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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Clifford "Tip" Harris, Clifford Harris Jr., Clifford Harris, Jr., Clifford Joseph Harris, Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., T.I.
"Weird Al" YankovicWhatever You Like2008Music/Lyrics
"Weird Al" YankovicWord Crimes2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
2Pac feat. T.I. and AshantiPac's Life2006Music/Lyrics
Ashanti feat. T.I.Still Down2004Music/Lyrics
B.o.B feat. André 3000Play The Guitar2012Music/Lyrics
B.o.B feat. Chris Brown and T.I.Arena2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Joseph Harris)
B.o.B feat. Ricco Barrino5th Dimension2010Music/Lyrics
B.o.B feat. T.I. & Playboy TreBet I2010Music/Lyrics
Big Boi feat. T.I. & Khujo GoodieTangerine2010Music/Lyrics
Big Boi feat. T.I. & LudacrisIn The A2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.)
Britney Spears feat. T.I.Tik Tik Boom2013Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.)
Charlie Wilson feat. T.I.I'm Blessed2017Music/Lyrics
Cher Lloyd feat. T.I.I Wish2013Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown X Tyga feat. Jay 305 + T.I.Bunkin'2015Music/Lyrics
Ciara feat. T.I. & Jazze PhaGoodies2004Music/Lyrics
Destiny's ChildSoldier2004Music/Lyrics
Destiny's Child feat. T.I. and Lil WayneSoldier2004Music/Lyrics
DiddyDirtyMoney feat. T.I.Hello Good Morning2010Music/Lyrics
DJ Khaled feat. Future, Migos, 21 Savage & T.I.Iced Out My Arms2017Music/Lyrics
DJ Khaled feat. Lil Wayne, T.I. & FutureB****es & Bottles (Let's Get It Started)2012Music/Lyrics
French Montana feat. T.I.Stop It2017Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
Future feat. T.I.Magic2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Joseph Harris)
Goodie Mob feat. T.I.Pinstripes2013Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
Iggy Azalea feat. T.I.Change Your Life2013Music/Lyrics
(Clifford "Tip" Harris)
Iggy Azalea feat. Watch The Duck1002014Music/Lyrics
Jamie Foxx feat. Justin Timberlake & T.I.Winner2010Music/Lyrics
Jamie Foxx feat. T.I.Just Like Me2008Music/Lyrics
Jennifer Hudson feat. T.I.I Can't Describe (The Way I Feel)2014Music/Lyrics
Jennifer Lopez feat. T.I.A.K.A.2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.)
Kid Rock feat. Mary J. Blige & T.I.Care2010Music/Lyrics
Lady Gaga feat. T.I., Too $hort & TwistaJewels N' Drugs2013Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz feat. T.I. & 8BallGet Your Weight Up2004Music/Lyrics
Ludacris co-starring T.I.Wish You Would2008Music/Lyrics
N.E.R.D. feat. T.I.Party People2010Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
Nelly feat. Jazze Pha and T.I.Pretty Toes2004Music/Lyrics
Nelly feat. Paul Wall, Ali & GippGrillz2006Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
Nelly feat. Pharrell and T.I.IDGAF2013Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
Nelly feat. T.I.Rick James2013Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
Nelly feat. T.I.She's So Fly2010Music/Lyrics
Nelly feat. T.I. + LL Cool JHold Up2008Music/Lyrics
Ne-Yo feat. T.I.One More2015Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
P. Diddy feat. Big Boi, Ciara and ScarWanna Move2006Music/Lyrics
Redd feat. Akon & Snoop DoggI'm Day Dreaming2011Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Joseph Harris)
Rick Ross feat. T.I., Jadakiss & Erykah BaduMaybach Music III2010Music/Lyrics
Rihanna feat. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Juicy J & T.I.Pour It Up (Remix)2013Music/Lyrics
Sean Kingston feat. T.I.Back 2 Life (Live It Up)2012Music/Lyrics
Snoop Dogg feat. T.I.Edibles2015Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I.56 Bars2008Music/Lyrics
T.I.Act I: T.I.P.2007Producer
T.I.Act II: T.I.2007Producer
T.I.Act III: TI. vs T.I.P. The Confrontation2007Producer
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I.Big Picture2010Music/Lyrics
T.I.Big S**t Poppin' (Do It)2007Music/Lyrics
T.I.Bring Em Out2004Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I.Da Dopeman2007Music/Lyrics
T.I.Dip Slide2006Music/Lyrics
T.I.Don't You Wanna Be High2007Music/Lyrics
T.I.Every Chance I Get2008Music/Lyrics
T.I.Everything On Me2010Music/Lyrics
T.I.Get It2006Music/Lyrics
T.I.Go Get It2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I.Help Is Coming2007Music/Lyrics
T.I.I Don't Know2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I.I'm Illy2008Music/Lyrics
T.I.I'm Talkin' To You2006Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I.King Back2006Music/Lyrics
T.I.Like So2010Music/Lyrics
T.I.Love This Life2012Music/Lyrics
T.I.My Type2007Music/Lyrics
T.I.No Matter What2008Music/Lyrics
T.I.Porn Star2008Music/Lyrics
T.I.Ready For Whatever2008Music/Lyrics
T.I.Respect This Hustle2007Music/Lyrics
T.I.Ride Wit Me2006Music/Lyrics
T.I.Stand Up Guy2006Music/Lyrics
T.I.Sugar Cane2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I.Tell 'Em I Said That2007Music/Lyrics
T.I.The Breakup2006Music/Lyrics
T.I.The Introduction2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I.The Way We Ride2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I.Told You So2006Music/Lyrics
T.I.Top Back2006Music/Lyrics
