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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Ann Lennox, Anny Lennox
Active ChildSweet Dreams2012Music/Lyrics
Akyra feat. Maria RubiaHere Comes The Rain Again2002Music/Lyrics
Alex ButcherSweet Dreams2001Music/Lyrics
Alex ParksHere Comes The Rain Again2003Music/Lyrics
AmalyaSweet Dreams2012Music/Lyrics
(Ann Lennox)
Amii StewartWhy1994Music/Lyrics
Amii Stewart & Dee Dee BridgewaterWhy1994Music/Lyrics
Ana GabrielSin ti no se amar1985Music/Lyrics
Ane BrunIt's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)2009Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxA Thousand Beautiful Things2003Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxAngel1997Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxAngels From The Realms Of Glory2010Producer
Annie LennoxAs Joseph Was A Walking (The Cherry Tree Carol)2010Producer
Annie LennoxBig Sky2007Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxBitter Pill2003Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxCold1992Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxColoured Bedspread2007Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxDark Road2007Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxErased2003Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxFingernail Moon2007Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxGeorgia On My Mind2014Producer
Annie LennoxGhosts In My Machine2007Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxGod Bless The Child2014Producer
Annie LennoxGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen2010Producer
Annie LennoxHonestly2003Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxI Can Dream, Can't I?2014Producer
Annie LennoxI Cover The Waterfront2014Producer
Annie LennoxI Put A Spell On You2014Producer
Annie LennoxIl est né le divin enfant2010Producer
Annie LennoxIn The Bleak Midwinter2010Producer
Annie LennoxInto The West2003Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxLegend In My Living Room1992Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxLittle Bird1992Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxLoneliness2003Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxLost2007Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxLove Is Blind2007Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxLove Song For A Vampire1992Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxLullay Lullay (The Coventry Carol)2010Producer
Annie LennoxMemphis In June2014Producer
Annie LennoxMoney Can't Buy It1992Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxMood Indigo2014Producer
Annie LennoxO Little Town Of Bethlehem2010Producer
Annie LennoxOh God (Prayer)2003Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxPattern Of My Life2009Producer
Annie LennoxPavement Cracks2003Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxPrecious1992Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxPrimitive1992Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxSee Amid The Winter's Snow2010Producer
Annie LennoxSeptember In The Rain2014Producer
Annie LennoxShining Light2009Producer
Annie LennoxSilent Night2010Producer
Annie LennoxSing2007Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxSmithereens2007Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxStay By Me1992Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxStep By Step1992Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxStrange Fruit2014Producer
Annie LennoxSummertime2014Producer
Annie LennoxThe First Noel2010Producer
Annie LennoxThe Gift1992Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxThe Holly And The Ivy2010Producer
Annie LennoxThe Hurting Time2003Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxThe Nearness Of You2014Producer
Annie LennoxThe Saddest Song I've Got2003Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxThrough The Glass Darkly2007Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxTwisted2003Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxUniversal Child2010Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxWalking On Broken Glass1992Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxWhy1992Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxWomankind2007Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxWonderful2003Music/Lyrics
Annie LennoxYou Belong To Me2014Producer
AppassionanteSweet Dreams2011Music/Lyrics
AviciiSweet Dreams2011Music/Lyrics
BettesLove Is A Stranger2013Music/Lyrics
BluestarSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)2002Music/Lyrics
BlutEngelHere Comes The Rain Again2019Music/Lyrics
Bob Sinclar feat. Pitbull, Dragonfly & Fatman ScoopRock The Boat2011Music/Lyrics
Börni & SandraSisters Are Doin' It For Themselves2007Music/Lyrics
Britney SpearsEverybody2007Music/Lyrics
Celtic WomanThere Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)2011Music/Lyrics
Collin RayeLove Song For A Vampire2014Music/Lyrics
Daniel SchuhmacherHere Comes The Rain Again2010Music/Lyrics
Daniel SchuhmacherSweet Dreams2009Music/Lyrics
DannyaHere Comes The Rain Again2013Music/Lyrics
(Anny Lennox)
Dave Stewart & His Rock Fabulous OrchestraMiracle Of Love 2008Music/Lyrics
Dave Stewart & His Rock Fabulous Orchestra feat. Amy KeysHere Comes The Rain Again 2008Music/Lyrics
Dave Stewart & His Rock Fabulous Orchestra feat. Amy KeysMissionary Man 2008Music/Lyrics
Dave Stewart & His Rock Fabulous Orchestra feat. Amy KeysWould I Lie To You? 2008Music/Lyrics
Dave Stewart & His Rock Fabulous Orchestra feat. Sierra SwanLove Is A Stranger2008Music/Lyrics
Dave Stewart & His Rock Fabulous Orchestra feat. Sierra SwanSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) 2008Music/Lyrics
Dave Stewart & His Rock Fabulous Orchestra feat. Sierra SwanThorn In My Side 2008Music/Lyrics
David A. StewartHere Comes The Rain Again1989Music/Lyrics
(Ann Lennox)
