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Allison PierceA Kiss Before You Go2017Producer
Allison PierceBed Of Nails2017Producer
Allison PierceDrink One For You2017Producer
Allison PierceEvidence2017Producer
Allison PierceFollow You Down2017Producer
Allison PierceFool Him2017Producer
Allison PierceI Can See For Miles2017Producer
Allison PierceIt Is Well With My Soul2017Producer
Allison PierceNever Coming Back2017Producer
Allison PiercePeace Like A River2017Producer
Allison PierceSea Of Love2017Producer
Allison PierceTo The Grave2017Producer
Billie MartenAnda2019Producer
Billie MartenBad Apple2019Producer
Billie MartenBlood Is Blue2019Producer
Billie MartenBlue Sea, Red Sea2019Producer
Billie MartenBoxes2019Producer
Billie MartenCartoon People2019Producer
Billie MartenFish2019Producer
Billie MartenShe Dances2019Producer
Billie MartenToulouse2019Producer
Billie MartenVanilla Baby2019Producer
Crowded HouseA Sigh2007Producer
Crowded HouseEnglish Trees2007Producer
Crowded HouseHeaven That I'm Making2007Producer
Crowded HouseNobody Wants To2007Producer
Crowded HousePeople Are Like Suns2007Producer
Crowded HousePour le monde2007Producer
Crowded HouseSay That Again2007Producer
Crowded HouseSilent House2007Producer
Crowded HouseStare Me Out2007Producer
Crowded HouseWalked Her Way Down2007Producer
Crowded HouseYou Are The One To Make Me Cry2007Producer
Ethan JohnsAmong The Sugar Pines2014Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsBlack Heart2014Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsDon't Reach Too Far2013Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsDry Morning2014Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsEden2013Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsGo Slow2014Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsHello Sunshine2013Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsMorning Blues2013Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsRally2013Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsRed Rooster Blue2013Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsTalking Talking Blues2014Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsThe Fool2014Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsThe Lo Down Ballad Of James Younger2014Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsThe Long Way Round2013Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsThe Roses And The Dead2014Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsThe Turning2013Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsThis Modern London2014Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsWhip Poor Will2012Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsWillow2013Music/Lyrics
Ethan JohnsYou Changed2014Music/Lyrics
Ethan Johns with The Black Eyed DogsDark Fire2015Music/Lyrics
Ethan Johns with The Black Eyed DogsI'm Coming Home2015Music/Lyrics
Ethan Johns with The Black Eyed DogsOpen Your Window2015Music/Lyrics
Ethan Johns with The Black Eyed DogsSix And Nine2015Music/Lyrics
Ethan Johns with The Black Eyed DogsThe Sun Hardly Rises2015Music/Lyrics
Ethan Johns with The Black Eyed Dogs with Everton Nelson - Tom Pigott Smith - Ian BurdgeIt Won't Always Be This Way2015Music/Lyrics
Ethan Johns with The Black Eyed Dogs with Gillian WelchSilver Liner2015Music/Lyrics
Ethan Johns with The Black Eyed Dogs with Gillian Welch and Bernie LeadonJuanita2015Music/Lyrics
Ethan Johns with The Black Eyed Dogs with Richard CausonI Don't Mind2015Music/Lyrics
