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AlvvaysAlready Gone2017Producer
AlvvaysDreams Tonite2017Producer
AlvvaysForget About Life2017Producer
AlvvaysIn Undertow2017Producer
AlvvaysLollipop (Ode To Jim)2017Producer
AlvvaysNot My Baby2017Producer
AlvvaysPlimsoll Punks2017Producer
AlvvaysSaved By A Waif2017Producer
AlvvaysYour Type2017Producer
Angel OlsenDance Slow Decades2014Producer
Angel OlsenEnemy2014Producer
Angel OlsenForgiven/Forgotten2014Producer
Angel OlsenHi-Five2014Producer
Angel OlsenHigh & Wild2014Producer
Angel OlsenIota2014Producer
Angel OlsenLights Out2014Producer
Angel OlsenStars2014Producer
Angel OlsenUnfucktheworld2014Producer
Angel OlsenWhite Fire2014Producer
Angel OlsenWindows2014Producer
Anna CalviBleed Into Me2013Producer
Anna CalviCarry Me Over2013Producer
Anna CalviCry2013Producer
Anna CalviEliza2013Producer
Anna CalviLove Of My Life2013Producer
Anna CalviOne Breath2013Producer
Anna CalviPiece By Piece2013Producer
Anna CalviSing To Me2013Producer
Anna CalviSuddenly2013Producer
Anna CalviThe Bridge2013Producer
Anna CalviTristan2013Producer
BaronessBack Where I Belong2012Producer
BaronessBoard Up The House2012Producer
BaronessGreen Theme2012Producer
BaronessIf I Forget Thee, Lowcountry2012Producer
BaronessLittle Things2012Producer
BaronessMarch To The Sea2012Producer
BaronessMTNS. (The Crown & Anchor)2012Producer
BaronessPsalms Alive2012Producer
BaronessSea Lungs2012Producer
BaronessTake My Bones Away2012Producer
BaronessThe Line Between2012Producer
BaronessYellow Theme2012Producer
BlondieAlready Naked2017Producer
BlondieBest Day Ever2017Producer
BlondieDoom Or Destiny2017Producer
BlondieLong Time2017Producer
BlondieLove Level2017Producer
BlondieMy Monster2017Producer
BlondieToo Much2017Producer
BlondieWhen I Gave Up On You2017Producer
Clap Your Hands Say YeahAdam's Plane2011Producer
Clap Your Hands Say YeahAlaska2011Producer
Clap Your Hands Say YeahHysterical2011Producer
Clap Your Hands Say YeahIdiot2011Producer
Clap Your Hands Say YeahIn A Motel2011Producer
Clap Your Hands Say YeahInto Your Alien Arms2011Producer
Clap Your Hands Say YeahKetamine And Ecstasy2011Producer
Clap Your Hands Say YeahManiac2011Producer
Clap Your Hands Say YeahMisspent Youth2011Producer
Clap Your Hands Say YeahSame Mistake2011Producer
Clap Your Hands Say YeahSiesta (For Snake)2011Producer
Clap Your Hands Say YeahThe Road2011Producer
Clap Your Hands Say YeahThe Witness' Dull Surprise2011Producer
Clap Your Hands Say YeahYesterday, Never2011Producer
ClinicAnother Way Of Giving2010Producer
ClinicForever (Demis' Blues)2010Producer
ClinicFreemason Waltz2010Producer
ClinicI'm Aware2010Producer
ClinicMilk And Honey2010Producer
ClinicThe Lion Tamer2010Producer
ClinicUn astronauta en cielo2010Producer
Cloud NothingsI'm Not Part Of Me2014Producer
Cloud NothingsPsychic Trauma2014Producer
David Byrne & St. VincentWho2012Producer
Explosions In The SkyColours In Space2016Producer
Explosions In The SkyDisintegration Anxiety2016Producer
Explosions In The SkyInfinite Orbit2016Producer
Explosions In The SkyLanding Cliffs2016Producer
Explosions In The SkyLogic Of A Dream2016Producer
Explosions In The SkyLosing The Light2016Producer
Explosions In The SkyTangle Formations2016Producer
Explosions In The SkyThe Ecstatics2016Producer
Explosions In The SkyWilderness2016Producer
FFSCall Girl2015Producer