David Ferrari feat. BatuleNo me digas no no2013Music/Lyrics
DJ SammyWhy2005Music/Lyrics
DJ Scott feat. Lorna BSweet Dreams1995Music/Lyrics
Emily BrowningSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)2011Music/Lyrics
Emily LoizeauSweet Dreams2009Music/Lyrics
Euro-VisionSweet Dreams 19911991Music/Lyrics
Eurythmics(My, My) Baby's Gonna Cry1989Music/Lyrics
Eurythmics.....This Is The House1982Music/Lyrics
Eurythmics17 Again1999Music/Lyrics
Eurythmics4/4 In Leather1982Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsA Little Of You1986Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsAll The Young (People Of Today)1981Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsAnything But Strong1999Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsBaby's Gone Blue1983Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsBeautiful Child1999Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsBetter To Have Lost In Love (Than Never To Have Loved At All)1985Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsBrand New Day1987Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsCaveman Head1981Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsConditioned Soul1985Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsCool Blue1983Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsDo You Want To Break Up?1987Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsDon't Ask Me Why1989Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsEnglish Summer1981Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsFor The Love Of Big Brother1984Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsGreetings From A Dead Man1984Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsGrown Up Girls1985Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsHeartbeat, Heartbeat1981Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsHere Comes That Sinking Feeling1985Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsHere Comes The Rain Again1983Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsHome Is Where The Heart Is1982Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsHow Long?1989Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsI Could Give You (A Mirror)1983Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsI Did It Just The Same1984Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsI Love You Like A Ball And Chain1985Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsI Need A Man1987Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsI Need You1987Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsI Remember You1986Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsI Saved The World Today1999Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsI Want It All1999Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsIn This Town1986Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsInvisible Hands1982Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsIt's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)1985Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsI've Got A Life2005Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsI've Got A Lover (Back In Japan)1987Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsI've Got An Angel1983Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsI've Tried Everything1999Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsLe Sinestre1981Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsLet's Go!1986Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsLet's Just Close Our Eyes1982Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsLove Is A Stranger1982Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsMinistry Of Love1984Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsMissionary Man1986Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsMonkey, Monkey1982Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsMy True Love1999Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsNever Gonna Cry Again1981Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsNo Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)1983Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsPaint A Rumour1983Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsPeace Is Just A Word1999Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsPlus Something Else1983Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsPower To The Meek1999Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsPut The Blame On Me1987Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsRevenge 21986Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsRich Girl1989Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsRight By Your Side1983Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsRoom 1011984Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsSee No Evil1989Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsSexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)1984Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsShe's Invisible Now1981Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsSomebody Told Me1983Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsStep On The Beast1982Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)1982Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) [Steve Angello Remix]2005Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) '911991Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsTake Me To Your Heart1981Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsTake Your Pain Away1986Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsThe First Cut1983Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsThe King And Queen Of America1989Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsThe Last Time1986Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsThe Miracle Of Love1986Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsThe