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4:12Man And MachineSPV
DoroDoro: Discography / Become a fan
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Interview with Doro (2009, German)
U.d.o.U.d.o.: Discography / Become a fan
1000 Years
25 Years
A Dream That Cannot Be (Amon Amarth feat. Doro Pesch)
A fond le coeur (Herzblut French Version)
A Whiter Shade Of Pale
Above The Ashes
All For Metal (Doro feat. Mille, Johan Hegg, Sabaton, Chuck Billy, Warrel Dane (R.I.P.), Jeff Waters, Ross The Boss, Rock'n'Rolf, DeTraktor, Tommy Bolan, Andy Brings and The Ultimate Doro Clan)
All I Want
All We Are (Doro & The Classic Night Orchestra)
All We Are [Version 2007]
Alles ist gut
Always Live To Win
Always Live To Win (Doro & The Classic Night Orchestra)
Angel In The Dark
Angels With Dirty Faces
Anthems For The Champion
Are They Comin' For Me
Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
Backstage To Heaven (Doro feat. Helge Schneider)
Bad Blood
Be Strong
Beyond The Trees
Bis aufs Blut
Black Ballad
Black Rose
Blood, Sweat And Rock'n'Roll
Born To Bleed
Breaking The Law
Breaking The Law [Live]
Bring My Hero Back Home Again
Brutal And Effective
Burn It Up
Can't Stop Thinking About You
Caught In A Battle
Children Of The Night
Cold Hearted Lover
Constant Danger
Cool Love
Creep Into My Brain
Cry Wolf
Dancing With An Angel (U.D.O. feat. Doro Pesch)
Dedication (I Give My Blood)
Dirty Diamonds
Do You Like It?
Don't Break My Heart Again
Don't Go
Don't Mistake It For Love
Egypt (The Chains Are On)
Ein Stück Ewigkeit
Enough For You
Eu dou-te o meu coracao (Herzblut Portuguese Version)
Even Angels Cry
Everything's Lost
Eye On You
Fall For Me Again
Fear Of The Dark (Doro Pesch feat. Blaze Bayley)
Fight By Your Side
Fight Through The Fire
Fire On My Mind (Luke Gasser feat. Doro Pesch)
For Love And Friendship
Free My Heart
Freiheit (Human Rights)
Freunde fürs Leben
Für immer (Doro & The Classic Night Orchestra)
Für immer
Gettin' Nowhere Without You
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (Doro Pesch & Dirk Bach)
Give Me A Reason
Grab The Bull (Last Man Standing) (Doro feat. Gus G)
Hard Times
Haunted Heart
Hear Me
Heartbroken (Doro feat. Doug Aldrich)
Heartshaped Tattoo
Heaven I See
Heaven With You
Horizon (Luke Gasser with Doro Pesch)
I Adore You
I Am What I Am
I Don't Care
I Had Too Much To Dream
I Know You By Heart
I Lay My Head Upon My Sword
I Rule The Ruins
I Rule The Ruins (Doro & The Classic Night Orchestra)
I Wanna Live
I Want You Back
Ich will alles
If I Can't Have You - No One Will (Doro feat. Johan Hegg)
I'll Be Holding On
I'll Make It On My Own
I'm In Love With You (Doro & The Classic Night Orchestra)
In Freiheit stirbt mein Herz
In Liebe und Freundschaft
It Cuts So Deep
It Kills Me
It Still Hurts (Doro feat. Lemmy)
Jede Seele tief
Kiss Me Good-Bye
Kiss Me Like A Cobra
Kiss Of Fire
Last Day Of My Life
Legends Never Die
Let Love Rain On Me
Let Love Rain On Me (Doro & The Classic Night Orchestra)
Lève ton poing vers le ciel
Lift Me Up
Light In The Window
Like An Angel
Like Whiskey Straight
Little Headbanger (Nackenbrecher)
Live It
Living Life To The Fullest
Llueva en mí tu amor
Lonely Wolf
Long Lost For Love
Long Way Home
Lost In The Ozone
Love Is A Sin
Love Is A Thrill
Love Me Forever
Love Me In Black
Love Me In Black (Doro & The Classic Night Orchestra)
Love's Gone To Hell
Machine II Machine
Metal Is My Alcohol
Metal Tango (Doro & The Classic Night Orchestra)
Mission Of Mercy
My Majesty
Never Get Out Of This Alive
Nothing Else Matters
