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The Game feat. 2 Chainz & Rick RossAli Bomaye2012Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineAll This And Heaven Too2011Music/Lyrics
City In The SeaAll This And Heaven Too2014Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineBedroom Hymns2011Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineBetween Two Lungs2009Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineBlinding2009Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineBreaking Down2011Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineBreath Of Life2012Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineCaught2015Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineCosmic Love2009Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineDelilah2015Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineDog Days Are Over2008Music/Lyrics
Glee CastDog Days Are Over2010Music/Lyrics
ReiganDog Days Are Over2014Music/Lyrics
Stick To Your GunsDog Days Are Over2014Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineDrumming Song2009Music/Lyrics
RihannaGoodnight Gotham2016Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineHeartlines2011Music/Lyrics
Mike Semesky feat. Aleka FarhaHeartlines2014Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineHeavy In Your Arms2010Music/Lyrics
Lady Gaga feat. Florence WelchHey Girl2016Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineHiding2015Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineHow Big, How Blue, How Beautiful2015Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineHowl2009Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineHunger2018Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineHurricane Drunk2009Music/Lyrics
A$AP Rocky feat. Florence WelchI Come Apart2013Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineI'm Not Calling You A Liar2009Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineKiss With A Fist2009Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineLandscape Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineLeave My Body2011Music/Lyrics
Fever DreamerLeave My Body2014Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineLong & Lost2015Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineLover To Lover2011Music/Lyrics
Upon A Burning BodyLover To Lover2014Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineMake Up Your Mind2015Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineMother2015Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineMy Boy Builds Coffins2009Music/Lyrics
The Game feat. Pusha TName Me King2012Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineNever Let Me Go2011Music/Lyrics
Imogen BroughNever Let Me Go2013Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineNo Light, No Light2011Music/Lyrics
Miss FortuneNo Light, No Light2014Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineOnly If For A Night2011Music/Lyrics
PeripheryOnly If For A Night2014Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineOver The Love2013Music/Lyrics
Florence Welch and SBTRKTOver The Love (Of You)2013Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineQueen Of Peace2015Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineRabbit Heart (Raise It Up)2009Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineRemain Nameless2011Music/Lyrics
Dead Letter CircusRemain Nameless2014Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineSeven Devils2011Music/Lyrics
Born Of OsirisSeven Devils2014Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineShake It Out2011Music/Lyrics
EmperorsShake It Out2012Music/Lyrics
Glee CastShake It Out2012Music/Lyrics
Katharine McPheeShake It Out2012Music/Lyrics
Ben BruceShake It Out2014Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineShip To Wreck2015Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineSky Full Of Song2018Music/Lyrics
Darkest HourSpectrum2014Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineSpectrum (Say My Name)2011Music/Lyrics
Sabrina BatshonSpectrum (Say My Name)2014Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineSt. Jude2015Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineStrangeness And Charm2011Music/Lyrics
Calvin Harris feat. Florence WelchSweet Nothing2012Music/Lyrics
Something For KateSweet Nothing2013Music/Lyrics
Lorenzo FragolaSweet Nothing2015Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineThird Eye2015Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineVarious Storms & Saints2015Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineWhat Kind Of Man2015Music/Lyrics
Florence + The MachineWhat The Water Gave Me2011Music/Lyrics
Come The DawnWhat The Water Gave Me2014Music/Lyrics
Banks & Steelz feat. Florence WelchWild Season2016Music/Lyrics
Never Let Me Go (Florence + The Machine)555.11
Only If For A Night (Florence + The Machine)235.09
Queen Of Peace (Florence + The Machine)275
Heavy In Your Arms (Florence + The Machine)214.9
Bedroom Hymns (Florence + The Machine)104.9
Seven Devils (Florence + The Machine)214.86
Breaking Down (Florence + The Machine)194.84
Lover To Lover (Florence + The Machine)244.83
Shake It Out (Florence + The Machine)924.8
Make Up Your Mind (Florence + The Machine)54.8
All This And Heaven Too (Florence + The Machine)194.79
Dog Days Are Over (Florence + The Machine)654.74
No Light, No Light (Florence + The Machine)364.72
Howl (Florence + The Machine)234.7
Leave My Body (Florence + The Machine)194.68
Cosmic Love (Florence + The Machine)324.66
Heartlines (Florence + The Machine)194.63
Strangeness And Charm (Florence + The Machine)84.62
Remain Nameless (Florence + The Machine)84.62
Spectrum (Say My Name) (Florence + The Machine)1034.6
Sweet Nothing (Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch)1044.04
Spectrum (Say My Name) (Florence + The Machine)1034.6
Shake It Out (Florence + The Machine)924.8
Dog Days Are Over (Florence + The Machine)654.74
Never Let Me Go (Florence + The Machine)555.11
Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (Florence + The Machine)534.49
What The Water Gave Me (Florence + The Machine)514.14
What Kind Of Man (Florence + The Machine)404.18
Kiss With A Fist (Florence + The Machine)393.95
Ship To Wreck (Florence + The Machine)384.47
No Light, No Light (Florence + The Machine)364.72
Cosmic Love (Florence + The Machine)324.66
Drumming Song (Florence + The Machine)294.34
Queen Of Peace (Florence + The Machine)275
Delilah (Florence + The Machine)254.44
Hurricane Drunk (Florence + The Machine)254.4
Lover To Lover (Florence + The Machine)244.83
Breath Of Life (Florence + The Machine)244.54
Only If For A Night (Florence + The Machine)235.09
Howl (Florence + The Machine)234.7

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