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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Jay Livingstone
Addy Andrigo und sein OrchesterMelodien der Sehnsucht1959Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
AirtoO Sonho1971Music/Lyrics
Al CaiolaBonanza1961Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Al Hibbler With Jack Pleis And His OrchestraIt's The Talk Of The Town1958Music/Lyrics
Al HirtSilver Bells1965Music/Lyrics
Al HirtTo Each His Own1968Music/Lyrics
Al MartinoTo Each His Own1963Music/Lyrics
Al MartinoWe Wish You A Merry Christmas / Silver Bells1964Music/Lyrics
AlexandraMa guitare1967Music/Lyrics
Alice BabsLåt mig bli din1958Music/Lyrics
AmericaSilver Bells2002Music/Lyrics
Andras de LaszloQue sera sera (was kann schöner sein)2012Music/Lyrics
André RieuQue sera sera2002Music/Lyrics
André RieuSilver Bells2012Music/Lyrics
Andy CameronQue sera1978Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsDreamsville1960Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsMona Lisa1964Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsSilver Bells1965Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsTammy1961Music/Lyrics
Andy WilliamsThe Twelfth Of Never1961Music/Lyrics
Anne DucrosNever Let Me Go2006Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Anne MurraySilver Bells1981Music/Lyrics
Antonio CondeBonanza1975Music/Lyrics
Arielle DombasleQue sera sera2006Music/Lyrics
Astrud GilbertoWish Me A Rainbow1966Music/Lyrics
Barry ManilowSilver Bells2007Music/Lyrics
Bata IllicMona Lisa1974Music/Lyrics
Benny GoodmanHaving A Wonderful Wish (Time You Were Here)1949Music/Lyrics
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraAs I Love You1960Music/Lyrics
Bert Kaempfert And His OrchestraTammy1960Music/Lyrics
Big SeanSierra Leone2013Music/Lyrics
Bill Black's ComboMona Lisa1960Music/Lyrics
Bill FrisellBonanza2016Music/Lyrics
Billy EckstineVertigo1958Music/Lyrics
Billy IdolSilver Bells2006Music/Lyrics
Billy J. Kramer With The DakotasThe Twelfth Of Never1963Music/Lyrics
Bing CrosbyMona Lisa1956Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby & Carole RichardsSilver Bells1950Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby & Rosemary ClooneyCalcutta1958Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby with John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraBonne nuit (Bonwee)1951Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby With John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraGolden Earrings1947Music/Lyrics
Bing Crosby with John Scott Trotter And His OrchestraYour Own Little House1951Music/Lyrics
Bob DylanSilver Bells2009Music/Lyrics
Bob Hope & The Clark SistersButtons And Bows1947Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Bobbi MartinDear Heart1964Music/Lyrics
Bobby PrinsMona Lisa1982Music/Lyrics
Bobby PrinsQue sera sera2017Music/Lyrics
Bobby VeeSilver Bells1962Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonSilver Bells1963Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonTammy1961Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonTheme from 'Harlow' (Lonely Girl)1965Music/Lyrics
Bobby VintonTo Each His Own1964Music/Lyrics
Booker T. & The M.G.'sSilver Bells1966Music/Lyrics
Brenda LeeDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Bruce LowBonanza1962Music/Lyrics
Bruce LowKomm wenn's dunkel wird zu mir1977Music/Lyrics
BZNQue sera1998Music/Lyrics
Captain Cook und seine singenden SaxophoneBonanza2014Music/Lyrics
Captain Cook und seine singenden SaxophoneQue sera2006Music/Lyrics
Captain Cook und seine singenden SaxophoneSilver Bells2006Music/Lyrics
Carl MannMona Lisa1959Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Carlos Malcolm & His Afro Jamaican RhythmsBonanza Ska1964Music/Lyrics