Now Or Never
On My Own
On The Run
Only You
Pluie d'amour
Poison Arrow
Prisoner Of Love
Raise Your Fist In The Air
Rare Diamond
Rescue Me
Rip Me Apart
River Of Tears
Rock Angel
Rock Before We Bleed
Rock On
Rock Till Death
Running From The Devil
Save My Soul
Sealed In Blood (Human Rights)
Share My Fate
She's Like Thunder
Shine On
Sister Darkness
So Alone Together
Soldier Of Metal
Something Wicked This Way Comes
Song For Me
Strangers Yesterday (Doro & The Classic Night Orchestra)
Strangers Yesterday
Strong And Proud
Stronghold Of Angelo (Liv Kristine feat. Doro Pesch)
Take No Prisoner
Tausend mal gelebt (Doro & The Classic Night Orchestra)
Tausend mal gelebt
Te doy mi corazon (Herzblut Spanish Version)
The Ballad Of Mary [2010] (Grave Digger feat. Doro)
The Final (Doro & The Classic Night Orchestra)
The Fortuneteller
The Night Of The Warlock
The Queen
The Seer (Tarja feat. Doro Pesch)
The Want
Tie Me Up
Tra como e coriovallum
Turn It Up
U.S. National Anthem
Under The Gun
Unholy Love
Walking With The Angels (Doro with Tarja)
Warrior Soul
Welcome To The Tribe
We're Like Thunder (Doro feat. Regina Halmich)
Whenever I Think Of You
White Christmas (Twisted Sister feat. Doro Pesch)
White Wedding
Who You Love
Wild Heart
With The Wave Of Your Hand
World Gone Wild
You Ain't Lived (Till You're Loved To Death)
You Gonna Break My Heart
You Got Me Singing
You Won My Love
You're My Family
20 Years A Warrior Soul
25 Years In Rock ...And Still Going Strong
A Whiter Shade Of Pale
All We Are -The Fight- A Tribute To Regina Halmich
Angels Never Die
Calling The Wild
Calling The Wild + Fight
Classic Diamonds
Fear No Evil
Force majeure
Force majeure + Doro
Forever United
Forever Warriors
Forever Warriors / Forever United
Für immer
Live From London - Live From The Camden Palace (Warlock with Doro Pesch)
Love Me In Black
Machine II Machine
Machine II Machine - Electric Club Mixes
Media Markt Collection
Raise Your Fist
Rare Diamonds (Doro & Warlock)
Strong And Proud - 30 Years Of Rock And Metal
The Ballads
The Doro/Warlock Collection [3 CDS]
True At Heart
Under My Skin - A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics
Warrior Classics
Warrior Soul
World Gone Wild
20 Years - A Warrior Soul
Für immer - Forever - Para siempre
Live From London - Live From The Camden Palace (Warlock with Doro Pesch)
Strong And Proud - 30 Years Of Rock And Metal
24/7 (U.D.O.)
A Bite Of Evil (U.D.O.)
A Cry Of A Nation (U.D.O.)
Animal House (U.D.O.)
Animal Instinct (U.D.O.)
Azrael (U.D.O.)
Back In Pain (U.D.O.)
Back Off (U.D.O.)
Backstreet Loner (U.D.O.)
Bad Luck (U.D.O.)
Basta ya (U.D.O.)
Black And White (U.D.O.)
Black Heart (U.D.O.)
Black Widow (U.D.O.)
Blind Eyes (U.D.O.)
Blitz Of Lightning (U.D.O.)
Blood On Fire (U.D.O.)
Bodyworld (U.D.O.)
Book Of Faith (U.D.O.)
Borderline (U.D.O.)
Born To Run (U.D.O.)
Braindead Hero (U.D.O.)
Break The Rules (U.D.O.)
Breaking Down The Borders (U.D.O.)
Breathless (U.D.O.)
Burning Heat (U.D.O.)
Can't Get Enough (U.D.O.)
Catch My Fall (U.D.O.)
Coming Home (U.D.O.)
Crash Bang Crash (U.D.O.)
Cry Soldier Cry (U.D.O.)
Cut Me Out (U.D.O.)
Dancing With An Angel (U.D.O. feat. Doro Pesch)
Danger (U.D.O.)
Days Of Hope And Glory (U.D.O.)
Dead Man's Eyes (U.D.O.)
Death Ride (U.D.O.)
Decadent (U.D.O.)
Desperate Balls (U.D.O.)
Devil's Bite (U.D.O.)
Devil's Dice (U.D.O.)
Devil's Rendezvous (U.D.O.)
Dirty Boys (U.D.O.)
Dominator (U.D.O.)
Don't Look Back (U.D.O.)
Doom Ride (U.D.O.)
Dr. Death (U.D.O.)
Drum Solo (U.D.O.)
Eraser (U.D.O.)
Eye Of The Eagle (U.D.O.)
Faceless World (U.D.O.)
