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fr  Peak: 145 / weeks: 1
nl  Peak: 52 / weeks: 1
au  Peak: 4 / weeks: 7
nz  Peak: 11 / weeks: 2


CD Atlantic 7567895865 (Warner) / EAN 0075678958656
1. Lupe Fiasco feat. Sarah Green - Letting Go
2. Lupe Fiasco feat. Skylar Grey - Words I Never Said
3. Till I Get There
4. Lupe Fiasco feat. MDMA - I Don't Wanna Care Right Now
5. Lupe Fiasco feat. Trey Songz - Out Of My Head
6. The Show Goes On
7. Lupe Fiasco feat. MDMA - Beautiful Lasers (2 Ways)
8. Lupe Fiasco feat. MDMA - Coming Up
9. Lupe Fiasco feat. Matt Mahaffey - State Run Radio
10. Lupe Fiasco feat. Eric Turner & Sway - Break The Chain
11. All Black Everything
12. Lupe Fiasco feat. John Legend - Never Forget You

Lupe FiascoLupe Fiasco: Discography / Become a fan
Adoration Of The Magi (Lupe Fiasco feat. Crystal Torres)
All Black Everything
Always Shine (Robert Glasper Experiment feat. Lupe Fiasco and Bilal)
American Terrorist (Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos)
Around My Way (Freedom Ain't Free)
Audubon Ballroom
Baba Says Cool For Thought
Battle Scars (Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Be Somebody (Fort Minor feat. Lupe Fiasco, Holly Brook and Tak of Styles Of Beyond)
Beautiful Lasers (2 Ways) (Lupe Fiasco feat. MDMA)
Bitch Bad
Blur My Hands (Lupe Fiasco feat. Guy Sebastian)
Body Of Work (Lupe Fiasco feat. Troi & Terrace Martin)
Brave Heart (Lupe Fiasco feat. Poo Bear)
Break The Chain (Lupe Fiasco feat. Eric Turner & Sway)
Change (Joy Denalane feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Chopper (Lupe Fiasco feat. Billy Blue, Buk Of Psychodrama, Trouble, Trae Tha Truth, Fam-Lay & Glasses Malone)
Cold War (Lupe Fiasco feat. Jane $$$)
Coming Up (Lupe Fiasco feat. MDMA)
Daydreamin' (Lupe Fiasco feat. Jill Scott)
Dots & Lines
Dumb It Down (Lupe Fiasco feat. Gemstones and Graham Burris)
Dumb It Down
Fighters (Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos)
Form Follow Function
Free Chilly (Lupe Fiasco feat. Sarah Green and Gemstones)
Ghetto Story
Girlfriend (Chris Brown feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Go Baby (Lupe Fiasco feat. Gemstones)
Go Go Gadget Flow
Gold Watch
Gotta Eat
Heart Donor (Lupe Fiasco feat. Poo Bear)
Hello/Goodbye (Uncool) (Lupe Fiasco feat. Unkle)
Hi-Definition (Lupe Fiasco feat. Snoop Dogg and Pooh Bear)
Hip-Hop Saved my Life (Lupe Fiasco feat. Nikki Jean)
How Dare You (Lupe Fiasco feat. Bilal)
Hurt Me Soul
I Don't Wanna Care Right Now (Lupe Fiasco feat. MDMA)
I Gotcha
If You Want To (Travis Barker feat. Pharrell & Lupe Fiasco)
I'm Beamin'
I'm On (Trae Tha Truth feat. MDMA, Lupe Fiasco, Big Boi, Wale & Wiz Khalifa)
Intruder Alert (Lupe Fiasco feat. Sarah Green)
Ital (Roses)
Just Might Be OK
Just The Way You Are (Bruno Mars feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Kick Push
Kick, Push II
Lamborghini Angels
Letting Go (Lupe Fiasco feat. Sarah Green)
LightWork (Lupe Fiasco feat. Ellie Goulding & Bassnectar)
Linger (Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Little Death (Lupe Fiasco feat. Nikki Jean)
Little Weapon (Lupe Fiasco feat. Bishop G and Nikki Jean)
Madonna (And Other Mothers In The Hood) (Lupe Fiasco feat. Nikki Jean)
Me And My Sneakers (A-Trak feat. Lupe Fiasco)
My Sneakers
Never Forget You (Lupe Fiasco feat. John Legend)
No Scratches (Lupe Fiasco feat. Nikki Jean)
Old School Love (Lupe Fiasco feat. Ed Sheeran)
Out Of My Head (Lupe Fiasco feat. Trey Songz)