CarpentersWinter Wonderland / Silver Bells / White Christmas1978Music/Lyrics
Charlie Byrd with Orchestra & ChorusIn The Arms Of Love1967Music/Lyrics
Charlie Byrd with Orchestra & ChorusWish Me A Rainbow1967Music/Lyrics
Charlie McCoyThe Twelfth Of Never1975Music/Lyrics
Chloé MonsSaddle In The Wind2006Music/Lyrics
Chris ConnorTo Each His Own1975Music/Lyrics
Chris Montez and RazaMona Lisa1972Music/Lyrics
Claude FrançoisQuand rien ne va plus1970Music/Lyrics
Colbie CaillatSilver Bells2012Music/Lyrics
Commander Cody And His Lost Planet AirmenMy Window Faces The South1973Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisQue sera1960Music/Lyrics
Connie FrancisTammy1961Music/Lyrics
Conway TwittyMona Lisa1958Music/Lyrics
Daniel GuichardCatherine1968Music/Lyrics
Dave Grusin feat. Diana KrallDreamsville1997Music/Lyrics
Dave KozSilver Bells2007Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinBaby, Obey Me1950Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinBeside You1951Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinBonne nuit1951Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinI Love The Way You Say Goodnight1950Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinI'll Always Love You (Day After Day)1950Music/Lyrics
Dean MartinSilver Bells1966Music/Lyrics
Dean Martin with Paul Weston & His OrchestraJust For Fun1949Music/Lyrics
Dean Martin with Paul Weston & His OrchestraMy Own, My Only, My All1949Music/Lyrics
Debbie ReynoldsFrench Heels1957Music/Lyrics
Debbie ReynoldsTammy1957Music/Lyrics
Debby BooneSilver Bells1989Music/Lyrics
Della ReeseI'm Thru With Love1959Music/Lyrics
Della ReeseThe Story Of A Starry Night1962Music/Lyrics
Denise & Johnny BachQue sera, sera1997Music/Lyrics
Die LollipopsIch reite so gern2006Music/Lyrics
Dietmar SchönherrDu wirst geliebt1958Music/Lyrics
Dietmar SchönherrSuch das Glück der Welt1959Music/Lyrics
Dinah ShoreButtons And Bows1962Music/Lyrics
Dinah Washington with Quincy Jones And His OrchestraNever Let Me Go1957Music/Lyrics
Django ReinhardtTo Each His Own (Symphony)1948Music/Lyrics
Don CherryDear Heart1967Music/Lyrics
Don CherryTo Each His Own1967Music/Lyrics
Donny OsmondMona Lisa1974Music/Lyrics
Doris DayPeriwinkle Blue1961Music/Lyrics
Doris DaySilver Bells1950Music/Lyrics
Doris DayWe'll Love Again1956Music/Lyrics
Doris DayWhatever Will Be, Will Be (Que sera, sera)1956Music/Lyrics
Ed AmesIn The Arms Of Love1966Music/Lyrics
Ed AmesLet Me So Love1967Music/Lyrics
Eddy ArnoldDear Heart1968Music/Lyrics
Eddy HowardTo Each His Own1946Music/Lyrics
Element Of CrimeZwei Gitarren1997Music/Lyrics
Elfi GrafQue sera1977Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleyMona Lisa1959Music/Lyrics
Elvis PresleySilver Bells1971Music/Lyrics
Elvis Presley with Anne MurraySilver Bells2008Music/Lyrics
EngelbertMona Lisa1993Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Engelbert HumperdinckSilver Bells1977Music/Lyrics
ErasureSilver Bells2013Music/Lyrics
Eric Franssen & Frieda LinziQue sera, sera1957Music/Lyrics
Evi KentWas kann schöner sein1956Music/Lyrics
Fair WeatherMona Lisa1972Music/Lyrics
Faron YoungBonanaza1963Music/Lyrics
Fats DominoSilver Bells Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Ferrante & TeicherGolden Earrings1966Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherMona Lisa1962Music/Lyrics
Ferrante & TeicherTammy1962Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerBonanza1981Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerSilver Bells / Winter Wonderland1967Music/Lyrics
Floyd CramerTammy1961Music/Lyrics
Frank DeVol And The Rainbow StringsSilver Bells / Jingle Bells1960Music/Lyrics
Frank SinatraDear Heart1964Music/Lyrics
Frank ZappaTheme From "Bonanza"1991Music/Lyrics
Frans KrassenburgGolden Earrings1968Music/Lyrics
Fred FrohbergLet Me Be Loved Music/Lyrics
Fred FrohbergTammy Music/Lyrics