Fairy Tales Of Victory (U.D.O.)
Fire Blood And Steel (U.D.O.)
Fistful Of Anger (U.D.O.)
Free Or Rebellion (U.D.O.)
Freelance Man (U.D.O.)
Friends Will Be Friends (U.D.O.)
Future Land (U.D.O.)
Go Back To Hell (U.D.O.)
Hard To Be Honest (U.D.O.)
Hardcore Lover (U.D.O.)
Hate Stinger (U.D.O.)
Heart Of Gold (U.D.O.)
Heaven Is Hell (U.D.O.)
Heavy Metal Heaven (U.D.O.)
Heavy Rain (U.D.O.)
Hell Bites Back (U.D.O.)
Holy (U.D.O.)
Hot Tonight (U.D.O.)
House Of Fake (U.D.O.)
Hungry And Angry (U.D.O.)
I Give As Good As I Get (U.D.O.)
I'm A Rebel (U.D.O.)
In The Darkness (U.D.O.)
In The Heat Of The Night (U.D.O.)
Independence Day (U.D.O.)
Infected (U.D.O.)
Keeper Of My Soul (U.D.O.)
Kick In The Face (U.D.O.)
King Of Mean (U.D.O.)
Lay Down The Law (U.D.O.)
Leatherhead (U.D.O.)
Like A Lion (U.D.O.)
Like A Loaded Gun (U.D.O.)
Living On A Frontline (U.D.O.)
Lost Passion (U.D.O.)
Love Machine (U.D.O.)
Mad For Crazy (U.D.O.)
Make The Move (U.D.O.)
Man A King Ruler (U.D.O.)
Man And Machine (U.D.O.)
Manhunt (U.D.O.)
Master Of Disaster (U.D.O.)
Mastercutor (U.D.O.)
Mean Machine (U.D.O.)
Mean Streets (U.D.O.)
Meaning Of Life (U.D.O.)
Metal Eater (U.D.O.)
Metal Machine (U.D.O.)
Metal Maniac Master Mind (U.D.O.)
Midnight Highway (U.D.O.)
Midnight Mover (U.D.O.)
Mission No. X (U.D.O.)
Monster Man (U.D.O.)
Motor-Borg (U.D.O.)
Mystery (U.D.O.)
Network Nightmare (U.D.O.)
Never Cross My Way (U.D.O.)
No Limits (U.D.O.)
Number For A Number (U.D.O.)
One Heart One Soul (U.D.O.)
One Lone Voice (U.D.O.)
One Step To Fate (U.D.O.)
Overloaded (U.D.O.)
Pain (U.D.O.)
Pain Man (U.D.O.)
Painted Love (U.D.O.)
Pleasure In The Darkroom (U.D.O.)
Powersquad (U.D.O.)
Pray For The Hunted (U.D.O.)
Preachers Of The Night (U.D.O.)
Primecrime On Primetime (U.D.O.)
Private Eye (U.D.O.)
Protectors Of Terror (U.D.O.)
Pull The Trigger (U.D.O.)
Raiders Of Beyond (U.D.O.)
Raise The Crown (U.D.O.)
Raise The Game (U.D.O.)
Rated X (U.D.O.)
Rebels Of The Night (U.D.O.)
Recall The Sin (U.D.O.)
Renegade (U.D.O.)
Restricted Area (U.D.O.)
Rev-Raptor (U.D.O.)
Ride The Storm (U.D.O.)
Rising High (U.D.O.)
Rock'n'Roll Soldiers (U.D.O.)
Rose In The Desert (U.D.O.)
Run (U.D.O.)
Run For Cover (U.D.O.)
Run If You Can (U.D.O.)
Scream Killers (U.D.O.)
Screaming Eagles (U.D.O.)
Secrets In Paradise (U.D.O.)
Shell Shock Fever (U.D.O.)
Shout It Out (U.D.O.)
Silent Cry (U.D.O.)
Soldiers Of Darkness (U.D.O.)
Speed Demon (U.D.O.)
Speeder (U.D.O.)
State Run Operation (U.D.O.)
Stay True (U.D.O.)
Steelhammer (U.D.O.)
Still In Love With You (U.D.O.)
Stillness Of Time (U.D.O.)
Stone Hard (U.D.O.)
Stranger (U.D.O.)
Streets Of Sin (U.D.O.)
Streets On Fire (U.D.O.)
Sweet Little Child (U.D.O.)
System Of Life (U.D.O.)
Systematic Madness (U.D.O.)
T.V. War (U.D.O.)
Take My Medecine (U.D.O.)
Tears Of A Clown (U.D.O.)
Terrorvision (U.D.O.)
The Arbiter (U.D.O.)