Gilbert O'SullivanAt The End Of The Day2018Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanDansette Dreams And 45's2018Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanFor The Record2018Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanI'll Never Love Again2018Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanLove How You Leave Me2018Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanNo Head For Figures But Yours2018Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanPenny Drops2018Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanThe Mind Boggles2018Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanThe Same The Whole World Over2018Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanThis Riff2018Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanWhat Is It About My Girl2018Producer
Gilbert O'SullivanWhere Did You Go To?2018Producer
I'm With HerAin't That Fine2018Producer
I'm With HerClose It Down2018Producer
I'm With HerCrescent City2018Producer
I'm With HerGame To Lose2018Producer
I'm With HerHundred Miles2018Producer
I'm With HerI-892018Producer
I'm With HerOverland2018Producer
I'm With HerPangaea2018Producer
I'm With HerRyland (Under The Apple Tree)2018Producer
I'm With HerSee You Around2018Producer
I'm With HerWaitsfield2018Producer
I'm With HerWild One2018Producer
Joe CockerBeware Of Darkness2007Producer
Joe CockerDon't Give Up On Me2007Producer
Joe CockerHymn 4 My Soul2007Producer
Joe CockerJust Pass It On2007Producer
Joe CockerLong As I Can See The Light2007Producer
Joe CockerLove Is For Me2007Producer
Joe CockerOne Word (Peace)2007Producer
Joe CockerRing Them Bells2007Producer
Joe CockerRivers Invitation2007Producer
Joe CockerYou Haven't Done Nothin'2007Producer
Kaiser ChiefsChild Of The Jago2011Producer
Kaiser ChiefsComing Up For Air2011Producer
Kaiser ChiefsDead Or In Serious Trouble2011Producer
Kaiser ChiefsKinda Girl You Are2011Producer
Kaiser ChiefsLong Way From Celebrating2011Producer
Kaiser ChiefsWhen All Is Quiet2011Producer
Kings Of LeonArizona2007Producer
Kings Of LeonBlack Thumbnail2007Producer
Kings Of LeonCalifornia Waiting2003Producer
Kings Of LeonCamaro2007Producer
Kings Of LeonCharmer2007Producer
Kings Of LeonDay Old Blues2004Producer
Kings Of LeonFans2007Producer
Kings Of LeonFour Kicks2004Producer
Kings Of LeonGenius2003Producer
Kings Of LeonHappy Alone2003Producer
Kings Of LeonHoly Roller Novocaine2003Producer
Kings Of LeonJoe's Head2003Producer
Kings Of LeonKing Of The Rodeo2004Producer
Kings Of LeonKnocked Up2007Producer
Kings Of LeonMcFearless2007Producer
Kings Of LeonMilk2004Producer
Kings Of LeonMolly's Chambers2003Producer
Kings Of LeonMy Party2007Producer
Kings Of LeonOn Call2007Producer
Kings Of LeonPistol Of Fire2004Producer
Kings Of LeonRagoo2007Producer
Kings Of LeonRazz2004Producer
Kings Of LeonRed Morning Light2003Producer
Kings Of LeonRememo2004Producer
Kings Of LeonSlow Night, So Long2004Producer
Kings Of LeonSoft2004Producer
Kings Of LeonSpiral Staircase2003Producer
Kings Of LeonTalihina Sky2003Producer
Kings Of LeonTaper Jean Girl2004Producer
Kings Of LeonThe Bucket2004Producer
Kings Of LeonThe Runner2007Producer
Kings Of LeonTrani2003Producer
Kings Of LeonTrue Love Way2007Producer
Kings Of LeonTrunk2007Producer
Kings Of LeonVelvet Snow2004Producer
Kings Of LeonWasted Time2003Producer
Kings Of LeonWhere Nobody Knows2004Producer
Laura MarlingAll My Rage2011Producer
Laura MarlingAlpha Shallows2008Producer
Laura MarlingBlackberry Stone2010Producer
Laura MarlingBreathe2013Producer
Laura MarlingDarkness Descends2010Producer
Laura MarlingDevil's Resting Place2013Producer
Laura MarlingDevil's Spoke2010Producer
Laura MarlingDon't Ask Me Why2011Producer
Laura MarlingGoodbye England (Covered In Snow)2010Producer
Laura MarlingHope In The Air2010Producer
Laura MarlingI Speak Because I Can2010Producer
Laura MarlingI Was An Eagle2013Producer
Laura MarlingI Was Just A Card2011Producer
Laura MarlingLittle Bird2013Producer
Laura MarlingLittle Lover Caster2013Producer
Laura MarlingLove Be Brave2013Producer
Laura MarlingMade By Maid2010Producer
Laura MarlingMaster Hunter2013Producer
Laura MarlingMy Friends2011Producer
