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Dee SniderI Am The Hurricane2018Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowA Mind Insane2014Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowA New Beginning2014Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowAs Bright As The Darkness2014Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowBreak The Ties2015Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowBroken By The Cold2015Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowConsume The Damned2015Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowCrawl From The Dark2014Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowEmbracing The Torture2014Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowFor The Dead And Broken2014Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowHow The End Shall Be2015Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowI Am Alive2015Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowI Am The Nothing2014Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowIt's Over2014Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowLet The Pain Take Hold2015Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowMaster Of None2015Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowMy Own2014Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowSearching For The Sun2015Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowSeven Years Alone2014Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowShattered Silence2015Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowShut It Down2014Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowStay Of Execution2015Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowThe Killer2014Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowThe Way We Die2015Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowWe Live2015Music/Lyrics
Devil You KnowYour Last Breath2015Music/Lyrics
Killswitch EngageA Light In A Darkened World2009Music/Lyrics
Killswitch EngageI Would Do Anything2009Music/Lyrics
Killswitch EngageIn A Dead World2009Music/Lyrics
Killswitch EngageLost2009Music/Lyrics
Killswitch EngageNever Again2009Music/Lyrics
Killswitch EngageReckoning2009Music/Lyrics
Killswitch EngageSave Me2009Music/Lyrics
Killswitch EngageStarting Over2009Music/Lyrics
Killswitch EngageTake Me Away2009Music/Lyrics
Killswitch EngageThe Forgotten2009Music/Lyrics
Killswitch EngageThe Return2009Music/Lyrics
Killswitch EngageThis Is Goodbye2009Music/Lyrics
Light The TorchCalm Before The Storm2018Music/Lyrics
Light The TorchDie Alone2018Music/Lyrics
Light The TorchJudas Convention2018Music/Lyrics
Light The TorchLost In The Fire2018Music/Lyrics
Light The TorchPull My Heart Out2018Music/Lyrics
Light The TorchRaise The Dead2018Music/Lyrics
Light The TorchThe Bitter End2018Music/Lyrics
Light The TorchThe God I Deserve2018Music/Lyrics
Light The TorchThe Great Divide2018Music/Lyrics
Light The TorchThe Safety Of Disbelief2018Music/Lyrics
Light The TorchThe Sound Of Violence2018Music/Lyrics
Light The TorchVirus2018Music/Lyrics
Roadrunner UnitedThe Dagger2005Music/Lyrics

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