G.G. AndersonWas kann schöner sein?1989Music/Lyrics
Gene PitneyGolden Earrings1966Music/Lyrics
George BensonMona Lisa2013Music/Lyrics
George CatesWhatever Will Be, Will Be (Que sera, sera)1956Music/Lyrics
Gerhard WendlandDu wirst geliebt1958Music/Lyrics
Gerhard WendlandMona Lisa1951Music/Lyrics
Glen CampbellThe Twelfth Of Never1968Music/Lyrics
Glenn YarbroughAll The Time1967Music/Lyrics
Gloria EstefanOverture: Silver Bells1993Music/Lyrics
Gregory PorterMona Lisa2017Music/Lyrics
Günter NorisBonanza1980Music/Lyrics
Hanny-DQue sera sera2010Music/Lyrics
Harry Connick Jr.Mona Lisa2009Music/Lyrics
Harry Connick Jr.Silver Bells2003Music/Lyrics
Hella von SinnenSilver Bells2001Music/Lyrics
Helmut LottiMona Lisa2006Music/Lyrics
Helmut ZachariasQue sera sera1966Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniDreamsville1958Music/Lyrics
Henry ManciniIn The Arms Of Love1966Music/Lyrics
Henry Mancini And His OrchestraDear Heart1964Music/Lyrics
Herb Alpert with Symphony and ChoirJoy To The World & Silver Bells2017Music/Lyrics
Herbie MannThe Song Of Delilah1961Music/Lyrics
Hermes House BandQue sera sera2001Music/Lyrics
Het Cocktail TrioBibbidi-babbidi-boe1970Music/Lyrics
Hugh ColtmanMona Lisa2015Music/Lyrics
Ina Bellé / Werner Müller mit dem RIAS-Tanzorchester, BerlinWas kann schöner sein1956Music/Lyrics
Ivo RobićWake The Town And Tell The People1957Music/Lyrics
Ivo RobićWhatever Will Be, Will Be1957Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesDear Heart1964Music/Lyrics
Jack JonesSilver Bells1973Music/Lyrics
Jackie DavisSurprise1958Music/Lyrics
Jackie WilsonSilver Bells1963Music/Lyrics
Jerry ValeSilver Bells1964Music/Lyrics
Jettie PallettieStoomWals metlie nr. 12008Music/Lyrics
JewelSilver Bells2013Music/Lyrics
Jewel AkensDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Jill JohnsonSilver Bells2011Music/Lyrics
Jim NaborsThe Story Of A Starry Night1967Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Jim ReevesMona Lisa1958Music/Lyrics
Jim ReevesSilver Bells1963Music/Lyrics
Jimmie RodgersQue sera sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)1958Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Smith & Wes MontgomeryMaybe September1966Music/Lyrics
Jo LeemansQue sera sera1956Music/Lyrics
Joe DolanMona Lisa2007Music/Lyrics
John DenverSilver Bells1975Music/Lyrics
John Gregory77 Sunset Strip1962Music/Lyrics
John GregoryThe Roaring Twenties1962Music/Lyrics
John LegendSilver Bells2018Music/Lyrics
John SchneiderSilver Bells1981Music/Lyrics
Johnny CashBonanza!1962Music/Lyrics
Johnny DaneTammy1957Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisAll The Time1958Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisBaby, Baby, Baby1957Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisLaurie, My Love1961Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisSilver Bells1958Music/Lyrics
Johnny MathisWarm And Willing1961Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashBaby, Baby, Baby1959Music/Lyrics
Johnny NashThe Twelfth Of Never1967Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonAngel1965Music/Lyrics
Johnny TillotsonSilver Bells1966Music/Lyrics
Jonny HillAdios Amigo1979Music/Lyrics
José FelicianoTo Each His Own1966Music/Lyrics
Judge DreadTammy1976Music/Lyrics
Julio IglesiasMona Lisa1990Music/Lyrics
Karel GottMona Lisa1991Music/Lyrics
Karen Young [UK]Que sera sera1970Music/Lyrics
Keith Jarrett / Gary Peacock / Jack DeJohnetteNever Let Me Go1983Music/Lyrics
Ken DoddHow Long Is Forever1967Music/Lyrics
Ken DoddLast Mile Home1970Music/Lyrics
Ken DoddThe Story Of A Starry Night1965Music/Lyrics
Kenny BurrellDelilah1956Music/Lyrics
Kenny ChesneySilver Bells2003Music/Lyrics
Kevin EubanksSilver Bells1988Music/Lyrics
Kiri Te KanawaSilver Bells1986Music/Lyrics
KraaijeveldMona Lisa1971Music/Lyrics
