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Music/Lyrics:Jack Antonoff
Ella Yelich-O'Connor
Producer:Jack Antonoff
World wide:
ch  Peak: 86 / weeks: 1
au  Peak: 42 / weeks: 1
nz  Peak: 8 / weeks: 4

LordeLorde: Discography / Become a fan
400 Lux
A World Alone
Biting Down
Buzzcut Season
Easy (Switch Screens) (Son Lux feat. Lorde)
Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Glory And Gore
Green Light
Hard Feelings/Loveless
Homemade Dynamite
Homemade Dynamite (Remix) (Lorde feat. Khalid, Post Malone & SZA)
Ladder Song
Magnets (Disclosure feat. Lorde)
Meltdown (Stromae feat. Lorde, Pusha T, Q-Tip & Haim)
Million Dollar Bills
No Better
Perfect Places
Royal Planes (M.I.A. vs. Lorde)
Royals / White Noise (Live from the BRITs) (Disclosure & Lorde feat. AlunaGeorge)
Sober II (Melodrama)
Still Sane
Supercut (El-P Remix) (Lorde feat. Run The Jewels)
Swingin' Party
Tennis Court
The Louvre
The Love Club
White Teeth Teens
Writer In The Dark
Yellow Flicker Beat
Pure Heroine
The Love Club EP
The Life
Average points: 4.57 (Reviews: 23)
Völlig überraschend kam gestern bereits der zweite Vorgeschmack auf "Melodrama" (welches übrigens am 16. Juni erscheint) raus.

Es handelt sich um eine Pianoballade, der man bereits deutlich mehr Reife und Abgeklärtheit anmerkt als die unschuldigen Lieder eines Teenagers auf "Pure Heroine".

Und was für eine Gänsehaut-Nummer "Liability" ist. Lorde schreibt hervorragende Texte, denen ich immer schon beim ersten Hören lausche, während ich bei den meisten anderen Liedern zunächst mal nur die Musik wahrnehme. Darüber hinaus verfügt sie über eine unglaublich schöne, ausdrucksstarke Stimme; mit mehr Leidenschaft als je zuvor macht sie Gebrauch davon.

Bevor ich noch mehr ins Schwärmen gerate, verleihe ich einfach eine weitere funkelnde 6 für meine Lieblings-Neuseeländerin ;)
Für mich auch ein ungewöhnlicher Lorde-Song, da ohne irgendeine markante musikalische Begleitung und sehr auf den Gesang reduziert. Schöne knappe drei Minuten, ein wenig arg schwermütig, aber nimmt emotional schon mit.

Knappe 5 für mich.
...ruhige, lieb gesungene vom Piano begleitete Worte - hört sich nett an aber überzeugen kann mich diese ruhige "Liability" (noch) nicht -...
This is so beautiful. Simple, yet the lyrics are perhaps the best she has written, ever. Just hits home really well. Just great.
Last edited: 26.03.2018 03:00
Melodies hit home very strongly and although it sounds so simple it has considerable substance to it. Another impressive offering. 3.75
Nice track from Lorde.

Reminds me somewhat of Vampire Weekend's 'Step'.

Diese Ballade gefällt mir sehr gut.
Might be a grower. 4 stars for now.
Wow. Instantly her best effort for me. This is great.
Find ich langweilig.

19.07.17: Im Rahmen des Album-Hörens eine klare Steigerung. 3 => 4.
Last edited: 19.07.2017 19:23
Wunderschön und authentisch Interpretiert von Lorde!
Besonders die zweite Strophe mag mich zu berühren!

...sehr gut...
Nice. Such a different sound to Green Light. Really showing her versatility and vulnerability. She's far from a Liability.
Schöne Ballade, wenn auch etwas überraschende Wahl als Promo-Track. Knappe -5*
Very plesant ballad. 5*
Nachdenklich und wunderschön.
Das richtige nach einem lauten und langen Abend.
One of the interesting things about pop music is how us as listeners can find intense connections to people that should be by conventional logic totally unrelatable - I mean, how many of us are multi-millionaires having our daily lives covered everyday in the tabloid news? And how many stars, from John Lennon to Michael Jackson to Kanye West, Taylor Swift and Beyonce, have written and performed songs about that very experience? And yet, I've rarely found it hard to connect with songs explicitly from the perspective of a celebrity, or found such a concept self-indulgent or obnoxious. I think one of the reasons for that is that in everyday socialisation there are always some small but noticeable differences in how you act in order to please the people around you, a personality that performs a particular version of yourself in order to gain a desired response. These differences can get wider, however, if you're not careful, especially if you've been in the position of being the "funny" one in a group or someone who relies on humour in socialisation - the counterintuitive pattern of depression being quite common among comedians being a noticeable example of the dangers of this kind of behaviour.

So to bring it back to the subject of this song, it's essentially a song about Lorde's fame having its adverse effects on her own private friendships, arising from the problem that people in close proximity to her are vulnerable to being dragged into the media circus of a pop star. And yet, for me the line "The truth is I am a toy that people enjoy 'til all of the trick don't work anymore, and they are all bored of me" hits like a dagger in my chest for a whole 'nother reason. It takes me back to my final year of high school when after winning over the attention of my friends for a couple of years by constantly projecting a wild, larger-than-life persona, the feeling that they would otherwise be ignoring me if I didn't act such a way crept into my head and lost the ability to keep it up, and in turn started feeling more and more ignored and ostracised by my own friends. So they pulled back, made other plans, although I still don't understand why they didn't notice what was happening. Thankfully, I've healed a lot since then, and have a network of friends whom I couldn't be happier with nowadays, but I'll always remember not to buy too much into my own act. You may have never met me, Lorde, but I'm so glad that you put exactly what I was feeling at the time you were #1 in the US into words.

(I understand this isn't so much a review but an uber-personal story that relates to the song's theme, but I thought I'd drop it here anyway. Don't worry, I'm good thanks, how are you?)
Nice track, her best since Team.
...zu lahm, wie einiges von ihr...
Sie hat bessere Lieder.
▒ Mooie ballade uit half juni 2017 door de nu inmiddels 21 jarige Nieuw-Zeelandse producer, songschrijver en zangeres: "Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor", alias: "Lorde" !!! Staat o.a. op haar studioalbum: "Melodrama" !!! Dik 4 sterren ☺!!!
Sterke muziek van Lorde.
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