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Bow Wow Wow(I'm A) TV Savage1981Music/Lyrics
Bow Wow WowElimination Dancing1981Music/Lyrics
Bow Wow WowGolly! Golly! Go Buddy!1981Music/Lyrics
Bow Wow WowHello, Hello Daddy (I'll Sacrifice You)1981Music/Lyrics
Bow Wow WowI'm Not A Know It All1981Music/Lyrics
Bow Wow WowJungle Boy1981Music/Lyrics
Bow Wow WowKing Kong1981Music/Lyrics
Bow Wow WowMickey, Put It Down1981Music/Lyrics
Bow Wow WowWhy Are Babies So Wise?1981Music/Lyrics
CamouflageThis Day1991Producer
Cowboys International2 Millions1979Producer
Cowboys InternationalNothing Doing1979Producer
Disc BleuC.T.'s Boogie1984Producer
Disc BleuI Got Your Number1984Producer
Duran DuranAnyone Out There1981Producer
Duran DuranCareless Memories1981Producer
Duran DuranFame1981Producer
Duran DuranFaster Than Light1981Producer
Duran DuranFriends Of Mine1981Producer
Duran DuranGirls On Film1981Producer
Duran DuranHold Back The Rain1982Producer
Duran DuranHungry Like The Wolf1982Producer
Duran DuranKhanada1981Producer
Duran DuranLast Chance On The Stairway1982Producer
Duran DuranLate Bar1981Producer
Duran DuranLike An Angel1981Producer
Duran DuranLonely In Your Nightmare1982Producer
Duran DuranMy Own Way1981Producer
Duran DuranNew Religion1982Producer
Duran DuranNight Boat1981Producer
Duran DuranPlanet Earth1981Producer
Duran DuranRio1982Producer
Duran DuranSave A Prayer1982Producer
Duran DuranSound Of Thunder1981Producer
Duran DuranTel Aviv1981Producer
Duran DuranThe Chauffeur1982Producer
Duran DuranTo The Shore1981Producer
East Of Java(Taipo Say) Drum1985Producer
East Of JavaBurning Sun1984Producer
East Of JavaMy Way Out1984Producer
Flip [UK]Dark On The Water1985Producer
Flip [UK]Demand1985Producer
Flip [UK]Everlasting Love Affair1985Producer
Flip [UK]Imaginary Nights1985Producer
Flip [UK]Jamaican Girl1985Producer
Flip [UK]Love Incognito1985Producer
Flip [UK]Nightmares1985Producer
Flip [UK]Nothing Really Matters1985Producer
Flip [UK]Plague Of Hearts1985Producer
Flip [UK]That's What They Say About Love1986Producer
Gary NumanYour Fascination1985Producer
Howard JonesNew Song1983Producer
Immaculate FoolsImmaculate Fools1984Producer
Immaculate FoolsTumbling Down1984Producer
InterviewAcademies To Danger1979Producer
InterviewBlow Wind From Alesund1979Producer
InterviewFeet Start Walking1979Producer
InterviewFire Island1979Producer
InterviewHart Crane In Mexico1979Producer
InterviewHere Come The Cavalry1979Producer
InterviewLove Fallout1979Producer
InterviewSt. Jean Wires1979Producer
InterviewThat Kind Of Boy1979Producer
InterviewYou Didn't Have To Lie To Me1979Producer
KajaAfraid Of You1985Producer
KajaCharm Of A Gun1985Producer
KajaDo I1985Producer
KajaFear Of Falling1985Producer
KajaShouldn't Do That1985Producer
KajaSit Down & Shut Up1985Producer
KajaYou Really Take My Breath Away1985Producer
KajaYour Appetite1985Producer
KajagoogooBig Apple1983Producer
KajagoogooHang On Now1983Producer
KajagoogooLies And Promises1983Producer
KajagoogooMagician Man1983Producer
KajagoogooMelting The Ice Away1984Producer
KajagoogooOn A Plane1984Producer
KajagoogooOoh To Be Ah1983Producer
KajagoogooPart Of Me Is You1984Producer
KajagoogooThe Lion's Mouth1984Producer
KajagoogooThe Loop1984Producer
KajagoogooThe Power To Forgive1984Producer
KajagoogooThe Pump Rooms Of Bath1984Producer
KajagoogooThis Car Is Fast1983Producer
KajagoogooToo Shy1982Producer
KajagoogooTurn Your Back On Me1984Producer
KajagoogooWhite Feathers1983Producer
Kissing The PinkAll For You1983Producer
Kissing The PinkBroken Body1983Producer
Kissing The PinkDesert Song1983Producer
Kissing The PinkFrightened In France1983Producer
Kissing The PinkMaybe This Day1983Producer
Kissing The PinkMr Blunt1982Producer
Kissing The PinkThe Last Film1983Producer
Kissing The PinkUnderage1983Producer
Kissing The PinkWatching Their Eyes1982Producer
Kissing The PinkWater In My Eye1982Producer
LandscapeEuropean Man1980Producer
Loz NettoAmbush1982Producer
Loz NettoBlackmail Man1982Producer
Loz NettoFadeaway1982Producer
Loz NettoIn Love Again1982Producer
Loz NettoJust A Game1982Producer
Loz NettoRhythm Boys1982Producer
Loz NettoScenario1982Producer
Loz NettoShow Me1982Producer
Loz NettoSlow Dancing1982Producer
Loz NettoWave Of Passion1982Producer
MagazineBack To Nature1979Producer
MagazineBelieve That I Understand1979Producer
MagazineCut-Out Shapes1979Producer
MagazineFeed The Enemy1979Producer
MagazineI Wanted Your Heart1979Producer