FFSCollaborations Don't Work2015Producer
FFSDictator's Son2015Producer
FFSJohnny Delusional2015Producer
FFSLittle Guy From The Suburbs2015Producer
FFSPiss Off2015Producer
FFSPolice Encounters2015Producer
FFSSave Me From Myself2015Producer
FFSSő desu ne2015Producer
FFSThe Man Without A Tan2015Producer
FFSThe Power Couple2015Producer
FFSThings I Won't Get2015Producer
Future IslandsAladdin2017Producer
Future IslandsAncient Waters2017Producer
Future IslandsBeauty Of The Road2017Producer
Future IslandsBlack Rose2017Producer
Future IslandsCandles2017Producer
Future IslandsCave2017Producer
Future IslandsDay Glow Fire2017Producer
Future IslandsNorth Star2017Producer
Future IslandsRan2017Producer
Future IslandsThrough The Roses2017Producer
Future IslandsTime On Her Side2017Producer
Future Islands feat. Debbie HarryShadows2017Producer
John GrantBlack Blizzard2015Producer
John GrantDown Here2015Producer
John GrantGeraldine2015Producer
John GrantGlobal Warming2015Producer
John GrantGrey Tickles, Black Pressure2015Producer
John GrantGuess How I Know2015Producer
John GrantMagma Arrives2015Producer
John GrantNo More Tangles2015Producer
John GrantSnug Slacks2015Producer
John GrantVoodoo Doll2015Producer
John Grant feat. Amanda PalmerYou And Him2015Producer
John Grant feat. Tracey ThornDisappointing2015Producer
Nelly FurtadoCarnival Games2017Producer
Nelly FurtadoCold Hard Truth2017Music/Lyrics
Nelly FurtadoFlatline2017Music/Lyrics
Nelly FurtadoLive2017Music/Lyrics
Nelly FurtadoMagic2017Music/Lyrics
Nelly FurtadoPalaces2017Music/Lyrics
Nelly FurtadoParis Sun2017Music/Lyrics
Nelly FurtadoPhoenix2017Producer
Nelly FurtadoPipe Dreams2016Music/Lyrics
Nelly FurtadoRight Road2017Music/Lyrics
Nelly FurtadoSticks And Stones2017Producer
Nelly FurtadoTap Dancing2017Producer
Something For KateBack To Normal Producer
Something For KateBegin Producer
Something For KateDeep Sea Divers Producer
Something For KateEureka Producer
Something For KateMiracle Cure Producer
Something For KatePrivate Rain Producer
Something For KateSooner Or Later You're Gonna Have To Do Something About Me Producer
Something For KateStar-Crossed Citizens Producer
Something For KateSurvival Expert Producer
Something For KateThe Fireball At The End Of Everything Producer
Something For KateThe Kids Will Get The Money Producer
Something For KateThis Economy Producer
St. VincentActor Out Of Work2009Producer
St. VincentBad Believer2015Producer
St. VincentBirth In Reverse2013Producer
St. VincentBring Me Your Loves2014Producer
St. VincentChampagne Year2011Producer
St. VincentCheerleader2011Producer
St. VincentChloe In The Afternoon2011Producer
St. VincentCruel2011Producer
St. VincentDel Rio2014Producer
St. VincentDigital Witness2014Producer
St. VincentDilettante2011Producer
St. VincentEvery Tear Disappears2014Producer
St. VincentHuey Newton2014Producer
St. VincentHysterical Strength2011Producer
St. VincentI Prefer Your Love2014Producer
St. VincentNeutered Fruit2011Producer
St. VincentNorthern Lights2011Producer
St. VincentPieta2015Producer
St. VincentPrince Johnny2014Producer
St. VincentPsychopath2014Producer
St. VincentRattlesnake2014Producer
St. VincentRegret2014Producer
St. VincentSevered Crossed Fingers2014Producer
St. VincentSparrow2015Producer
St. VincentStrange Mercy2011Producer
St. VincentSurgeon2011Producer
St. VincentYear Of The Tiger2011Producer
