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Label:Sony Music
Music/Lyrics:Jeremy Skaller
Khaled "iLLEVEN" Rohaim
Nick Furlong
Eric Frederic
Jay Sean
Producer:J Remy
World wide:
nl  Peak: 83 / weeks: 1
au  Peak: 30 / weeks: 1
nz  Peak: 35 / weeks: 1

Sony -

Digital Sony - (Sony)
1. Best Friends

3:19Best FriendsSony
The JanoskiansThe Janoskians: Discography / Become a fan
All I Want 4 Christmas
Best Friends
Friend Zone
Real Girls Eat Cake
Set This World On Fire
Teenage Desperate
That's What She Said
This Freakin Song
This Fuckin Song
Would U Love Me
Average points: 1.48 (Reviews: 21)
"F**king Best Song Everrr" + "Best Night". Also it's auto-tuned to the max to the point where it really has no resemblance vocally to "Set This World On Fire". The bottom of the barrel remains occupied.
Last edited: 16.05.2013 19:14
Shitty autotuned song by a bunch of comedians known for videos such as "the Janoskians Redbull and Milk Challenge" and "Public wanking" were likely never going to produce anything good. The song is terrible and combines some of the least likeable musical elements that have existed and that's all I really need to say.
Last edited: 07.10.2017 12:55
Stupidity! This track is just a horrible mess and the lowest point of society. These douchebags can GTFO. Noobs.
These losers strike again...<br><br>This is a cover song of Fucking Best Night Ever - Wallpaper<br><br>
Last edited: 20.05.2013 15:32
Wow. Just wow. This is going to be hard to top as the worst song of the year.
I don't know whether to laugh, cry, be shocked or appalled. I'd tick all of those boxes simultaneously, although I must admit its badness isn't all that amusing on a comedic level. Just sad, very very sad. Generic, needlessly expletive-ridden and made without any actual effort whatsoever. Whoever "wrote" this should really be ashamed of themselves. Awfully produced and sung too, and I'd say this is even worse than their first single, which was already at the bottom of the pile in 2012. There's nothing catchy or redeemable about this song either, and even calling it a song is just an insult to every other song in the charts right now. I didn't think anyone could be this talentless and woeful to stoop this low, but there you have it. This is an absolute slap in the face to every proper Australian artist out there. Utterly pathetic.
It sounded like those songs that are being covered by Kidz Bop until they started saying the F-word.<br><br>Seriously, the 90 seconds that iTunes used as a sample is terrible enough. First off, it sounds like only one person is singing with autotune up to eleven. Next off, the fact that they had to use swear words in this song pisses me off. I don't mind artists using swear words in songs just as long as it doesn't sound like it's forcefully placed. They probably all though that if they put some swear words in it, it's automatically not a kids song. It still sounds like a kids song. Also, the chorus sounds completely cliche with useless repititive lyrics.<br><br>All in all, the worst song I have ever heard., even worst than 'Hot Problems', 'Friday', 'It's Thanksgiving' and 'Best Night'.<br><br>EDIT: The more I listen to this song, the more things I notice that are terribly wrong. Once you listen to the first verse and the chorus, you've already seen all the lyrics. The two verses are the exact same, and the chorus is played three times (which by the way is completely unoriginal).
Last edited: 17.05.2013 10:29
Shithouse. It's that ridiculous swearing, autotune (which makes all of these lame-ass idiots sound the same) and unoriginality that makes this song crap, which is further worsened by the fact that this is already #6 on iTunes while many other much better songs don't even get these sales. Their first single, which was at least alright, fell out of the charts quickly, so just hoping for another case of the same here.<br><br>Stuck between giving this a 1* or a 2*, but I'll stick with the crowd on this one.
Wow. Set This World On Fire seems much lamer now than I used to think it, but this makes that look like a masterpiece. This chorus is possibly the worst bit of songwriting I've ever heard. Thankfully the verses aren't totally irredeemable, even if the beat just about ruins those too. Big Banana is worse.
Yes I hate Big Banana so much more, but this is still very very awful. Very awful. These guys are really bad even worse than Justice Crew which is saying something!
▒ Op een rijtje en dan een salvo erover ☺!!!
What on Earth was that?
This is absolutely dreadful. What a farce.<br><br>You cannot cover a great satirical track ("F**KING BEST SONG EVERR") and try and make it a genuine party hit. Sony should be ashamed of themselves.
Wow, I've never seen so much hate toward a song on this site, it's actually amusing.<br>Never herd of them, but I won't bother anyway since this song is quite bad and feels outdated. Not 1* material though.
The Janoskians zijn een comedyclubje dat mensen in het openbaar in de maling neemt. Tegenwoordig denken ze ook nog dat ze kunnen zingen, maar de grote doses autotune laten anders horen. De jongens zijn populair, maar Justin Bieber- of One Direction-status zullen ze nooit verkrijgen. Daar zijn ze, wat betreft hun teksten, een beetje te expliciet voor (al ben ik zelf zeker niet tegen wat gescheld of gevloek in liedjes). Het plaatje is nog zó omgevormd dat het nog wel ergens naar klinkt. Bovendien vind ik het nog best een geinig nummer, dus een voldoende zit hier wel in.
ein monotoner, nerviger Schrott der YouTube Comedy-Gruppe aus Australien – Nagel!...<br><br>#58 in UK…
Not the worst thing I've heard, but pushing it.
Haha, I actually do like this. The "f**king" is slightly overused however, it just feels out of place.
Ohne Worte...
I finally decided to listen to this to see what all the super hate was about and coming from someone who feels like one of the few guys who has no idea who these guys were before discovering these tracks and no idea what they are like outside music, this perfectly fits the category of generic over produced music.
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