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Music/Lyrics:Nick Atkinson
Edd Holloway
Dean Lewis
World wide:
au  Peak: 12 / weeks: 23


4:00Best Of 2017 - FrühlingshitsPolystar
060075376069 (7)
4:01Same Kind Of DifferentUniversal
12" EP
Dean LewisDean Lewis: Discography / Become a fan
Be Alright
Let Go
Lose My Mind
Need You Now
Same Kind Of Different
Average points: 3.8 (Reviews: 15)
Nice song.
Another boring, cookie-cutter, folk song. Go away!
Ein bisschen sehr harmlos geratener Singer-Songwriter-Pop aus Australien, das hängt für meine Begriffe viel zu lang in der Luft, bevor dann hintenraus endlich mal ein wenig Gummi gegeben wird.

Gute 3.
It's quite Shawn Mendes-y and even the catchy chorus struggles to make that lasting impact for me. Can at lease see how it's made the top 50 but I don't think it's my sort of thing. 3.75
Last edited: 30.10.2017 12:25
Really been likeing this song for a while now. Interesting to see it finally making an impact on the charts.
Last edited: 17.05.2017 12:49
...liebes, hübsches Liedchen das keinem weh tut - nett gezupfte, gekratzte Gitarre zum Gesang...
This song just sounds like Shawn Mendes mixed with James Bay. At least this isn't bad lyrically like certain tracks from Mendes, but it leaves a lot to be desired. The instrumentation is too basic and I'm not a fan of his voice. I've given it numerous tries to see if it can be more appealing, but with no success. Hoping it doesn't hang around like a stale fart in the chart.
With most songs played on triple j (even the ones i don't like) there is usually something that sets it apart from songs played on commercial radio. With this i'm not sure what niche this fills that isn't already filled by Ed Sheeran or (especially) Shawn Mendes. As for the song itself i am not a huge fan of Dean Lewis' voice & the content isn't exactly interesting but i don't despise it either. 2.8
Last edited: 18.05.2017 14:55
It's probably a song that Ed Sheeran, Phillip Phillip, Shawn Mendes and Taylor Henderson all turned down.
New, fresh music from a talented singer songwriter. I'm all over this and Dean Lewis's new EP, they really hit the heart emotionally and are so addictive!
I see a few reviews that draw a link with teen sensation Shawn Mendez, really? Maybe in the style of Ed Seeeren and James Bay but Shawn Mendez? Get off the wacky backy guys!
I 100% agree with the Shawn Mendes comparison, Shawn may as well cover this song and re-release it for the US market. However, the song is pretty damn amazing. Great vocals, great melodies and well structured.
This song makes me think about a silly thing I used to do as a kid. At school there were all sorts of pathways that were just made of small, marble-sized rocks, often of alternating colours to indicate pathways. I'd scoop up a whole bunch of them with both hands, and then lightly throw them all into the air, catching all the ones that could stay in range. I would do this repeatedly with an ever decreasing amount of rocks until only one rock remained. I would marvel at this one remaining rock as if it had a remarkable quality about it, even though its status was purely arbitrary and had nothing to do with the intrinsic abilities of the rock.

You get where I'm going with this right? There's nothing overly remarkable about this song that designates why it is *the* song of its kind to receive such a push. Dean Lewis just happens to be signed to a major label who have done their standard business of making this song become that big thing.

What truly stuck out to me was hearing this song in the supermarket, the kind who have an ultra-gentrified, un-adventurous playlist that has no interest in thrilling their 'audience', but inevitably adds to the...waves of reference pools that are necessary to sustain this song's success. What this means is that there could potentially be 10 different opportunities to hear an Australian light acoustic-pop song, and rather than them all being different ones, every single one of them will be this song. There's every chance that if Dean Lewis and/or Universal doesn't get his hustle together, that 5 years down the track, there will still be places playing this one particular song, that have never once played a single other song of his. Does this make the song special? Of course not, it's just a stupid rock! 3.7
Als ich den zuletzt bei Inas Nacht gesehen habe, fand ich ihn nicht so stark. Aber Ina hat vielleicht auch das Video gesehen, bei dem diese süße blonde Frau mitspielt. Mittlerweile finde ich den Song schon viel stärker.
Werde jetzt die 6-Track-EP "Same Kind Of Different" hören.


Klingt nicht wirklich neu und eher austauschbar.
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