St. Vincent feat. The Living SistersEarly Autumn2013Producer
The Black AngelsAlways Maybe2013Producer
The Black AngelsBlack Isn't Black2013Producer
The Black AngelsBroken Soldier2013Producer
The Black AngelsDon't Play With Guns2013Producer
The Black AngelsEvil Things2013Producer
The Black AngelsHolland2013Producer
The Black AngelsI Hear Colors (Chromaesthesia)2013Producer
The Black AngelsIndigo Meadow2013Producer
The Black AngelsLove Me Forever2013Producer
The Black AngelsThe Day2013Producer
The Black AngelsTwisted Light2013Producer
The Black AngelsWar On Holiday2013Producer
The Black AngelsYou're Mine2013Producer
The Polyphonic SpreeWhat Would You Do?2012Producer
The ThermalsAt The Bottom Of The Sea2009Producer
The ThermalsHow We Fade2009Producer
The ThermalsI Called Out Your Name2009Producer
The ThermalsI Let It Go2009Producer
The ThermalsLiquid In, Liquid Out2009Producer
The ThermalsNow We Can See2009Producer
The ThermalsWe Were Sick2009Producer
The ThermalsWhen I Died2009Producer
The ThermalsWhen I Was Afraid2009Producer
The ThermalsWhen We Were Alive2009Producer
The ThermalsYou Dissolve2009Producer
The WalkmenAll My Great Designs2010Producer
The WalkmenAngela Surf City2010Producer
The WalkmenJuveniles2010Producer
The WalkmenTorch Song2010Producer
The WalkmenVictory2010Producer
The WalkmenWoe Is Me2010Producer
Two GallantsBroken Eyes2012Producer
Two GallantsCradle Pyre2012Producer
Two GallantsDecay2012Producer
Two GallantsDyin' Crapshooter's Blues2012Producer
Two GallantsHalycon Days2012Producer
Two GallantsI'm So Depressed2012Producer
Two GallantsMy Love Won't Wait2012Producer
Two GallantsRide Away2012Producer
Two GallantsSong Of Songs2012Producer
Two GallantsSunday Souvenirs2012Producer
Two GallantsWillie2012Producer
Two GallantsWinter's Youth2012Producer
Wild Beasts2BU2016Producer
Wild BeastsAlpha Female2016Producer
Wild BeastsBig Cat2016Producer
Wild BeastsCelestial Creatures2016Producer
Wild BeastsDreamliner2016Producer
Wild BeastsEat Your Heart Out Adonis2016Producer
Wild BeastsGet My Bang2016Producer
Wild BeastsHe The Colossus2016Producer
Wild BeastsPonytail2016Producer
Wild BeastsTough Guy2016Producer
Too Much (Blondie)74.86
In Undertow (Alvvays)54.8
Long Time (Blondie)224.73
Down Here (John Grant)64.67
My Monster (Blondie)104.6
Eliza (Anna Calvi)54.6
Piss Off (FFS)74.57
Phoenix (Nelly Furtado)134.54
Palaces (Nelly Furtado)64.5
Pipe Dreams (Nelly Furtado)204.45
Dreams Tonite (Alvvays)54.4
Survival Expert (Something For Kate)64.33
Love Level (Blondie)64.33
Doom Or Destiny (Blondie)74.29
Disappointing (John Grant feat. Tracey Thorn)74.29
Prince Johnny (St. Vincent)114.27
Johnny Delusional (FFS)124.25
Fun (Blondie)214.24
Call Girl (FFS)94.22
Get My Bang (Wild Beasts)54.2
Long Time (Blondie)224.73
Fun (Blondie)214.24
Pipe Dreams (Nelly Furtado)204.45
Cold Hard Truth (Nelly Furtado)143.86
Phoenix (Nelly Furtado)134.54
Flatline (Nelly Furtado)133.31
Johnny Delusional (FFS)124.25
Prince Johnny (St. Vincent)114.27
Digital Witness (St. Vincent)114
My Monster (Blondie)104.6
Call Girl (FFS)94.22
Birth In Reverse (St. Vincent)94.11
Cruel (St. Vincent)94
Too Much (Blondie)74.86
Piss Off (FFS)74.57
Doom Or Destiny (Blondie)74.29
Disappointing (John Grant feat. Tracey Thorn)74.29
Actor Out Of Work (St. Vincent)74
Psychic Trauma (Cloud Nothings)73.43
Down Here (John Grant)64.67

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