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31 Minutes To Takeoff
A Perfect Mess
Be As You Are
Be As You Are (JordanXL Remix)
Bow Chicka Wow Wow
Bow Chicka Wow Wow (Mike Posner feat. Lil Wayne)
Buried In Detroit
Closer (Nick Jonas feat. Mike Posner)
Cooler Than Me (Mike Posner feat. Big Sean)
Cooler Than Me
Déjŕ Vu (Mike Posner feat. Boyz II Men)
Delta 1406
Do U Wanna?
Drug Dealer Girl
Evil Woman
French Inhale (Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa feat. Mike Posner)
Gone In September
How It's Supposed To Be
I Took A Pill In Ibiza
I Took A Pill In Ibiza (Original Version)
In The Arms Of A Stranger
In The Arms Of A Stranger (Grey Remix)
In Town (2 Chainz feat. Mike Posner)
January 11th, 2017
L.A. Story (Sammy Adams feat. Mike Posner)
Looks Like Sex
Move On
My Light
Not That Simple
One Hell Of A Song
One More Song
Only God Knows
Please Don't Go
Red Button
Remember I Told You (Nick Jonas feat. Anne-Marie & Mike Posner)
Rolling In The Deep
Save Your Goodbye
Silence (Mike Posner feat. Labrinth)
Slow It Down
Song About You
Staring At The Fire
Stuck In The Middle
The Way It Used To Be
Top Of The World (Mike Posner feat. Big Sean)
Wide Open
With Ur Love (Cher Lloyd feat. Mike Posner)
31 Minutes To Takeoff
A Matter Of Time
A Real Good Kid
At Night, Alone.
One Foot Out The Door
The Layout
The Truth [EP]
Average points: 4.38 (Reviews: 16)
Superbes paroles, superbe interprétation, superbe titre. Une très bonne surprise signé Mike Posner.
Iiich habe soooo lange auf das gewartet! Ich habe sogar seine geniale stimme vermisst ^^ <br><br>Meine erwartungen waren sehr sehr hoch und zum glück sind sie (für mich) erfüllt worden!! I missed the way it used to be...tatsächlich habe ich die zeiten von "cooler than me", "please don't go" und "bow chicka..." vermisst!!<br><br>
Last edited: 02.08.2013 14:11
Super!<br><br>After a string of crap songs, this is quite good, but personally not his best for me (which was 'Please Don't Go").<br><br>After seeing how he's written many songs, yet hasn't performed in one for a while, it's fine to see him back, but I'm sure many people won't be happy to see him back.<br><br>Thanks to the top YouTube comment for this, because it would've taken a while for me to put my finger on it otherwise, but this does sound like something Owl City would perform.
It's not as 'cool' as 'Cooler Than Me', but it is quite a surprising and impressive return from Mike Posner. I can see why people are comparing this to Owl City. But the lyrics are way too cheesy though :P<br><br>It's a grower.
Last edited: 29.07.2013 12:01
Geht in Ordnung.
I agree with the above comments, it sounds more like Owl City than Mike Posner tbh. I like Owl City though so I like this. I prefer Cooler Than Me and Please Don't Go though
I missed Mike Posner, but this is so average. Doesn't quite click with me.
Normal, nicht herausragend sondern einfach nur nett.
Catchy, but yeah, it does sound kinda like Owl City now that I think of it.
Last edited: 28.07.2013 14:28
Dachte auch sofort an Owl City, als ich die Nummer das erste Mal am Radio gehört habe und war dann ziemlich überrascht, dass das Mike Posner ist. Schöne, angenehme Popnummer, natürlich sehr radiotauglich!
Blitzsaubere Radioware - was will man mehr?
Pretty average song.
...der Mike hat so ein liebes Stimmchen - der Song klingt auch angenehm, ich höre ihn gerne und 'klappere' augenzudrückend mit -...
Irgendwie was Softes mit Pop-Beat - dann wird's auch mal etwas heftiger ... geht in Ordnung.
A good song, but I swear Alan Menken would have a case for a stolen tune as it sounds very very similar to Go The Distance from Hercules, to the point that I find myself singing the Hercules lyrics whenever this song comes on. Having said all that, it is a return to form for Mike Posner after some disastrous sidetracks.
I definitely hear the Owl City comparison here, not his worse effort but just lacks the punch it needed in the chorus.<br><br>Peaked at #74 in Australia, 2013.
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