Kristina Bach & Tommy SteinerMon amour, chérie1992Music/Lyrics
Lady AntebellumSilver Bells2010Music/Lyrics
Laurie LondonBum-Ladda-Bum-Bum1959Music/Lyrics
Leo ParkerStuffy1961Music/Lyrics
Les BaxterWake The Town And Tell The People1955Music/Lyrics
Les Compagnons De La ChansonMona Lisa1950Music/Lyrics
Les Compagnons De La ChansonRose d'or1958Music/Lyrics
Line RenaudQue sera sera1956Music/Lyrics
Lisa del BoQue sera sera1999Music/Lyrics
Living StringsI Heard The Bells On Christmas Day / Silver Bells / Out Of The East1970Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Loretta LynnSilver Bells1966Music/Lyrics
Lorne GreeneBonanza1962Music/Lyrics
Lorne GreeneMy Sons, My Sons1965Music/Lyrics
Lou BlackburnSong Of Delilah1963Music/Lyrics
Louis van Dijk, Toots Thielemans & Wim OvergaauwMaybe September1978Music/Lyrics
Luis Alberto Del Parana Y Los ParaguayosMona Lisa1966Music/Lyrics
Lyn CollinsTo Each His Own1975Music/Lyrics
Lys AssiaWas kann schöner sein1956Music/Lyrics
Maja BrunnerBing Bang Bong2003Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Mantovani And His OrchestraWhatever Will Be, Will Be (Que sera sera)1959Music/Lyrics
Mantovani und sein OrchesterTammy1959Music/Lyrics
ManuelaQue-Sera (Was kann schöner sein)1968Music/Lyrics
Marco BakkerMona Lisa1984Music/Lyrics
Marcus Miller feat. Selah SueQue sera sera2018Music/Lyrics
Margaret Whiting & Jimmy WakelySilver Bells1950Music/Lyrics
Maria VivaldelliQue sera sera2003Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
MarjoleinQue sera sera2012Music/Lyrics
Martha Tilton with Gordon Jenkins And His OrchestraG'bye Now1941Music/Lyrics
Martin Böttcher und sein OrchesterBonanza1977Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideSilver Bells1998Music/Lyrics
Marty RobbinsTo Each His Own1961Music/Lyrics
Marvin GayeMona Lisa1965Music/Lyrics
Mary HopkinQue sera sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)1969Music/Lyrics
Mary HopkinTamy1968Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroAnother Time Another Place1958Music/Lyrics
Matt MonroIn The Arms Of Love1967Music/Lyrics
Max juniorMona Lisa1974Music/Lyrics
Michael BoltonA Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes1991Music/Lyrics
Michael HeltauMona Lisa1981Music/Lyrics
Michèle ArnaudQue sera sera1956Music/Lyrics
Mieke TelkampTammy1957Music/Lyrics
Mitch Miller & The GangSilver Bells1961Music/Lyrics
Nana MouskouriMona Lisa2008Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeMona Lisa1950Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeNever Let Me Go1956Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeSong Of Delilah1951Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeThe Ruby And The Pearl1952Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeUnbelievable1954Music/Lyrics
Nat "King" ColeWarm And Willing1964Music/Lyrics
Natacha & Daniel KandlbauerSilver Bells2005Music/Lyrics
Nina SimoneGolden Earrings1961Music/Lyrics
Nino BravoMona Lisa1973Music/Lyrics
Nnenna FreelonNever Let Me Go1993Music/Lyrics
Normie RoweQue sera, sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)1965Music/Lyrics
Orchester Bruno BertoneBonanza1979Music/Lyrics
P.J. ProbyQue sera sera1965Music/Lyrics
P.J. ProbyWhatever Will Be, Will Be1964Music/Lyrics
Paul & PaulaSilver Bells1963Music/Lyrics
Paul AnkaSilver Bells2011Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeGolden Earrings1947Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeThe Mill On The Floss1951Music/Lyrics
Peggy LeeYou're So Right For Me1961Music/Lyrics
Percy Faith / Leslie KendallMaybe September1975Music/Lyrics
Percy Faith And His OrchestraSee You Around1966Music/Lyrics
Perry ComoThat's You1974Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Peter AlexanderQue sera1974Music/Lyrics
Peter BeilEs ist nie zu spät1965Music/Lyrics