The Bogeyman (U.D.O.)
The Bullet And The Bomb (U.D.O.)
The Dawn Of The Gods (U.D.O.)
The Devil Walks Alone (U.D.O.)
The Embarkation (U.D.O.)
The Gate (U.D.O.)
The Gutter (U.D.O.)
The Healer (U.D.O.)
The Instigator (U.D.O.)
The Key (U.D.O.)
The Land Of Midnight Sun (U.D.O.)
The Magic Mirror (U.D.O.)
The Punisher (U.D.O.)
The Way (U.D.O.)
The Wrong Side Of Midnight (U.D.O.)
They Want War (U.D.O.)
Thunder In The Tower (U.D.O.)
Thunderball (U.D.O.)
Thunderforce (U.D.O.)
Timebomb (U.D.O.)
Timekeeper (U.D.O.)
Tongue Reaper (U.D.O.)
Tough Luck II (U.D.O.)
Trainride In Russia (Poezd Po Rossii) (U.D.O.)
Trip To Nowhere (U.D.O.)
True Born Winners (U.D.O.)
Turn Me On (U.D.O.)
Two Faced Woman (U.D.O.)
Under Your Skin (U.D.O.)
Underworld (U.D.O.)
Unknown Traveller (U.D.O.)
Unspoken Words (U.D.O.)
Untouchale (U.D.O.)
Vendetta (U.D.O.)
Walker Of The Dark (U.D.O.)
Warrior (U.D.O.)
Way Of Life (U.D.O.)
We Do - For You (U.D.O.)
We Want It Loud (U.D.O.)
We're History (U.D.O.)
When Love Becomes A Lie (U.D.O.)
Whispers In The Dark (U.D.O.)
Winter Dreams (U.D.O.)
With A Vengeance (U.D.O.)
Words In Flame (U.D.O.)
XTC (U.D.O.)
Animal House (U.D.O.)
Best Of (U.D.O.)
Best Of & Live (U.D.O.)
Celebrator - Rare Tracks (U.D.O.)
Decadent (U.D.O.)
Dominator (U.D.O.)
Faceless World (U.D.O.)
Holy (U.D.O.)
Live From Russia (U.D.O.)
Live In Sofia (U.D.O.)
Man And Machine (U.D.O.)
Mastercutor (U.D.O.)
Mastercutor - Alive (U.D.O.)
Mean Machine (U.D.O.)
Metallized / Best Of (U.D.O.)
Mission No. X (U.D.O.)
Nailed To Metal (U.D.O.)
Navy Metal Night (U.D.O.)
No Limits (U.D.O.)
Rev-Raptor (U.D.O.)
Solid (U.D.O.)
Steelfactory (U.D.O.)
Steelhammer (U.D.O.)
Steelhammer - Live From Moscow (U.D.O.)
Thunderball (U.D.O.)
Timebomb (U.D.O.)
Live In Sofia (U.D.O.)
Nailed To Metal (U.D.O.)
Navy Metal Night (U.D.O.)
Average points: 4.17 (Reviews: 6)
Sehr gut!
Eine sanfte Ballade, die eher zum Kitsch neigt, da diese im Duett mit Doro Pesch (Warlock) gesungene Ballade leider eher die Handschrift von Doro trägt.
Hmm.....wunderbar. Das ist für mich DER Song aus "Man and machine", weil ich eben auch sehr auf Doro-Songs stehe.<br><br>Doro Pesch wird ja immer nachgesagt, sie wollte mit ihren ganzen Balladen nochmal den Erfolg von "Für immer" aus Warlock-Zeiten toppen. Aus meiner Sicht war ihr das bereits mit "Fall for me again" gelungen. Der Song toucht gewaltig. "Dancing with an angel" spielt in etwa in der gleichen Liga. Auf so'n Bombast Kitsch-Zeug mit Gänsehaut-Melodik steh' ich total.<br><br>Video-Link:<br><br>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHG1S-I2xao&feature=related<;br><br>
Last edited: 21.05.2012 01:16
Meine Jungs und ich finden das ja immer dezent belustigend. Zitat: "Mann, die Doro singt mit voller Hingabe und dann kommt der Kunde und presst die Töne raus... Da muss ich immer lachen!"<br><br>Ist aber trotzdem ein sehr schöner Song, auch wenn ich den Typen absolut nicht für voll nehmen kann.
eine relativ simpel gestrickte Metal-Ballade... packt mich nicht sonderlich... für die Schuldisco aber gut geeignet!
Seltsamer Kitsch. Wenn Heavy Rocker Songs mit "Angel" im Titel aufnehmen, dann kann nur so etwas dabei herauskommen.
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