The Stylistics)204.35
Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart) (Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye)194.42
The One (Jennifer Lopez)164.31
1980 (Estelle)164
Break Up To Make Up (The Stylistics)154.67

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