Phil OchsMona Lisa1970Music/Lyrics
Pietro LombardiQue sera sera2011Music/Lyrics
Pink MartiniQue sera sera1997Music/Lyrics
Quincy JonesMr. Lucky1964Music/Lyrics
Ralf PaulsenBonanza1962Music/Lyrics
Ralf PaulsenBronco1967Music/Lyrics
Ralf PaulsenMr. Ed1964Music/Lyrics
Ray Conniff And His Orchestra And ChorusTammy1960Music/Lyrics
René Carol & dem Comedien-QuartettIch brauche dich und du brauchst mich1951Music/Lyrics
Renée Fleming with Kelli O'HaraSilver Bells2014Music/Lyrics
Richard ChamberlainDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Ricky KingBonanza1978Music/Lyrics
Rita Hovink'n Rondje van mij1976Music/Lyrics
Rocky HeitzerMona Lisa1982Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartSilver Bells2012Music/Lyrics
Rod Stewart & Scottish World Cup Squad '78Que sera1980Music/Lyrics
Roger MillerDear Heart1968Music/Lyrics
Ronnie CarrollDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
Roy HamiltonMona Lisa1961Music/Lyrics
Roy HamiltonWait Until Dark1967Music/Lyrics
Rudi SchurickeWas kann schöner sein1972Music/Lyrics
Russell MaloneIt's The Talk Of The Town1992Music/Lyrics
Sam CookeLove Song From "Houseboat" (Almost In Your Arms)1958Music/Lyrics
Sam CookeMona Lisa1960Music/Lyrics
Sam CookeTammy1958Music/Lyrics
Sam The Sham And The PharaohsMagic Touch1965Music/Lyrics
Samantha JadeSilver Bells2018Music/Lyrics
Sammy Davis, Jr.Medley: Mona Lisa/Too Young/Nature Boy1965Music/Lyrics
Sandy PoseyThe Twelfth Of Never1966Music/Lyrics
Santo & JohnnyMona Lisa1966Music/Lyrics
Sarah McLachlanSilver Bells2016Music/Lyrics
Sarah VaughanDreamsville1965Music/Lyrics
Scott EngelPaper Doll1958Music/Lyrics
Scott HamiltonMaybe September1989Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Scott WalkerWait Until Dark1968Music/Lyrics
Sergio Mendes feat. Seu JorgeSou eu2014Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Shakin' StevensMona Lisa1981Music/Lyrics
Shakin' StevensQue sera, sera1982Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyAs I Love You1958Music/Lyrics
Shirley Horn with Ahmad JamalMaybe Steptember2003Music/Lyrics
ShowaddywaddyMona Lisa1982Music/Lyrics
Sly & The Family StoneQue sera, sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)1973Music/Lyrics
Sonny JamesSilver Bells1966Music/Lyrics
Sophia LorenBing Bang Bong1958Music/Lyrics
SplodgenessaboundsCowpunk Medlum (a. High Noon / b. Ghost Riders In The Sky / c. Bonanza)1981Music/Lyrics
Stacey KentDreamsville2000Music/Lyrics
Stacey KentNever Let Me Go2007Music/Lyrics
Stefan GwildisQue sera, sera2003Music/Lyrics
Stevie WonderSilver Bells1968Music/Lyrics
Sugarfree [BE]Walsmedley2015Music/Lyrics
Suzanne Klee & Harry ShannonSilver Bells1983Music/Lyrics
Sven JenssenMona Lisa1970Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Svenne & LottaMona Lisa1977Music/Lyrics
Swoop [BE]Party Mix2010Music/Lyrics
Tammy JonesTammy1970Music/Lyrics
Terry Van GinderenTammy1957Music/Lyrics
The Ames BrothersTammy1957Music/Lyrics
The AvalanchesA Different Feeling2000Music/Lyrics
The Blue DiamondsMona Lisa1960Music/Lyrics
The EnidGolden Earrings1977Music/Lyrics
The Flaming LipsSilver Bells2014Music/Lyrics
The Four CoinsMy Love Loves Me1957Music/Lyrics
The GaylordsVeni-vidi-vici1954Music/Lyrics
The Graham Bond OrganizationTammy1965Music/Lyrics
The Gunter Kallmann ChoirWait Until Dark1968Music/Lyrics
The HubbubsBonanza1971Music/Lyrics
The Ink SpotsTo Each His Own1946Music/Lyrics
The InnocenceMairzy Doats1967Music/Lyrics
The JuddsSilver Bells1987Music/Lyrics
The LettermenDear Heart1965Music/Lyrics
The LordsQue sera1965Music/Lyrics
The MiraclesSilver Bells1963Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
The MonkeesSilver Bells2018Music/Lyrics
The Nashville RamblersBonanza1969Music/Lyrics
The Norman Luboff ChoirSilver Bells1964Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