Laura MarlingNight After Night2011Producer
Laura MarlingOnce2013Producer
Laura MarlingPray For Me2013Producer
Laura MarlingRambling Man2010Producer
Laura MarlingRest In The Bed2011Producer
Laura MarlingSalinas2011Producer
Laura MarlingSaved These Words2013Producer
Laura MarlingSophia2011Producer
Laura MarlingTake The Night Off2013Producer
Laura MarlingThe Beast2011Producer
Laura MarlingThe Muse2011Producer
Laura MarlingUndine2013Producer
Laura MarlingWhat He Wrote2010Producer
Laura MarlingWhen Were You Happy? (And How Long Has That Been)2013Producer
Laura MarlingWhere Can I Go?2013Producer
Laura MarlingYou Know2013Producer
Leona NaessCalling2003Producer
Nick MulveyImogen2017Producer
Nick MulveyIn Your Hands2017Producer
Nick MulveyInfinite Trees2017Producer
Nick MulveyLullaby2017Producer
Nick MulveyRemembering2017Producer
Nick MulveyThe Doing Is Done2018Producer
Nick MulveyTransform Your Game (We Remain)2017Producer
Nick MulveyUnconditional2017Producer
Nick MulveyWe Are Never Apart2017Producer
Nick MulveyWhen The Body Is Gone2017Producer
Paolo NutiniComing Up Easy2009Producer
Paolo NutiniKeep Rolling2009Producer
Paolo NutiniNo Other Way2009Producer
Paolo NutiniSimple Things2009Producer
Paolo NutiniWorried Man2009Producer
Paul McCartneyDemons Dance2014Producer
Paul McCartneyEarly Days2013Producer
Paul McCartneyHosanna2013Producer
Paul McCartneyTurned Out2013Producer
Priscilla AhnCity Lights2011Producer
Priscilla AhnCry Baby2011Producer
Priscilla AhnElf Song2011Producer
Priscilla AhnEmpty House2011Producer
Priscilla AhnI Don't Have Time To Be In Love2011Producer
Priscilla AhnI Will Get Over You2011Producer
Priscilla AhnLost Cause2011Producer
Priscilla AhnOne Day I Will Do2011Producer
Priscilla AhnOo La La2011Producer
Priscilla AhnTorch Song2011Producer
Priscilla AhnVibe So Hot2011Producer
Priscilla AhnWhen You Grow Up2011Producer
Ray LaMontagneA Falling Through2008Producer
Ray LaMontagneAll The Wild Horses2004Producer
Ray LaMontagneBarfly2006Producer
Ray LaMontagneBe Here Now2006Producer
Ray LaMontagneBurn2004Producer
Ray LaMontagneCan I Stay2006Producer
Ray LaMontagneEmpty2006Producer
Ray LaMontagneForever My Friend2004Producer
Ray LaMontagneGone Away From Me2006Producer
Ray LaMontagneGossip In The Grain2008Producer
Ray LaMontagneHannah2004Producer
Ray LaMontagneHenry Nearly Killed Me (It's A Shame)2008Producer
Ray LaMontagneHey Me, Hey Mama2008Producer
Ray LaMontagneHold You In My Arms2004Music/Lyrics
Ray LaMontagneHow Come2004Producer
Ray LaMontagneI Still Care For You2008Producer
Ray LaMontagneJolene2004Producer
Ray LaMontagneLesson Learned2006Producer
Ray LaMontagneLet It Be Me2008Producer
Ray LaMontagneMeg White2008Producer
Ray LaMontagneNarrow Escape2004Producer
Ray LaMontagneSarah2008Producer
Ray LaMontagneShelter2004Producer
Ray LaMontagneThree More Days2006Producer
Ray LaMontagneTill The Sun Turns Black2006Producer
Ray LaMontagneTrouble2004Producer
Ray LaMontagneTruly, Madly, Deeply2006Producer
Ray LaMontagneWinter Birds2008Producer
Ray LaMontagneWithin You2006Producer
Ray LaMontagneYou Are The Best Thing2008Producer
Ray LaMontagneYou Can Bring Me Flowers2006Producer
Rufus WainwrightCalifornia2001Producer
Rufus WainwrightPoses2001Producer
Ryan Adams(Argument With David Rawlings Concerning Morrissey)2000Producer
Ryan AdamsAmy2000Producer
Ryan AdamsAnswering Bell2001Producer
Ryan AdamsBartering Lines2000Producer
Ryan AdamsBlue Sky Blues2005Producer
Ryan AdamsCall Me On Your Way Back Home2000Producer
Ryan AdamsCarolina Rain2005Producer
Ryan AdamsCome Pick Me Up2000Producer
Ryan AdamsDamn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)2000Producer
Ryan AdamsDon't Ask For The Water2000Producer
Ryan AdamsElizabeth, You Were Born To Play That Part2005Producer
Ryan AdamsEnemy Fire2001Producer
Ryan AdamsFirecracker2001Producer
Ryan AdamsGonna Make You Love Me2001Producer