MagazineRhythm Of Cruelty1979Producer
MagazineTalk The Body1979Producer
MagazineThe Thin Air1979Producer
MagazineTV Baby1979Producer
Miro MiroeDo Androids Dream1982Producer
Miro MiroeNights Of Arabia1982Producer
Sally Natasha OldfieldGuiding Star1990Producer
Sally Natasha OldfieldKeep The Fire Burning1990Producer
Sally OldfieldBreak Through The Rock1990Producer
Sally OldfieldClear Light1990Producer
Sally OldfieldIn The Presence Of The Spring1990Producer
Sally OldfieldMaya1990Producer
Sally OldfieldMy Drumbeat Heart1990Producer
Sally OldfieldNatasha1990Producer
Sally OldfieldSong Of The Mountain1990Producer
Sally OldfieldYou Break Like A Wave1990Producer
Secret AffairThe Big Beat1981Producer
Secret AffairThree Wise Monkeys1982Producer
Talk Talk?1982Producer
Talk TalkAnother Word1982Producer
Talk TalkCandy1982Producer
Talk TalkHate1982Producer
Talk TalkHave You Heard The News?1982Producer
Talk TalkIt's So Serious1982Producer
Talk TalkMirror Man1982Producer
Talk TalkStrike Up The Band1982Producer
Talk TalkTalk Talk1982Producer
Talk TalkThe Party's Over1982Producer
Talk TalkToday1982Producer
The CarpettesDead Or Alive1980Producer
The CarpettesFalse Foundations1980Producer
The CarpettesFan Club1980Producer
The CarpettesFight Amongst Yourselves1980Producer
The CarpettesFriday Night / Saturday Morning1980Producer
The CarpettesFrustration Paradise1979Producer
The CarpettesIf Your Heart Stopped Now1980Producer
The CarpettesLove So Strong1980Producer
The CarpettesNothing Ever Changes1980Producer
The CarpettesSilly Games1980Producer
The CarpettesSince You Went Away1980Producer
The CarpettesThe Last Lone Ranger1980Producer
The CarpettesThe Reason I'm Lonely1980Producer
The CarpettesTotal Insecurity1980Producer
The CarpettesYou Never Realise1980Producer
The CarpettesYouth Rebellion1980Producer
The Human LeagueAlmost Medieval1979Producer
The Human LeagueAusterity / Girl One1979Producer
The Human LeagueBlind Youth1979Producer
The Human LeagueCircus Of Death1978Producer
The Human LeagueEmpire State Human1979Producer
The Human LeagueIntroducing1979Producer
The Human LeagueMorale... You've Lost That Loving Feeling1979Producer
The Human LeagueThe Path Of Least Resistance1979Producer
The Human LeagueThe Word Before Last1979Producer
The Human LeagueZero As A Limit1979Producer
The Men [The Human League]Cruel1979Producer
The Men [The Human League]I Don't Depend On You1979Producer
The Only OnesBaby's Got A Gun1980Producer
The Only OnesBig Sleep1980Producer
The Only OnesCastle Built On Sand1980Producer
The Only OnesDeadly Nightshade1980Producer
The Only OnesFools1980Producer
The Only OnesMe And My Shadow1980Producer
The Only OnesMy Way Out Of Here1980Producer
The Only OnesOh Lucinda (Love Becomes A Habit)1980Producer
The Only OnesRe-union1980Producer
The Only OnesStrange Mouth1980Producer
The Only OnesThe Happy Pilgrim1980Producer
The Only OnesTrouble In The World1979Producer
The Only OnesWhy Don't You Kill Yourself1980Producer
The Only OnesYour Chosen Life1979Producer
The TunesShe's My Girl1979Producer
The TunesSomething Strange1979Producer
Save A Prayer (Duran Duran)1454.97
White Feathers (Kajagoogoo)104.8
New Song (Howard Jones)1094.76
Night Boat (Duran Duran)284.75
The Chauffeur (Duran Duran)484.73
Faster Than Light (Duran Duran)114.73
Today (Talk Talk)454.69
Immaculate Fools (Immaculate Fools)94.67
Frayo (Kajagoogoo)64.67
Hold Back The Rain (Duran Duran)324.66
Tel Aviv (Duran Duran)254.64
Late Bar (Duran Duran)84.62
Anyone Out There (Duran Duran)224.59
Planet Earth (Duran Duran)854.58
Hungry Like The Wolf (Duran Duran)1234.55
Talk Talk (Talk Talk)764.55
The Party's Over (Talk Talk)144.5
Khanada (Duran Duran)124.5
Natasha (Sally Oldfield)124.5
It's So Serious (Talk Talk)124.5
Too Shy (Kajagoogoo)2414.4
Save A Prayer (Duran Duran)1454.97
Hungry Like The Wolf (Duran Duran)1234.55
Girls On Film (Duran Duran)1194.37
New Song (Howard Jones)1094.76
Big Apple (Kajagoogoo)1093.64
Rio (Duran Duran)964.46
Planet Earth (Duran Duran)854.58
Talk Talk (Talk Talk)764.55
Ooh To Be Ah (Kajagoogoo)593.36
Hang On Now (Kajagoogoo)534.13
The Chauffeur (Duran Duran)484.73
Turn Your Back On Me (Kajagoogoo)474.11
Today (Talk Talk)454.69
Another Word (Talk Talk)414.46
Careless Memories (Duran Duran)404.12
The Lion's Mouth (Kajagoogoo)403.75
My Own Way (Duran Duran)394.38
Hold Back The Rain (Duran Duran)324.66
Night Boat (Duran Duran)284.75

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