Paris, Tokyo
Past My Shades (B.o.B feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Perservere (Robert Glasper Experiment feat. Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco & Luke James)
Pick Up The Phone
Pressure (Lupe Fiasco feat. Jay-Z)
Prisoner 1 & 2 (Lupe Fiasco feat. Ayesha Jaco)
Put Em Up
Put You On Game
Shining Down (Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos)
Solar Midnight
State Run Radio (Lupe Fiasco feat. Matt Mahaffey)
Still Speedin' (Reloaded) (Sway feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Strange Fruition (Lupe Fiasco feat. Casey Benjamin)
Streets On Fire
Superstar (Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos)
The Cool
The Coolest
The Die (Lupe Fiasco feat. Gemstones)
The Emperor's Soundtrack
The End of the World
The Show Goes On
They. Resurrect. Over. New. (Lupe Fiasco feat. AB-Soul & Troi)
Things We Must Do For Others
This City (Patrick Stump feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Till I Get There
Touch The Sky (Kanye West feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Trials And Tribulations
Unforgivable Youth (Lupe Fiasco feat. Jason Evigan)
Wait For Me (Big Sean feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Walk In My Shoes (Emily King feat. Lupe Fiasco)
We All Want The Same Thing (Kevin Michael feat. Lupe Fiasco)
Words I Never Said (Lupe Fiasco feat. Skylar Grey)
Drogas Light
Drogas Wave
Food & Liquor
Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1
Live At The Intonation Music Festival - Union Park, Chicago
Lupe Fiasco's The Cool
Tetsuo & Youth
Average points: 4.5 (Reviews: 10)
genial! kein song der mich enttäuscht. für mich bereits jetzt eines der besten, wenn nicht sogar das beste rap/ hip-hop-album des jahres. highlights: state run radio, beautiful lasers, words i never said
Ganz genialer Album genau so ein Hip-Hop Album wie ich es mag richtig cool mit einen Touch R&B. Gehört schon zu den stärksten Hip Hop Alben im Jahr 2011 was ich jetzt gehört habe.
Kling zwar alles recht kommerziell, aber es ist wirklich kein einziger schwacher Song dabei. . .<br>Am meisten stechen da noch "The Show Goes On" und "Till I Get There" heraus. Hat den #1-Einstieg in den US-Charts auf jeden Fall verdient!
hat einige Highlights. In den USA #1 mit 204'000 Scheiben in der ersten Woche. <br><br>Bester Song: Never forget you
It's hard to rate this as an album, as overall it's a bunch of half-baked ideas that have been manipulated by record executives which is generally agreed to have caused a negative effect on the quality. All those things aside, I still enjoyed a number of tracks on here with only a couple of lowlights. 3.5
Solid album, standout tracks for me are The Show Goes On, Letting Go & State Run Radio.
Schreckliches Album.<br>Obwohl es eben erst erschien, hab ich im ME gelesen dass ihm die CD peinlich ist. Na wenigstens etwas.
I've never been much of a Lupe Fiasco fan but I didn't hate this as much as I thought I would. The production is pretty good for the most part, and although there is a lot of featuring artists, you get mostly Lupe and it does feel like a Lupe album. He is very political, which is expected with him but I don't think he delivers his ideas so well. The rap at times makes it sound as if he is bored with the whole thing. Some good tracks on here but mostly in the middle for me. 3.2/6.
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