T.I.Trap Back Jumpin2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I.We Do This2007Music/Lyrics
T.I.What Up, What's Haapnin'2008Music/Lyrics
T.I.What You Know2006Music/Lyrics
T.I.Whatever You Like2008Music/Lyrics
T.I.Who Want Some2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I.Why You Wanna2006Music/Lyrics
T.I.You Ain't Missin' Nothing2008Music/Lyrics
T.I.You Know What It Is2007Music/Lyrics
T.I.You Know Who2006Music/Lyrics
T.I. & Young ThugOff-Set2015Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I. and Jay-Z feat. Kanye West and Lil' WayneSwagga Like Us2008Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. A$AP RockyWildside2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I. feat. AkonWonderful Life2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I. feat. Alfa Mega & Busta RhymesHurt2007Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. André 3000Sorry2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I. feat. BG and Young JeezyI'm Straight2006Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Boosie BadazzJet Fuel2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I. feat. Cee Lo GreenHello2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I. feat. Chris BrownGet Back Up2010Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Chris BrownPrivate Show2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I. feat. Christina AguileraCastle Walls2010Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. DrakePoppin Bottles2010Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. EminemThat's All She Wrote2010Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. EminemTouchdown2007Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. GovernorHello2006Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. GovernorHustlin'2009Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Iggy AzaleaNo Mediocre2014Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Jamie FoxxLive In The Sky2006Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Jay-ZWatch What You Say To Me2007Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. John LegendSlide Show2008Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Justin TimberlakeDead And Gone2008Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Kanye West & Kid CudiWelcome To The World2010Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Lil WayneBall2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I. feat. Ludacris and B.o.BOn Top Of The World2008Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Mac Boney and Killer MikeThat's What I Thought2010Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Meek MillG Season2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I. feat. Mitchelle'l & ScarfaceHow Life Changed2010Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. NellyShow It To Me2007Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. P!nkGuns And Roses2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I. feat. PharrellAmazing2010Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. PharrellOh Yeah2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I. feat. PharrellPaperwork2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I. feat. Pharrell & WatchTheDuckLight Em Up (Rip Doe B)2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I. feat. Pharrell and CommonGoodlife2006Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. PSC and Young DroBankhead2006Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. R. KellyCan You Learn2012Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
T.I. feat. Rick RossYou Can Tell How I Walk2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I. feat. Rico LoveLay Me Down2010Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. RihannaLive Your Life2008Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. RockoI Can't Help It2010Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Skylar GreyNew National Anthem2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I. feat. Swizz BeatzSwing Ya Rag2008Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. The-DreamLet Your Heart Go (Break My Soul)2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I. feat. The-DreamNo Mercy2010Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. TinySo Gold2009Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Trae The TruthOn Doe, On Phil2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I. feat. UGKFront Back2006Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. UsherAt Ya' Own Risk2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I. feat. UsherMy Life Your Entertainment2008Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Victoria MonetStay2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I. feat. Victoria Monet & Nipsey HussleAbout My Issue2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I. feat. Wyclef JeanMy Swag2007Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Young Buck, Young Dro & DJ DramaUndertaker2006Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Young Dro & Trey SongzStrip2010Music/Lyrics
T.I. feat. Young Jeezy & WatchTheDuckG' Shit2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T.I. feat. Young ThugAbout The Money2014Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris, Jr.)
