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ABCBrighter Than The Sun2016Producer
ABCConfessions Of A Fool2016Producer
ABCI Believe In Love2016Producer
ABCKiss Me Goodbye2016Producer
ABCSinger Not The Song2016Producer
ABCTen Below Zero2016Producer
ABCThe Flames Of Desire2016Producer
ABCThe Love Inside The Love2016Producer
ABCThe Ship Of The Seasick Sailor2016Producer
ABCViva Love2016Producer
BrosAre You Mine?1991Producer
Go WestCall Me1985Producer
Go WestDetermination2016Producer
Go WestDon't Look Down1985Producer
Go WestDreamworld1985Producer
Go WestEye To Eye1985Producer
Go WestFrom Baltimore To Paris1987Producer
Go WestGoodbye Girl1985Producer
Go WestHaunted1985Producer
Go WestI Want To Hear It From You1987Producer
Go WestInnocence1985Producer
Go WestLittle Caesar1987Producer
Go WestMasque Of Love1987Producer
Go WestMissing Persons1985Producer
Go WestOne Way Street1985Producer
Go WestS.O.S.1985Producer
Go WestTears Too Late1990Producer
Go WestThe King Is Dead1987Producer
Go WestThe Man In My Mirror1985Producer
Go WestTrue Colours1986Producer
Go WestWe Close Our Eyes1985Producer
Go WestWe Close Our Eyes [Remix '93]1993Producer
Johnny LoganAnother Lover1995Producer
Johnny LoganBack To Where We Started1996Producer
Johnny LoganHeal This Heart1996Producer
Johnny LoganSlow Motion1996Music/Lyrics
Johnny LoganThe Love In Your Eyes1996Producer
Johnny LoganThe Only Thing I've Ever Wanted1996Producer
Johnny LoganWhere Did The Love Go1996Producer
Johnny LoganWhite Lies1995Producer
Johnny Logan feat. Dara RolinsReunited1996Producer
Pepsi & ShirlieBreak These Chains1991Producer
Rick AstleyA Dream For Us1993Producer
Rick AstleyAnd I Love You So2005Producer
Rick AstleyBe With You1991Producer
Rick AstleyBehind The Smile1991Producer
Rick AstleyBody And Soul1993Producer
Rick AstleyClose To You2005Producer
Rick AstleyCry For Help1991Producer
Rick AstleyCry Me A River2005Producer
Rick AstleyEnough Love1993Producer
Rick AstleyEverytime1993Music/Lyrics
Rick AstleyHopelessly1993Producer
Rick AstleyI Can't Help Falling In Love (With You)2005Producer
Rick AstleyIn The Name Of Love1991Producer
Rick AstleyIs This Really Love?1991Producer
Rick AstleyMake It Easy On Yourself2005Producer
Rick AstleyMove Right Out1991Producer
Rick AstleyNature Boy2005Producer
Rick AstleyNatures Gift1993Producer
Rick AstleyNever Knew Love1991Producer
Rick AstleyPortrait Of My Love2005Producer
Rick AstleyReally Got A Problem1991Producer
Rick AstleyRemember The Days1993Producer
Rick AstleySomewhere2005Producer
Rick AstleyThe Bottom Line1991Producer
Rick AstleyThe Ones You Love1993Producer
Rick AstleyThese Foolish Things2005Producer
Rick AstleyThis Must Be Heaven1991Producer
Rick AstleyVincent2005Producer
Rick AstleyWaiting For The Bell To Ring1993Producer
Rick AstleyWhat The World Needs Now2005Producer
Rick AstleyWhen You Love Someone1993Producer
Rick AstleyWhere Do I Begin?2005Producer
Rick AstleyWonderful You1991Producer
Rick AstleyYou Belong To Me2005Producer
Sean MaguireSuddenly1995Producer
SnakecharmerAre You Ready To Fly2017Producer
SnakecharmerDress It Up2017Producer
SnakecharmerFade Away2017Producer
SnakecharmerFollow Me Under2017Producer
SnakecharmerForgige & Forget2017Producer
SnakecharmerHell Of A Way To Live2017Producer
SnakecharmerI'll Take You As You Are2017Producer
SnakecharmerPunching Above My Weight2017Producer
SnakecharmerSounds Like A Plan2017Producer
SnakecharmerThat Kind Of Love2017Producer
SnakecharmerWhere Do We Go From Here2017Producer
Tony HadleyAccident Waiting To Happen2018Producer
Tony HadleyDance With Me1997Producer
Tony HadleyEvery Time2018Producer
Tony HadleyFirst Of May1997Producer
Tony HadleyFree Fallin'1997Producer
Tony HadleyHave You Seen Her1997Producer
Tony HadleyHow I Feel About You2018Producer
Tony HadleyKiller Blow2018Producer
Tony HadleyLove Affair1997Producer
Tony HadleyMaybe You And I1997Producer
Tony HadleyOblivion2018Producer
Tony HadleySave A Prayer1997Producer
Tony HadleyShe1997Music/Lyrics
Tony HadleyShe's Gone1997Producer
Tony HadleySkin Deep2018Producer
Tony HadleySlave To Love1997Producer
Tony HadleyTake Back Everything2018Producer
Tony HadleyThe First Cut Is The Deepest1997Producer
Tony HadleyTonight Belongs To Us2018Producer
Tony HadleyWoman In Chains1997Producer
Tony HadleyWonderful Life1997Producer
The Flames Of Desire (ABC)134.69
Viva Love (ABC)194.63
Cry For Help (Rick Astley)914.46
Try (Bros)124.42
We Close Our Eyes (Go West)1204.34
Call Me (Go West)404.3
Vincent (Rick Astley)74.29
Hopelessly (Rick Astley)294.28
In The Name Of Love (Rick Astley)94.22
Don't Look Down (Go West)184.17
Move Right Out (Rick Astley)284.14
Really Got A Problem (Rick Astley)74.14
Is This Really Love? (Rick Astley)74.14
Wonderful You (Rick Astley)74.14
Body And Soul (Rick Astley)84.12
This Must Be Heaven (Rick Astley)84.12
Be With You (Rick Astley)94.11
Behind The Smile (Rick Astley)124.08
The Ones You Love (Rick Astley)314.06
Never Knew Love (Rick Astley)243.88
We Close Our Eyes (Go West)1204.34
Cry For Help (Rick Astley)914.46
Call Me (Go West)404.3
The Ones You Love (Rick Astley)314.06
Hopelessly (Rick Astley)294.28
Move Right Out (Rick Astley)284.14
Never Knew Love (Rick Astley)243.88
Viva Love (ABC)194.63
Are You Mine? (Bros)193.74
Don't Look Down (Go West)184.17
Goodbye Girl (Go West)183.78
The Flames Of Desire (ABC)134.69
One Way Street (Go West)133.69
Try (Bros)124.42
Behind The Smile (Rick Astley)124.08
True Colours (Go West)113.82
In The Name Of Love (Rick Astley)94.22
Be With You (Rick Astley)94.11
Body And Soul (Rick Astley)84.12
This Must Be Heaven (Rick Astley)84.12

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