The Oak Ridge BoysSilver Bells1982Music/Lyrics
The OsmondsSilver Bells1976Music/Lyrics
The PerrysSilver Bells2017Music/Lyrics
The RacketsO Mona Lisa1964Music/Lyrics
The RaesQue sera, sera1977Music/Lyrics
The RattlesQue sera1965Music/Lyrics
The ShepherdsAls strakjes de slaap zal komen1970Music/Lyrics
The SpotnicksBonanza1978Music/Lyrics
The SupremesSilver Bells1965Music/Lyrics
The Teddy BearsTammy1958Music/Lyrics
The TemptationsSilver Bells1970Music/Lyrics
The TymesThe Twelfth Of Never1963Music/Lyrics
The TymesTo Each His Own1964Music/Lyrics
Tiny TimMr. Ed1984Music/Lyrics
Tom AstorAdios Amigo1975Music/Lyrics
Tom AstorCountry Hits On 451981Music/Lyrics
Tommy SandsLet Me Be Loved1957Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettAll Mine1972Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Tony BennettMaybe September1966Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettNever Too Late1966Music/Lyrics
Tony BennettSong From "The Oscar"1966Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett & Bill EvansLonely Girl1977Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Tony Bennett & Bill EvansMaybe September1977Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Tony Bennett feat. The Count Basie Big BandSilver Bells2008Music/Lyrics
Tony Bennett with Percy Faith And His OrchestraLove Song From Beauty And The Beast1957Music/Lyrics
Tony MartinA Thousand Violins1949Music/Lyrics
Tony MartinHeaven For A Night Music/Lyrics
Tony MartinTo Each His Own1946Music/Lyrics
Tuxedo JunctionFox Trot1977Music/Lyrics
Twisted SisterSilver Bells2006Music/Lyrics
(Jay Livingstone)
Vanessa NeigertWas kann schöner sein2010Music/Lyrics
Viva Voce & Latvian VoicesSilver Bells2014Music/Lyrics
Walter Wanderley feat. Marge DodsonWait Until Dark1967Music/Lyrics
Weeping WillowsSilver Bells2017Music/Lyrics
Wes MontgomeryGolden Earrings1965Music/Lyrics
Will TuraQue sera sera1980Music/Lyrics
Willie NelsonMona Lisa1996Music/Lyrics
Willie Nelson and Sister BobbieMona Lisa2014Music/Lyrics
Windsor Davies & Don EstelleTo Each His Own1978Music/Lyrics
Wishful ThinkingQue sera sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)1968Music/Lyrics
Wolfgang SauerTammy1957Music/Lyrics
Wolfgang SauerVeni, vidi, vici1955Music/Lyrics
Tammy (Angela)55.2
Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que sera, sera) (Doris Day)1134.97
Mona Lisa (Nat "King" Cole)404.92
Dreamsville (Henry Mancini)54.8
Bonanza (Al Caiola)124.75
Silver Bells (Martina McBride)74.71
Silver Bells (Elvis Presley)104.7
Golden Earrings (Peggy Lee)94.67
Que sera (Connie Francis)64.67
Winter Wonderland / Silver Bells / White Christmas (Carpenters)84.5
Tammy (Debbie Reynolds)274.44
As I Love You (Shirley Bassey)184.39
Bonanza (Lorne Greene)334.36
Mona Lisa (Carl Mann)124.33
Silver Bells (Jim Reeves)124.33
Tammy (Sam Cooke)64.33
Tammy (Mieke Telkamp)64.33
Silver Bells (Doris Day)134.31
Bonanza! (Johnny Cash)364.28
Mona Lisa (Shakin' Stevens)164.25
Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que sera, sera) (Doris Day)1134.97
Que sera sera (Hermes House Band)662.55
Mona Lisa (Nat "King" Cole)404.92
Que sera sera (Pietro Lombardi)381.58
Bonanza! (Johnny Cash)364.28
Bonanza (Lorne Greene)334.36
Tammy (Debbie Reynolds)274.44
Was kann schöner sein (Lys Assia)203.55
Bonanza (Ralf Paulsen)194.05
As I Love You (Shirley Bassey)184.39
Mona Lisa (Shakin' Stevens)164.25
Mona Lisa (Conway Twitty)154.13
Que sera (The Lords)143.5
Silver Bells (Doris Day)134.31
I'll Always Love You (Day After Day) (Dean Martin)133.62
Bonanza (Al Caiola)124.75
Mona Lisa (Carl Mann)124.33
Silver Bells (Jim Reeves)124.33
Silver Bells (Bing Crosby & Carole Richards)114
Que sera sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) (Mary Hopkin)113.18

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