T-Pain feat. Akon & T.I.It Ain't Me2008Music/Lyrics
Trey Songz feat. T.I.2 Reasons2012Music/Lyrics
Usher feat. T.I.Guilty2010Music/Lyrics
Wyclef Jean feat. T.I.Slow Down2007Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
Young Buck feat. T.I. & LudacrisStomp2004Music/Lyrics
(Clifford Harris Jr.)
Young Buck feat. T.I., Young Jeezy & Pimp C4 Kings2007Music/Lyrics
Young Jeezy feat. T.I.F.A.M.E.2011Music/Lyrics
No Matter What (T.I.)125
Bring Em Out (T.I.)124.92
Big S**t Poppin' (Do It) (T.I.)94.89
56 Bars (T.I.)54.8
That's All She Wrote (T.I. feat. Eminem)134.77
I'm Illy (T.I.)64.67
I Can't Describe (The Way I Feel) (Jennifer Hudson feat. T.I.)84.62
My Life Your Entertainment (T.I. feat. Usher)104.6
Welcome To The World (T.I. feat. Kanye West & Kid Cudi)54.6
Swing Ya Rag (T.I. feat. Swizz Beatz)74.57
Castle Walls (T.I. feat. Christina Aguilera)284.54
Ready For Whatever (T.I.)84.5
How Life Changed (T.I. feat. Mitchelle'l & Scarface)64.5
What You Know (T.I.)124.33
Swagga Like Us (T.I. and Jay-Z feat. Kanye West and Lil' Wayne)174.29
Tangerine (Big Boi feat. T.I. & Khujo Goodie)54.2
She's So Fly (Nelly feat. T.I.)64.17
Care (Kid Rock feat. Mary J. Blige & T.I.)164.12
100 (Iggy Azalea feat. Watch The Duck)94
Love This Life (T.I.)54
Live Your Life (T.I. feat. Rihanna)2162.83
Soldier (Destiny's Child feat. T.I. and Lil Wayne)1313.05
Dead And Gone (T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake)1123.37
Whatever You Like (T.I.)603.27
Why You Wanna (T.I.)393.1
Jewels N' Drugs (Lady Gaga feat. T.I., Too $hort & Twista)393.05
Change Your Life (Iggy Azalea feat. T.I.)353.94
Hello Good Morning (DiddyDirtyMoney feat. T.I.)333.21
I'm Day Dreaming (Redd feat. Akon & Snoop Dogg)333.06
Grillz (Nelly feat. Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp)313.29
Pac's Life (2Pac feat. T.I. and Ashanti)302.67
I Wish (Cher Lloyd feat. T.I.)293.55
Castle Walls (T.I. feat. Christina Aguilera)284.54
Tik Tik Boom (Britney Spears feat. T.I.)283.43
No Mediocre (T.I. feat. Iggy Azalea)263.08
Winner (Jamie Foxx feat. Justin Timberlake & T.I.)203.2
Swagga Like Us (T.I. and Jay-Z feat. Kanye West and Lil' Wayne)174.29
Guns And Roses (T.I. feat. P!nk)173.76
Arena (B.o.B feat. Chris Brown and T.I.)173.71
Get Back Up (T.I. feat. Chris Brown)173

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