Walk1982Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsThere Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)1985Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsThis City Never Sleeps1983Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsThorn In My Side1986Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsWe Two Are One1989Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsWhen The Day Goes Down1989Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsWhen Tomorrow Comes1986Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsWho's That Girl?1983Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsWide Eyed Girl1987Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsWinston's Diary1984Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsWould I Lie To You?1985Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsYou Have Placed A Chill In My Heart1987Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsYou Hurt Me (And I Hate You)1989Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsYou Take Some Lentils... And You Take Some Rice1983Music/Lyrics
EurythmicsYour Time Will Come1981Music/Lyrics
Eurythmics and Aretha FranklinSisters Are Doin' It For Themselves1985Music/Lyrics
Eva MattesWho's That Girl2006Music/Lyrics
Fools GardenWhy2015Music/Lyrics
Future Of VisionHere Comes The Rain Again2007Music/Lyrics
GiorgiaSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)2018Music/Lyrics
GregorianInto The West2012Music/Lyrics
GregorianMiracle Of Love2007Music/Lyrics
Higheffect feat. Silvia DiasSweet Dreams2017Music/Lyrics
Jessica PilnäsThere Must Be An Angel2011Music/Lyrics
Kaan feat. Snoop Dogg & Eleni FoureiraSirens2019Music/Lyrics
Keith CaputoWhy?2000Music/Lyrics
Kidz-DJOoh was ik maar een engel2011Music/Lyrics
Lara FabianWhy2009Music/Lyrics
Leningrad CowboysThere Must Be An Angel1997Music/Lyrics
Lika MorganSweet Dreams2015Music/Lyrics
Louisy JosephThere Must Be An Angel2012Music/Lyrics
(Ann Lennox)
Luka CruysberghsSweet Dreams2017Music/Lyrics
Macy GrayHere Comes The Rain Again2012Music/Lyrics
Marilyn MansonSweet Dreams1995Music/Lyrics
MaurizzioNew Emotion (Here Comes The Rain Again)1999Music/Lyrics
Miss Kittin & The HackerSweet Dreams2002Music/Lyrics
MnC feat. SilvySweet Dreams2002Music/Lyrics
MysticaSweet Dreams2017Music/Lyrics
NasStreet Dreams1996Music/Lyrics
Natalia meets The Pointer SistersSisters Are Doing It For Themselves2005Music/Lyrics
Nick CorlineSweet Dreams2009Music/Lyrics
No AngelsThere Must Be An Angel2001Music/Lyrics
P!nk feat. RedmanGet The Party Started / Sweet Dreams2002Music/Lyrics
Phats & SmallSweet Dreams2006Music/Lyrics
Rockzdaddy feat. Ines PaulkeSweet Dreams2002Music/Lyrics
Roger DaltreySomebody Told Me1984Music/Lyrics
Roger MooreSweet Dreams2007Music/Lyrics
Ryan RicksSweet Dreams Are Made Of This2011Music/Lyrics
(Ann Lennox)
Scala & Kolacny BrothersSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)2016Music/Lyrics
Shaun Escoffery and Andreya TrianaHere Comes The Rain Again2015Music/Lyrics
Shazz with Laura Mayne-KerbratCold2004Music/Lyrics
Solveig SlettahjellSaddest Song I've Got2011Music/Lyrics
Soraya ArnelasSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)2007Music/Lyrics
Swing feat. Dr. AlbanSweet Dreams1995Music/Lyrics
Sylvie VartanDéprime1983Music/Lyrics
The Catch [UK]Black Blood1977Music/Lyrics
The Catch [UK]Borderline1977Music/Lyrics
The Flying PicketsWho's That Girl?1984Music/Lyrics
The Soul Rebels Brass BandSweet Dreams Are Made Of This2011Music/Lyrics
The TouristsFrom The Middle Room1980Music/Lyrics
Thomas AndersSweet Dreams2006Music/Lyrics
Utah SaintsWhat Can You Do For Me1993Music/Lyrics
Van CantoInto The West2014Music/Lyrics
Voice MaleSweet Dreams1998Music/Lyrics
WeezerSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)2019Music/Lyrics
Whitney HoustonStep By Step1996Music/Lyrics
Wisin y Yandel feat. Alberto Stylee & Franco El GorillaVengo acabando2012Music/Lyrics
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Eurythmics)2815.15
Love Is A Stranger (Eurythmics)1315.06
Here Comes The Rain Again (Eurythmics)1845.05
The Saddest Song I've Got (Annie Lennox)115
The Miracle Of Love (Eurythmics)1334.97
Thorn In My Side (Eurythmics)1174.96
Into The West (Annie Lennox)374.92
When Tomorrow Comes (Eurythmics)1014.86
Why (Annie Lennox)1454.84
Walking On Broken Glass (Annie Lennox)1124.77
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves (Natalia meets The Pointer Sisters)174.76
I Saved The World Today (Eurythmics)1254.73
Pavement Cracks (Annie Lennox)274.7
Take Me To Your Heart (Eurythmics)134.69
There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) (Eurythmics)1714.69
Forever (Eurythmics)194.68
Who's That Girl? (Eurythmics)1164.68
Jennifer (Eurythmics)154.67
You Belong To Me (Annie Lennox)64.67
A Little Of You (Eurythmics)214.62
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Eurythmics)2815.15
There Must Be An Angel (No Angels)1863.35
Here Comes The Rain Again (Eurythmics)1845.05
There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) (Eurythmics)1714.69
Why (Annie Lennox)1454.84
The Miracle Of Love (Eurythmics)1334.97
Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four) (Eurythmics)1334.55
Love Is A Stranger (Eurythmics)1315.06
I Saved The World Today (Eurythmics)1254.73
Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves (Eurythmics and Aretha Franklin)1224.49
Thorn In My Side (Eurythmics)1174.96
Who's That Girl? (Eurythmics)1164.68
Walking On Broken Glass (Annie Lennox)1124.77
Step By Step (Whitney Houston)1104.15
When Tomorrow Comes (Eurythmics)1014.86
It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back) (Eurythmics)994.29
Would I Lie To You? (Eurythmics)914.18
Sweet Dreams (Marilyn Manson)843.02
Little Bird (Annie Lennox)734.52
Right By Your Side (Eurythmics)724.1

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