Ryan AdamsGoodnight, Hollywood Blvd2001Producer
Ryan AdamsHarder Now That It's Over2001Producer
Ryan AdamsIn My Time Of Need2000Producer
Ryan AdamsLa Cienega Just Smiled2001Producer
Ryan AdamsMy Winding Wheel2000Producer
Ryan AdamsNew York, New York2001Producer
Ryan AdamsNight Birds2005Producer
Ryan AdamsNobody Girl2001Music/Lyrics
Ryan AdamsShakedown On 9th Street2000Producer
Ryan AdamsSomehow, Someday2001Producer
Ryan AdamsStarlite Diner2005Producer
Ryan AdamsStrawberry Wine2005Producer
Ryan AdamsSweet Little Girl (23rd/1st)2000Producer
Ryan AdamsSylvia Plath2001Producer
Ryan AdamsThe Rescue Blues2001Producer
Ryan AdamsThe Sadness2005Producer
Ryan AdamsTina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues2001Music/Lyrics
Ryan AdamsTo Be The One2000Producer
Ryan AdamsTo Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High)2000Producer
Ryan AdamsTouch, Feel & Lose2001Producer
Ryan AdamsTwenty Nine2005Producer
Ryan AdamsVoices2005Producer
Ryan AdamsWhen The Stars Go Blue2001Producer
Ryan AdamsWhy Do They Leave?2000Producer
Ryan AdamsWild Flowers2001Producer
Ryan Adams feat. Emmylou HarrisOh My Sweet Carolina2000Producer
Teddy ThompsonPsycho1998Producer
The Boxer RebellionStep Out Of The Car2010Producer
The Boxer RebellionThe Runner2011Producer
The JayhawksAll The Right Reason2003Producer
The JayhawksAll The Right Reasons2003Producer
The JayhawksAngelyne2003Producer
The JayhawksCaught With A Smile On My Face2003Producer
The JayhawksCome To The River2003Producer
The JayhawksDon't Let The World Get In Your Way2003Producer
The JayhawksEyes Of Sarahjane2003Producer
The JayhawksFools On Parade2003Producer
The JayhawksMadman2003Producer
The JayhawksOne Man's Problem2003Producer
The JayhawksSave It For A Rainy Day2003Producer
The JayhawksSay Your Prayers2003Producer
The JayhawksStumbling Through The Dark2003Producer
The JayhawksTailspin2003Producer
The JayhawksTampa To Tulsa2003Producer
The JayhawksWill I See You In Heaven2003Producer
The JayhawksYou Look So Young2003Producer
The London SoulsDizzy2011Producer
The London SoulsEasier Said Than Done2011Producer
The London SoulsFuture Life2011Producer
The London SoulsI Think I Like It2011Producer
The London SoulsIntro [The London Souls]2011Producer
The London SoulsOld Country Road2011Producer
The London SoulsShe's In Control2011Producer
The London SoulsShe's So Mad2011Producer
The London SoulsSix Feet2011Producer
The London SoulsSomeday2011Producer
The London SoulsStand Up2011Producer
The London SoulsThe Sound2011Producer
The London SoulsUnder Control2011Producer
The Oak Ridge BoysHold You In My Arms2009Music/Lyrics
The StavesDead & Born & Grown2012Producer
The StavesFacing West2012Producer
The StavesGone Tomorrow2012Producer
The StavesIn The Long Run2012Producer
The StavesMexico2012Producer
The StavesSnow2012Producer
The StavesThe Motherlode2012Producer
The StavesTongue Behind My Teeth2012Producer
The StavesWinter Trees2012Producer
The Strypes(I Need A Break From) Holidays2017Producer
The StrypesA Different Kind Of Tension2017Producer
The StrypesBehind Closed Doors2017Producer
The StrypesBlack Shades Over Red Eyes2017Producer
The StrypesConsequence2017Producer
The StrypesEasy Riding2017Producer
The StrypesGarden Of Eden2017Music/Lyrics
The StrypesGet It Over Quickly2017Producer
The StrypesGreat Expectations2017Producer
The StrypesGrin And Bear It2017Producer
The StrypesMama Give Me Order2017Producer
The StrypesOh Cruel World2017Producer
The StrypesTurnin' My Back2017Producer
The VaccinesAftershave Ocean2012Producer
The VaccinesAll In Vain2012Producer
The VaccinesBad Mood2012Producer
The VaccinesChange Of Heart Pt. 22012Producer
The VaccinesGhost Town2012Producer
The VaccinesI Always Knew2012Producer
The VaccinesI Wish I Was A Girl2012Producer
The VaccinesLonely World2012Producer
The VaccinesNo Hope2012Producer
The VaccinesTeenage Icon2012Producer
The VaccinesWeirdo2012Producer
Tift MerrittAre You Still In Love With Me?2002Producer
Tift MerrittBird Of Freedom2002Producer
Tift MerrittBramble Rose2002Producer
Tift MerrittDiamond Shoes2002Producer
Tift MerrittI Know Him Too2002Producer
Tift MerrittNeighborhood2002Producer
Tift MerrittSunday2002Producer
Tift MerrittSupposed To Make You Happy2002Producer
Tift MerrittTrouble Over Me2002Producer
Tift MerrittVirginia, No One Can Warn You2002Producer
Tift MerrittWhen I Cross Over2002Producer
Tom Jones(I Want To) Come Home2012Producer
Tom JonesAin't No Grave2010Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesAll Blues Hail Mary2012Producer
Tom JonesBad As Me2012Producer
Tom JonesBring It On Home2015Producer
Tom JonesBurning Hell2010Producer
Tom JonesCharlie Darwin2012Producer
Tom JonesDid Trouble Me2010Producer
Tom JonesDidn't It Rain2010Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesDimming Of The Day2012Producer
Tom JonesDon't Knock2010Producer
Tom JonesElvis Presley Blues2015Producer
Tom JonesEverybody Loves A Train2015Producer
Tom JonesFactory Girl2015Producer
Tom JonesHe Was A Friend Of Mine2015Producer
Tom JonesHit Or Miss2012Producer
Tom JonesI Wish You Would2015Producer
Tom JonesIf I Give My Soul2010Producer
Tom JonesJust Dropped In2012Producer
Tom JonesLone Pilgrim2012Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesLord Help2010Producer
Tom JonesLove And Blessings2012Producer
Tom JonesNobody's Fault But Mine2010Producer
Tom JonesOpportunity To Cry2015Producer
Tom JonesRaise A Ruckus2015Producer
Tom JonesRun On2010Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesSoul Of A Man2012Producer
Tom JonesStrange Things2010Producer
Tom JonesTake My Love (I Want To Give It)2015Producer
Tom Jones'Til My Back Ain't Got No Bone2015Producer
Tom JonesTomorrow Night2015Producer
Tom JonesTower Of Song2012Producer
Tom JonesTraveling Shoes2012Music/Lyrics
Tom JonesWhat Good Am I?2010Producer
Tom JonesWhen The Deal Goes Down2012Producer
Tom JonesWhy Don't You Love Me Like You Used To Do?2015Producer
Tom Jones & Imelda MayHoney, Honey2015Producer
WhiskeytownA Song For You1999Producer
White DenimHa Ha Ha Ha (Yeah)2016Producer
White DenimThank You2016Producer
White DenimThere's A Brain In My Head2016Producer
La Cienega Just Smiled (Ryan Adams)85.25
Tina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues (Ryan Adams)65.17
Shelter (Ray LaMontagne)75.14
Nobody Girl (Ryan Adams)85.12
Spiral Staircase (Kings Of Leon)145
Firecracker (Ryan Adams)75
Empty (Ray LaMontagne)64.83
To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High) (Ryan Adams)54.8
Red Morning Light (Kings Of Leon)214.76
Molly's Chambers (Kings Of Leon)234.74
Come Pick Me Up (Ryan Adams)114.73
Slow Night, So Long (Kings Of Leon)114.73
Knocked Up (Kings Of Leon)254.72
Taper Jean Girl (Kings Of Leon)134.69
Joe's Head (Kings Of Leon)94.67
You Haven't Done Nothin' (Joe Cocker)64.67
Touch, Feel & Lose (Ryan Adams)64.67
Holy Roller Novocaine (Kings Of Leon)114.64
Beware Of Darkness (Joe Cocker)84.62
Four Kicks (Kings Of Leon)184.61
Hymn 4 My Soul (Joe Cocker)544.15
On Call (Kings Of Leon)424.1
Fans (Kings Of Leon)304.47
The Bucket (Kings Of Leon)274.48
Knocked Up (Kings Of Leon)254.72
Charmer (Kings Of Leon)244.12
Molly's Chambers (Kings Of Leon)234.74
Coming Up Easy (Paolo Nutini)223.86
Red Morning Light (Kings Of Leon)214.76
Four Kicks (Kings Of Leon)184.61
New York, New York (Ryan Adams)174.53
California Waiting (Kings Of Leon)164.44
Wasted Time (Kings Of Leon)164.38
Arizona (Kings Of Leon)164
Black Thumbnail (Kings Of Leon)164
Ragoo (Kings Of Leon)163.94
Camaro (Kings Of Leon)163.94
True Love Way (Kings Of Leon)154.33
McFearless (Kings Of Leon)154.07
My Party (Kings Of Leon)153.73

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